Free Browsing Cheat Sept 2023 for MTN, Airtel, Glo, 9Mobile, Cell C

This post covers all the latest free browsing cheats in September 2023 for MTN NG, Airtel, 9Mobile, Cell C, MTN SA, Glo, Flow, Digicel, Telcom, Tidal, etc. This year 2023, there are many ways to enjoy free internet browsing in Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Jamaica, and other countries.

So you will learn about the current working cheats right now. We have updated the post and separated blocked cheats from working cheats this month by marking them “BLOCKED” or “WORKING“. As you read further, you will see them.

Whether you are searching for the latest MTN Cheat, the latest Glo cheat, the latest Airtel cheat, or the latest 9Mobile cheat, or the cell C cheat, this article is for you so read on.

You will find the latest South African free internet tricks, Nigerian free browsing cheats, Indonesian free internet, Ghana cheat, Philippines free internet, Jamaican free internet, Ghana cheat, Uganda free internet, Kenya free internet, Indian free internet, and so on.


Latest Free Browsing Cheat 2023

There are still some working free browsing codes posted by top free browsing sites like and others. To benefit, just ensure you follow our updates on this blog and in the telegram group.

The word “free browsing cheat” is not a new term among smartphone users, especially among the teaming youths and students who find it difficult to subscribe to normal data plans mostly because of a lack of adequate funds and poverty.

So what is free browsing all about?

Well, free browsing simply means free access to the internet without paying for a data subscription. Sometimes, it’s unlimited browsing but most times it’s limited and even costs a token.

Why do people search for cheats?

Mobile internet users in Africa are crazy about free cheats because it helps them get connected to the web without paying a dime. For example, students can successfully carry out research, and projects and follow the latest trends online without paying for any data subscription.

But wait a minute, how do all these free browsing cheats work?

It’s a nice question and I will answer it in simple and layman’s terms. Most times, it works with the help of virtual private networks (VPN). These VPNs can be tweaked with customized servers and proxies to unlock network restrictions. Once these restrictions are unlocked, users get free access to the internet.

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At the beginning of 2021, so many cheats were discovered using apps such as HTTP Injector, KPN Tunnel, and a few other tunneling apps. This involves creating and importing customized config files and some of those cheats are still working today in 2022. Some of these cheats are still working now plus the ones that require no config files.

One main cheat that trended before was Glo unlimited free browsing cheat and it’s still working right now in 2022 for new SIMs but blocked for many other older SIM cards.

Secondly, MTN unlimited cheat via HA Tunnel Plus VPN is working right now on all Android phones and PC. So you should also try it out.

Another cheat that is working perfectly is MTN SA 500MB and 100MB cheats with either HTTP Injector or Moko VPN. In fact, there are so many available free browsing cheats spread across several networks of so many countries. Read on to see them.

Free Browsing Cheat 2020

Requirements For Enjoying Free Internet Tricks in 2023

  • Your Android Phone
  • You may also need a PC
  • An MTN SIM
  • A Glo SIM
  • An Airtel SIM
  • 9Mobile SIM
  • Cell C SIM
  • Digicell SIM
  • Flow SIM
  • Telkom
  • Vodafone SIM
  • Safaricom SIM
  • 3G or 4G network
  • Tunneling apps, (you can download VPN apps or free internet apps)
  • Sometimes working configuration files are needed.

These are the basic things you need to get started. Make sure you have a SIM card for your country.

So what are the current working cheats this year?

Latest Cheats for Free Browsing 2023

As far as the year 2021 is concerned, below are the currently working cheats for the popular networks in South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Indonesia, Jamaica, India, Kenya, Philippines, Uganda, etc.

9Mobile NG Cheats

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MTN NG Cheats

The video below shows you how to activate the latest MTN unlimited free browsing cheat for Android. Watch till the end. You can also subscribe to our new YouTube Channel here for free browsing updates.

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GLO NG Cheats

Airtel NG Cheats

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Smile Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat.

South Africa Free Browsing Cheat

Uganda Internet Tricks

Indian Free Browsing Tricks

Indonesia Free Internet Cheats

Philippine Free Browsing

Ghana Free Browsing Cheat

Jamaica Free Internet

Guinea Free Browsing

Sri Lanka Free Internet

Just install Moko VPN or 24Clan VPN or Tunnel Tweak VPN and select any Sri Lanka tweak to connect and start browsing. For instance, there is a Sri Lanka Youtube cheat, WhatsApp cheat, Telegram cheat, and gaming cheat.

Swaziland Free Internet Cheats

In Swaziland today, there are about four working free browsing cheats; MTN Eswatini Free Internet browsing, Eswatini Mobile Free Browsing, MTN Eswatini TikTok 1GB cheat, and Eswatini Mobile Free Browsing 5GB YouTube Bundle tweak. All are working with 24Clan VPN app. All you need to do is install the app, grant it permission, select servers, and select your preferred tweak. Once selected, click Connect to start enjoying.

Myanmar Unlimited Free Internet

Myanmar is another country hungry for free internet tricks. So we have a working cheat that will allow you to enjoy unlimited free internet browsing via Slow DNS. Just check this page for latest free browsing cheats.

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Turkey Free Unlimited Internet

Use 24Clan VPN to enjoy the latest Turkey unlimited internet access.

Zambia Free Browsing Tweaks

In Zambia, you will enjoy unlimited social bundle cheats via Zamtel Sociak Bundle on MTN, and Airtel using Moko VPN App.

Brazil Free Internet Browsing Cheats

By using Claro SIM, you will enjoy a free WhatsApp pack that can be powered with the latest version of Moko VPN or 24Clan VPN.

Bonus Free Internet Cheats

Under this section, you will see cheats labeled as bonus cheats mainly because they work on multiple networks and in more than one country.

MTN 24clan VPN Cheat

MTN Nigeria free browsing cheat using 24clan VPN lite app is another trick that gives you 50MB free on daily basis to browse the internet. All you need to do is:

  • Download 24clan VPN on your Android device.
  • Launch the app and click on “tweaks”.
  • Then select “MTN 0.0k free server.
  • Now click on “connect” to establish a connection to the internet.
  • Once it’s connected, you can finally minimize the app and chat o browse until the 50MB allocated for your SIM for the day is exhausted.

Repeat this the next day to enjoy another free 50MB.

The main disadvantage of MTN 24clan VPN cheat is that it’s not stable as it disconnects and connects frequently. Also, it’s capped at just 50MB.

SIMO App Free Data Cheat (WORKING)

With the SIMO app installed on your phone, you will be getting free internet data on weekly basis amounting to over 50GB. SIMO app is a new innovation that works as a virtual SIM card, meaning that with SIMO in your phone, you can browse the internet even without a physical SIM card in your phone.

Download SIMO app now. It’s currently available in India, Nigeria, South Africa, and Europe but supported phones are limited as it only works on Tecno Camon 12, Camon 12 Pro, Camon 12 Air, Tecno Camon 15, Tecno Camon 16 and 17, Tecno Camon 18, WIKO Tommy3, WIKO Tommy3 Plus, and Bluboo S3 smartphones. Though Simowireless company hinted that more devices will be supported soon as its main intention is to launch affordable internet data services in these countries.

The Simo internet services is being test-run since last year and I have enjoyed over 50 GB worth of free data through the app. So if you are using any one of the supported phones, why not install the SIMO app now and enjoy free data?

DON’T MISS: Apps for free browsing.


The above links lead you to the pages on this blog with the latest working cheats on all networks from different countries. Also, we will keep updating this page with working and blocked cheats so won’t beat about the bush. Which cheat is working for you right now?

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