How to Activate MTN Unlimited Data SIM Cheat

MTN data SIM is a SIM card with unlimited internet data in it. It is used browse any web page, chat on social media, download files and also stream videos without restriction. But it can’t be used to make calls.

It’s actually the SIM card used by those agents who registers SIM cards but if you are opportune to own it, this post will guide you on enjoying unlimited data on it.

The data SIM is the best gift anyone can give you because it’s priceless. With it, free browsing is achieved ultimately.

Imagine using up to 100GB data in just one day for free. That’s a huge volume of data

MTN data SIM

So you have to enjoy this cheat before it gets blocked.

You shouldn’t sell this cheat if it works for you.

I noticed someone selling the cheat for N20,000 but I always make it clear that everything posted in this blog is FREE.

So let’s go straight to the point.

How to Get MTN Data SIM?

The data SIM is scarce but you can approach those agents that registers SIM and request for it. If you are lucky, it will be sold to you but if not, just buy and register the normal 4G SIM. Note that there is 50/50 chance of the cheat working with normal 4G SIM but it works 100% with the data SIM.

How to Activate MTN Data SIM

There is no particular code to activate the MTN data SIM cheat. Rather you need certain tools and a new MTN 4G SIM card to be ready for the cheat. Initially, we used LetsVPN but now we are using MokoWeb VPN for this MTN data cheat.

Find out the requirements for being eligible for the cheat.


  • An Android phone
  • MTN Data SIM or
  • A new MTN 4G SIM
  • Moko VPN – Download Here
  • Stable 4G network

Once the above requirements are in place, follow the procedures below to activate unlimited MTN Data SIM now.

  1. Buy a data SIM or buy and register a new MTN 4G SIM card.
  2. Recharge N100 to fully activate the SIM.
  3. Launch Moko VPN.
  4. Tap on servers locations and select US|New York.
  5. Tap on Tweaks and select “MTN Data SIM” as shown in the screenshot
  6. After that, click on the center of the VPN to CONNECT.

Mokoweb VPN severs


MTN Data Sim cheat

SIM Registration Tips

  • Go to the nearest MTN outlet
  • Fill a form and present a valid ID card for registration
  • Recharge and start using your SIM.


The VPN works great for me.

For those looking for how to get this MTN Nigeria cheat called data SIM, here are some tips:

Data SIM are those SIM all those who registers SIM cards used for activating newly bought MTN SIMs.

And their APN is simreg(dot)mtnnigeria(dot)net

So the secret is to change your APN to this:

MTN Data SIM APN Settings

  • Account Name: MTN GPRS
  • APN:
  • Port: 8080
  • IP Address:
  • Username: web
  • Password: web

If you have that kind of SIM, just download Moko VPN and refresh the icon at the top navigation bar.

And you’re done, then hit the start button you’re good to go.

I am using it presently because I got the SIM from SIM seller, you might not be lucky as I am so it is hard to get and scarce.

So enjoy while it last.

It is Unlimited and Free.

When active, the data SIM also offers premium stability but if yours is not stable enough, you can join our Telegram Group or drop your comment in the comment box below to get assisted.


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