NEW: HA Tunnel Config Files for Glo Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat

We now have updated HA Tunnel Plus VPN config files for Glo unlimited free browsing cheat. The new config files are confirmed working perfectly especially if your Glo 3G or 4G network is strong. The cheat is still working as at February 1, 2022.

This Glo cheat is faster and better than the previous V2Ray Glo unlimited free browsing cheat that we have been enjoying for some months now.

HA Tunnel is a trending free browsing cheat app that is been used to discover and unlock so many browsing cheats on many networks.

The VPN works well when you have a working configuration file also known as “config file” for a particular network cheat.

Glo ha tunnel cheat

Glo HA Tunnel Plus Cheat

For latest Glo unlimited free browsing cheat with HA Tunnel Plus, you will enjoy unrestricted access to the internet. You can access any website or application, you can download any file, stream any video, chat and do virtually anything on the internet.

The most interesting part is that, just like other premium VPNs, HA Tunnel changes your IP (location) on the web to that of a different country. For instance, your location can be changed to USA, London, The Netherlands, Germany, Singapore, Spain, Italy, France and so on when you use the app to browse.

For Nigerians, with HA Tunnel Plus VPN, you can still access and use Twitter even as it’s banned in the country.

How HA Tunnel Glo Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat Works

For this cheat to work on your phone or PC, you need a config file that is working.

Then to establish connection, you need to recharge a small Glo card (eg N100) which will give you free 40mb valid for one week.

The data will enable the VPN to start working but once it starts working, the data won’t be touched. So you will be browsing without limit.

However, before I drop the config file and how to set it up, check out these requirements as it concerns the cheat.


Keep reading to see how to setup HA Tunnel Plus VPN for Glo free browsing cheat.

HA Tunnel VPN Settings for Glo unlimited Cheat

  • Launch HA Tunnel Plus VPN app
  • Click on the three dotted lines at the top right corner
  • Click on import/export
  • Click import config
  • Now select the config file you downloaded to upload it on the VPN
  • Finally, click on START

See more details and pictures HA Tunnel Plus VPN settings from our other post.

Download Glo HA Tunnel Plus Config Files

More will be added here as time goes on.


The cheat will be connected within some seconds once you have small data on your phone.

Important Information

It won’t connect if you don’t have small data (MB) on your Glo SIM. So it’s different from the Airtel unlimited free browsing cheat that works with 0.0kb data on your SIM.

Secondly, you must upload a new file that is working for it to connect.

How to Locate the Downloaded Config File

Some people find it difficult to locate the config files on their phone after downloading. So here is how to locate it if you downloaded from;


  • Open device internal memory

Internal memory

  • Scroll down until you see “Telegram

Telegram folder on Android

  • Tap on it and select “Telegram Documents

Telegram document folder

  • Now look for the config files. The HA Tunnel file extension name is .hat

Glo unlimited config file

Chrome Browser

  • Open your phone internal storage
  • Scroll down and see “downloads” folder
  • Open it and look for the config file in .hat extension

This is also applicable to when you downloaded configs from Opera browser.

UC Browser

  • Open device internal memory
  • Scroll down until you see “UC downloads
  • Open it and look for the HA Tunnel config file in dot Hat extension

How to Increase Your Browsing Time

HA Tunnel VPN is designed in such a way that users must watch ads videos in order to increase the time they spend enjoying free browsing.

This is a way the app developers earn money from adverts to keep the servers working.

Don’t worry, the video streaming is free so it’s not your money okay.


If you have a good Glo network, why not make use of this golden opportunity to enjoy free browsing. Remember we are also flexing Airtel cheat, 9Mobile cheat and other networks cheat from this blog.

If you want alternative VPN app that uses config files for free browsing, you can check HTTP Injector Config Files for free browsing.

Remember to use the comments box to communicate with us or join this group where we discuss latest free browsing cheats on all networks as they land. Enjoy.


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