9mobile Free Browsing Cheat 2024 With TLS Tunnel Config File

Here comes the latest 9mobile free browsing cheat 2023 with TLS Tunnel VPN config file. It can also be called “9mobile SocialPak 2.5GB cheat” because it’s tweaked from the popular 9mobile social pack plan. It’s an alternative to 9mobile 2.5GB SocialPak cheat with HTTP Injector app.

There are few free internet browsing cheats at the moment so I believe you will grab anyone you see now with both hands without thinking twice. So as you read further you will know more about this latest 9mobile cheat and how to set it up so that it works on your Android phone.

9mobile Free Browsing Cheat Using TLS Tunnel VPN

This latest 9mobile cheat is powered by an app called “TLS Tunnel”. The app is not really simple to configure if you are new to the tech cheat world so I have made it more simple by configuring and creating “config files” which you need to download and import on the app.

The config file contains all the settings that makes this cheat work so you have nothing to do on your part other than importing and hitting on “connect”.

9mobile SocialPak cheat has been around for some years now but with different features. For instance, there was a time it was just limited to 500mb with tweakware VPN but now it’s 2.5GB with TLSVPN.

When connected, this 9mobile free browsing cheat is fast and opens every app and web pages. However, it’s not totally a free cheat per se because you need to subscribe to the SocialPak plan first with a little amount of money before using the VPN app to activate it just like the Glo unlimited cheat.

9mobile free Browsing cheat

Is This 9mobile SocialPak Cheat Unlimited?

You have unlimited access to any website with this cheat but the data is capped at 2.5GB hence the name “9mobile 2.5gb SocialPak cheat”. So if you exhaust the 2.5gb before the 30-day validity period, your browsing section will end until you subscribe again and activate the cheat.

The cheat is useful because instead of getting the regular 500MB with N350, you now get 2.5gb for the same N350 price. Isn’t it wonderful? I know it is.

Requirements For 9mobile Free Browsing Cheat

Download TLS Tunnel VPN Config Files for 9mobile 2.5gb SocialPak Free Browsing Cheat

We have created and uploaded working configuration files for 9mobile SocialPak cheat which comes in two versions – 2GB Config file and 500MB config file. Just download and use them using the Links below;

  1. 9mobile 2GB SocialPak cheat TLS Config file
  2. 9mobile 500MB SocialPak Config file.

How to Activate 9mobile SocialPak 2.5GB Cheat

  1. Recharge 350 Naira and dial *200*3*3*2*3# to subscribe to 9mobile social media monthly plan. Ensure sure you select One-off when subscribing.
  2. Then dial *228# to confirm your subscription status and check your 500Mb balance. Note that the 2GB is hidden data that can only be activated with TLS Tunnel VPN.
  3. Next, download the 9mobile SocialPak 2GB and 9mobile 500MB updated .tls config files from the download links above.
  4. Proceed to TLS Tunnel VPN main page for Config validity after importing a file, (read further to know how to import tls config files).

That’s how to subscribe or activate 9mobile socialme or SocialPak plan. Now let’s proceed to import the .tls configuration files.

How To Import TLS Tunnel Config File

  • Launch TLS Tunnel appThen tap on the three(3) dotted located at the top-right corner.
  • Import tls Config 9mobile cheat
  • Click on Import/Export
  • Then tap on Import Config and locate the 9mobile SocialPak config file from the folder you downloaded it in and tap on it to import.
  • Lastly, tap Start to connect. It will connect within 10 seconds.
  • Now, open any of your web browsers or app to start enjoying free browsing.

Tls vpn cheat I hope you enjoy this 9mobile free browsing cheat this year 2020.


  • The cheat is not unlimited but capped at 2.5gb
  • It valid for one month
  • You can do multiple subscription
  • It requires stable internet signal to work
  • It powers every app and web browsers.

What else do you want to know about this cheat? Do you need new Config files, let me know via the comment box.


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