Glo Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat 2024, Get 500GB Data

This is the latest Glo unlimited free browsing cheat 2024 where you get up to 500GB data to brows and download as you like. I have leaked the new Glo NG cheat 2024 here on mokoweb without collecting any money from you although some people are using this cheat to make money by requesting for payment in order to release it. But in this blog, everything is shared for free.

This Glo cheat requires no config file, no special tweak but rather, you need ECtunnel V2ray app or EC tunnel VPN to power it. It works on all android phones and even laptops. It’s one of the most trending but hidden free browsing cheat in Nigeria right now and it’s surely one of the best internet cheats in 2021. You will enjoy it if you have good network.

Unfortunately, Glo network is not really stable in some few location in the country but for those of you lucky enough to get good Glo network services especially the 4G network, this cheat should serve you really well.

Glo unlimited free Browsing cheat

As at the time of writing this post, the Glo unlimited free browsing cheat is still working and fast. Globacom is yet to trace the loophole so Nigerians who are opportune to see this information should enjoy it while it lasts.

How Glo Unlimited Free Browsing 2024 Cheat Works

There are three methods to enjoy this Glo unlimited cheat;

The first method is the most recent and simplest as it involves just one Glo SIM on the “Yakata” and EC tunnel V2ray VPN. When activated with just N100, you will be able to enjoy unlimited browsing using up to 500GB in the process until your 200 Naira subscription expires.

The second method involves using the EC tunnel VPN. When activated with just N200, you will be able to also enjoy unlimited free browsing using up to 760GB in the process until your 200 Naira subscription expires.

The third method simply works by migrating to the Glo ” Yakata” tariff on one SIM and sharing the bonus data on a second Glo SIM on Yakata. Then the second SIM is inserted into an Android phone to browse unlimited without the shared bonus data being touched. You will see complete guidelines on how to do it later in this article.

Requirements for Glo Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat 500GB Data

  • Glo SIM on new Yakata
  • Android phone
  • 3G or 4G network
  • EC Tunnel VPN – Download here
  • ECtunnel V2ray – Download Here
  • 200 Naira activation

How to Setup Latest Glo Unlimited Cheat 2024

  • First, recharge Glo N100 airtime and you will get a 40MB bonus
  • Open EC V2ray VPN app
  • Update config in the app menu
  • Select Glo Unlimited Free Tweak from the list of “tweaks” and tap on START
  • A message “Success. HTTPS handshake took ***” will appear showing that it’s connected.

However, if you get a “failed” response, it means that it didn’t connect. Just retry again.

NOTE: This cheat is slow but you will still be able to achieve something online with it. When you want to download something, it’s best to do it in the night.

How To Activate Glo Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat 2024

  • Get a new Glo SIM (because it’s on the Yakata tariff in default)
  • Register the SIM and recharge it with N200.
  • You’ll receive a Glo Yakata 200MB data bonus. Dial *127*0# or *230*1# to check bonus balance.
  • Now open the EC Tunnel VPN that you downloaded under the requirements.
  • Click on “server” and select any country server of your choice.
  • Also, click “Tweaks” and select NG|GLO Yakata Unlimited.
  • Now click on the green circle to Connect and wait for 10 seconds for it to connect. As shown in the images below.

NG|GLO Yakata Unlimited


Once connected, your 200mb subscription won’t be touched while you brows and even if it’s deducted, it won’t exceed 5mb. The 200 Naira subscription is just to activate the cheat and the vpn is there to unlock free browsing freedom for you to enjoy unlimited browsing with your glo line.

But it will only stop when the duration for your Yakata subscription expires. In this case, you need to subscribe with N200 again to continue browsing unlimited.


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Requirements for Glo Unlimited Data Cheat 2023

  • Two Glo SIM cards
  • Android phone
  • Good Glo 3G or 4G network
  • Minimum of N100 airtime
  • Glo Yakata tariff plan
  • 2hrs activation time

How to Activate N100 Glo Unlimited Data Cheat

Follow the below procedures to activate this latest Glo cheat.

  • Get two Glo SIM cards
  • If your first sim is already on YAKATA you don’t have to migrate to Glo bounce, just continue with the next step. And note that New Glo YAkATA and Glo YAKATA is different from YAKATA.
  • Now on the first sim dial #100# to confirm if you’re on “YAKATA. If you are not then *170*4# to migrate to Glo Bounce, then Dial *230# or *310# to migrate to YAKATA.
  • Once you have Migrated to Glo YAKATA dial #100# to confirm your tariff plan if it’s successful.
  • Now Load N100 to your Glo YAKATA Sim after that you will receive a message like this “Recharge Successful you will receive bonus of 40MB data soon” after getting your free 40MB data bonus.
  • Then share the data to the second Glo SIM (dial *127*01*[friend’s number]#)
  • That’s all, you can browse and download unlimitedly on the second SIM, not on the first SIM, and the 40MB data plan will not be touched.
  • Enjoy while it lasts.

That’s how to activate the Glo unlimited free browsing cheat yourself without paying a dime to anyone.

Get new HA Tunnel config files for Glo unlimited free browsing cheat. It’s one of the working Glo cheats in Nigeria now.


Glo Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat For PC

This is the second Glo unlimited free browsing cheat using CRLF Net Injector on PC. The cheat is currently working as I will keep updating this page if anything goes wrong. Follow the steps below to set it up.


  • Your android phone
  • Your Glo 3G or 4G SIM
  • Wifi or modem
  • CRLF NET BETA – (download)
  • Proxifier – (Download)
  • PCConfig File – (Download)

How To Configure Glo Free Browsing Cheat Settings On PC For CRLF Net Injector

  1. Open “CTRL Net Injector” you downloaded from the link above and use (Password: loyalteams).
  2. Then download “Proxifier” through the link above.
  3. Extract the file and install as administrator
  4. Then insert the key for full version and import the config to proxifire.
  5. Now Import the config file inside the proxifier zip file. By opening the proxifier then click on “Profile”.
  6. From the drop-down option look for (Import profile)
  7. Now choose and import any of the two prxx file with named “REUMAT HTTP INJECT” or REUMAT HTTP INJECT TWO.
  8. Next, download this cni config file (PCConfigLTN) through the link above.
  9. After all this are successfully downloaded, Now kindly run your CTRL Net injctor by clicking on the triple dot on the CTRL Net Injector menu interface above, Config=>Import
  10. Look for the CNI config file with name (PCConfigLTN) on your PC and select it to import it successfully.
  11. Having successfully imported the CNI file with the green loading sign, then hit the connect button.
  12. Wait for a successfully connection to be established just like using http injector on your android phone.
  13. Having done this, open your proxifier and close so it then re-open it back. Open your browser and start surfing unlimitedly online non-stop.

That’s all and you will be able to browse unlimited on your PC with Glo.

How To Enjoy Glo Unlimited Call Cheat

This cheat allows you enjoy unlimited calls with your Glo line. Although it’s SIM selective but if you use a very old Glo SIM, the chances are higher for you to be eligible for this cheat. Follow below simple procedures to activate it.

  • On your phone, add 042 first before the number you want to call and remove the first 0 from the number.
  • For example, you want to call 08092929191, then dial 04280929191
  • Don’t separate the numbers and you will enjoy free call without extra charges if you are eligible.

More Glo Cheats

So guys enjoy while it lasts. If you don’t have two Glo SIMs, you can just buy or borrow from someone. And if you are very sure the Glo network in your area is stable, this is a good opportunity to flex-free internet, download as you like, stream videos as you like, and browse as you like without the fear of exhausting your internet data plan. Happy browsing and please don’t forget to join our cheat telegram group where we share a lot of free internet cheats, app cheats and game cheats.


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