How To Convert EXE To Apk (Windows App to Android App)

Have you ever imagined installing windows PC app on your Android device? Is it possible to convert EXE to Apk so that you can run windows program on Android phone or tablet? The answer is YES. In fact, I have discussed ways to achieve it in this post.

Right now, there are several ways to convert Exe to Apk both through online and offline but I will teach you the best way to do it. Anyway, let’s checkout the meanings of these terms in contention.

Convert exe to apk

What Is Exe?

Also known as .exe, EXE is a computer program that is executable on a Microsoft windows computer, DOS, OpenVMS, Symbian or OS/2. It may contain other elements known as “resources”, such as bitmap graphics and icons which the executable program may use for its graphical user interface.

All computer apps and software uses the exe extension and can be run also through a DOS command.

What Is Apk?

Apk is Android package file format used and compatible to Android operating system. It is also known as Android Package Kit (apk) through which all Android applications are build upon.

It’s a bit different from APPX which can be run on windows PC without an Emulator. All apps on Google play store uses the apk extension.

Is It Possible To Run EXE Files on Android?

Normally, it’s not possible to run .exe files on Android devices and vice versa but with an exe to apk converter, you can bypass that huddle easily. That’s the beauty of new technology.

Though there are windows emulator which one can use run an EXE file on Android. This method doesn’t just allow you run EXE files on your Android but converts the EXE file to an apk file you can actually Install on your Android device.

Meanwhile, there are things needed for this thing to work.


  • The EXE File you would like to Convert.
  • A PC/Computer.
  • ApkConverter (You can download the software HERE)

Now that you have all the required tools in place, it’s now time to begin the process of conversion.

How To Convert EXE To APK

  1. First, download Apkconverter tool from the link provided above
  2. Double Click on it to open
  3. You’ll see two options: “I have the Setup Files” and “I have a portable application”. Choose I have a portable Application and Click Next.
  4. Now go to the EXE you would like to convert to Apk and Select It.
  5. Click on the Convert Button to begin the process.
  6. The process should take only a few seconds if the EXE file size isn’t huge.
  7. After the conversion is complete, you will get a success message.
  8. Finally, Connect your PC/Computer to your android phone via USB Cable, Copy the newly created apk file to your android phone then Install.

That’s how you convert EXE to Apk and run or install .exe files on your Android phone.

You see, while Apk is an app format for Android devices, .EXE is to Windows PC What Apk Is to Android. All the apps you have installed on your android device, if you’re using one are in apk format. If the apk of an app installed on your phone gets sent to another Android device, they can also Install it and use it. If the apk gets sent to a Windows PC/Computer, then the apk file is literally useless, unless you make use of an emulator.

Final Words

As you can see, it’s possible to convert exe to apk and run any PC software on Android without an Emulator. I hope you enjoy this post and got answers to what you searched for. Anyway, if there is something I didn’t cover on this post and you wish to know more about it, don’t hesitate to use the comments box and I will provide you with your specific answers.

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