Latest Ghana Free Browsing Cheat 2023 for MTN, Vodafone, Tigo

Hello my Ghanaian friends, I have got all the latest free browsing tricks for MTN Ghana cheat, Tigo Ghana cheat, Vodafone Ghana cheat, Airtel Ghana cheat, and Glo.

Now, you can browse for free with any network of your choice without paying a dime but first, you have to follow the guidelines and settings that I will drop here on this blog

The best and most currently working internet cheat in Ghana is the “MTN cheat” and just very few people are aware of this cheat. I’m not posting it here to cast it but to carry everyone along so the ball is now in your court to either hide this information or broadcast it.

Having said that, there are mainly two methods to enjoy free browsing in Ghana; through HTTP Injector Config files and through the SM Tunnel VPN app. The former works for all networks in Ghana while the latter works only for MTN GH.


You asked for it and now you have it here at your fingertips.

Requirements for Ghana Free Internet Tricks

  • Android phone
  • MTN Gh SIM card
  • Tigo Gh SIM
  • Vodafone Gh SIM
  • Airtel Gh SIM
  • Glo Gh SIM
  • SM Tunnel VPN app (get it here 2.7MB)
  • HTTP Injector app (get it here)
  • Moko VPN (get here) or 24clan VPN
  • AnonyTun app
  • Stable 3G or 4G network
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SM Tunnel VPN Settings for MTN Ghana Free Browsing Cheat 2023

Follow the below steps to set up and configure the app for free internet cheating in Ghana.

  1. First, install the SM Tunnel VPN app from the above link under “requirements”.
  2. Make sure your data service is switched on.
  3. Then launch the SM Tunnel app.
  4. Click on the Settings symbol.
  5. Enable stealth tunnel VPN ON
  6. Now configure this way:

✔️ Connection Protocol: TCP
✔️ Connection Port: 8080 or 80
✔ Connect via Parent Proxy: Don’t tick it
✔️ Custom TCP/HTTP Headers: Enable
Host: www….youtube….com or any of kwese, DSTV, etc URL
✔️ Request Method: Post
✔️ Injection Method: Normal
✔️ Online Host: Tick?
✔️ Keep-Alive: Tick
✔️ User-Agent: Tick
✔️ Generate, Validate and then Save
✔️ Advance SSL Settings: Don’t Tick
✔️ Now click SAVE in the Stealth Settings

SM tunnel settings

SM tunnel Ghana cheat

Ghana free browsing cheat

6. Finally simply click on connect and then wait for your connection to go through. When it does, open your browser and enjoy free unlimited Internet Access.

Second Method (With AnonyTun VPN)

  • Install AnonyTun app here
  • Open the app and turn On Stealth Tunnel
  • Enter 443 for Connection Port
  • Turn on the Custom TCP/HTTP Header
  • Tap on the Edit Custom TCP/HTTP Header and input the below data
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✔️ URL/Host:
✔️ Request method: POST
✔️ Injection method: Normal

  • Under the extra header, tick Keep Alive, Online Host, and User-Agent.
  • Now tap on the generate button to save your settings.
  • Then, just click save. You can now change the default server to the best-performing region. Note that the USA, The Netherlands, Germany, England, Belgium, Italy, and Singapore are some of the best-performing regions.
  • Now, after selecting your preferred region, click on CONNECT and your AnonyTun VPN should connect. You can then start browsing the web for free.

Ghana Free Browsing Cheat for All Networks

In case you need other Ghana network tricks such as Tigo cheat, Vodafone cheat, Glo cheat,s or airtel cheat, just follow the below instructions and you will unlock the door of unlimited free browsing with your Android phone and even PC.

All you need to do now is download an app called HTTP Injector from the link already provided above in this post.

Then go to this Telegram Group and request for latest Ghana free Browsing cheat Config file for HTTP Injector that works with either MTN, Glo, Airtel, Vodafone, or Tigo. The admin and other internet gurus in the group chat will send it to you for free.

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Alternatively, you can get 24clan VPN for Ghana free browsing.

You can never go wrong or lack any Ghana free cheat this year by following that free browsing Telegram Group which is the best in Africa as it covers not just Ghana cheats but other African countries like Nigeria, South Africa, Cameron, Zimbabwe, Egypt, Kenya, Seychelles, and so on.

About Ghana and Free Internet Tricks

Ghana is a country located in West Africa and it has a large number of smartphone and internet users.

Most people in Ghana are frequently searching for ways to get subsidized or free browsing cheats as the network providers are not helping them at all in terms of price for internet data.

Students and the unemployed are the main categories of users facing financial difficulties so they try to seek a cheaper way to browse free.

This is why I have come to your aid by providing internet tricks for all Ghanaians.

If you have tried and tested all the tricks I posted in this article, you should be laughing by now but if after everything, it didn’t still work for you, just use the comment box below to ask questions and I will guide you more. Happy browsing!


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