AirtelTigo Free Browsing Cheat for Ghana March 2024

Check out the latest AirtelTigo free browsing cheats working in Ghana right now with Android smartphones and tablets.

There are currently two methods to enjoy free internet tricks in Ghana using Airtel Tigo SIM on Android and you are going to see the settings in this post.

AirtelTigo is one of the mobile network providers in Ghana, West Africa with over 10 million subscribers. The network delivers several services which include voice calls, internet data, SMS, multimedia, and SME among others.

Today, there are still other Ghana free browsing cheats that are working and this Tigo cheat is just one of them and an alternative to other internet cheats.

AirtelTigo free browsing cheat

A lot of young people in Ghana yarn for subsidized internet while some request for free internet tricks that work in Ghana so I decided to release these ones and I hope you enjoy it.

As I said earlier, there are two methods through which you can get free internet access using the Ghana Tigo network. But before then, let’s take a look at some major requirements for this cheat to work properly.

Things Needed

  • AirtelTigo registered SIM card
  • An Android phone
  • 3G/4G network
  • Social bundle
  • Night/Sunday bundle
  • Psiphon VPN application (download here)

FIRST METHOD: AirtelTigo Free Browsing Cheat Code *533#

  1. Dial *533# from an Android phone with a registered Tigo SIM inside.
  2. Select “Night/Sunday Bundles
  3. Select “Sunday Bundles
  4. Subscribe to Unlimited Facebook/Whatsapp at 30p.
  5. Now open your Psiphon app and connect, No settings are needed!

Wait for about 6 seconds, it should connect but if it doesn’t, just turn ON airplane ✈ mode and turn it OFF again, ensuring that your mobile internet data is switched on and stable.

The purpose of this cheat is to let you power all apps on your phone by so doing, you will use your Facebook data bundle to browse the internet with your web browsers, send email, and perform more tasks.

SECOND METHOD: Using Ghana Tigo Cheat Code 5060

In this second method, you will get FREE Social Media data every month and it can be accumulated when you apply the tricks I have unveiled in this post.

I mean you will get free 1GB of data for using Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and IMO and Free 100MB for internet browsing, and 100mins for Tigo to Tigo calls for 7 days. After seven days, you can get the data again and keep enjoying Airtel Tigo free browsing cheat in Ghana.

So Ghanaians on this blog, don’t let these awoof internet data bundles pass you. Get ready, follow my instructions, and thank me later.


  • Registered Tigo Sim card.
  • Your Android smartphone.


  • Simply insert the Tigo GH SIM into your Mobile phone
  • Send START to 5060 in an SMS
  • Your SIM will be automatically activated and you will get FREE 100MB to browse the internet and 1GB for Free Social Media every month (Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and IMO).

How to Accumulate or Reactivate the Data

After the above bundle is used up, just dial *555*2*1*1*1# to wipe your subscription from AirtelTigo servers. Then send START again to 5060 to get the free bundles again.

Repeat this trick to continue getting free 1.1GB data every month on Airtel Tigo Ghana to enjoy free browsing cheat anytime any day.


If you want other Ghana free browsing cheats or alternatives to Tigo free internet, check this post which contains MTN, Glo, and Vodafone free internet for Ghana. Alternatively, you can download this powerful app for free browsing called Tunnel Tweak VPN to enjoy Ghana cheats.


For faster internet cheats for Ghana, head over to this Telegram Group and request for latest config files for Ghana’s free internet this month. Or simply request it using the comments box below this article and it will be sent to your email. Happy browsing once again.


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