Cell C Unlimited Free Internet Cheat South Africa With Moko VPN

It’s time to enjoy unlimited free browsing cheat with your SA Cell C SIM using Moko VPN.

You might be asking if it’s possible to get free internet tricks in South Africa. I have a good news for you. Yes you can browse free with Cell C network and even MTN SA network. In previous posts, we taught you how to enjoy MTN free browsing cheat in South Africa.

Sometime last week, this cheat was blocked but we have found solution by adding a new working Cell C tweak to our very own free internet app called Moko VPN.

So South Africans who wish to download large files, watch videos online and access the web for free should install our VPN now to get started.

Cell C free browsing

Moko VPN hides your real IP and bypass all network restrictions thereby unlocking free access to the internet where applicable.

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Cell C is one of the networks in South Africa that we discovered loopholes to use and get free internet.

So don’t miss this opportunity to browse unlimited without paying a dime.


  • Your Cell C Sim
  • Your Android phone
  • Access Point Name – see Cell C APN
  • Moko VPN – download here
  • 3G or 4G network reception.

Moko VPN Settings for Cell C Free Browsing

The following steps shows how to connect our VPN to trigger Cell C unlimited free browsing cheat.


Open Moko VPN app in your phone


Click on “servers” and select “US|New York

USA server


Click on tweaks and select “Cell C Unlimited

Cell C Unlimited cheat


Finally, tap on center of the app (logo) to establish connection. Once connected, the blue bubbles will change to red bubbles and you will be able to see the VPN connected to the country server and tweak in your phone notification area as seen in the screenshot below.

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SA cheat connected

You can now click the exit button and select “minimize” to run the VPN in background as you browse free without interruption.

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Final Thoughts

As you can see, Moko VPN provides a better option than HTTP Injector because it requires no Config files. All you need is just select a server location and tweak, then connect to start enjoying.

However, if you still prefer to use HTTP injector option, we already covered a tutorial on ehi config files for Cell C.

Enjoy while the cheat last.

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