Glo Free Browsing Cheat for Nigeria & Ghana this Year

We have all the latest Glo free browsing cheats this year for Nigeria and Ghana users. Included here are Glo unlimited cheat, HTTP injector config files for Glo cheat, TunnelTweak VPN settings for Glo cheat, EC Tunnel Glo Cheat, Harmer VPN Settings for Glo cheat 2022, AnonyTun VPN settings, Stark VPN settings, UC Mini Handler, and Tweakware configuration for unlimited Glo free internet. All works for Android and even computers.

Glo Free Browsing Cheat is still working as at the time this post is updated although it doesn’t work on all Glo SIMs. Many users in Ibadan, Owerri and some parts of Lagos reported that Glo 0.00kb cheat is working for them while few in Port-Harcourt and Abuja declined, saying that 3G signal 📶 is not coming up on their device whenever there is no active data plan or Airtime in their SIM so it doesn’t work for such people.

In other words, if your network signal is not appearing, it means the Glo Cheat won’t work for you but there is a walk-around; load at least N50 airtime to force the network to come up so that you can power and connect your VPN app which is vital for this cheat to work.

This post aims at Globacom subscribers who don’t have enough money to subscribe for mobile data plan to browse or access social media. I have provided different settings for different VPN so that if one doesn’t work for you, you try another option. Just follow the procedures below;

glo free browsing cheat


Make sure that you have least one of the VPNs mentioned above especially, HTTP injector, tunneltweak or EC tunnel. Once these are in place, then carefully follow the procedures for each cheat below to enjoy free internet with your Glo SIM.

Latest Glo Free Browsing Cheat With HTTP Injector

This Glo cheat requires that you have latest HTTP Injector app installed on your phone and you should download and import latest working config files for it to work. To activate this cheat follow this simple guides:

  1. Download Http Injector vpn.
  2. After that import any of the two config file’s for this tweak from the links below;

For latest or newly created glo injector config files, join this Telegram channel and make your request for a fresh configuration file. This is because, as time goes on, these ones will become obsolete although, I will be trying my best to be updating this post with latest configs from time to time.

Quick Tips:

To make your HTTP injector work better and faster, tick;

  1. data compression
  2. DNS
  3. Lastly, Set your local port to port 8080 in ssh setting’s.
  4. Connect and enjoy.

Glo Yakata Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat

This cheat involves the use of certain VPNs to gain unlimited access to Glo free internet. It’s exclusively for Glo subscribers on the NEW YAKATA tariff. We already wrote about Glo Unlimited Cheat Yakata in our previous articles, you can check it out for yourself.

Glo Cheat Settings Via Hammer VPN

  • Firstly, download and install latest version of Hammer VPN from above or via play store.
  • After installation, launch Hammer VPN and configure the following settings below:

=> Change 500 to 80

=> Change 0 to 8080 or 8081

Ensure your settings is 100% correct to avoid seeing server 8 in the hammer VPN.

Note: Seeing server 8 simply means your configuration is wrong.

  • Turn ON Airplane 🛬 mode and immediately exit Hammer VPN.
  • After exiting, disable Airplane 🛬 mode and launch back Hammer VPN when your network bar is trying to come on, by this period all servers will be refreshed to get German Servers.
  • Choose and connect from any of the available German 🇩🇪 server, wait for it to connect.

For those who have premium Hammer VPN account can enjoy unlimited free browsing bandwidth access, while those on free service have a daily limit bandwidth for this cheat. You can enjoy up to 500MB free data on the free account.


Enjoy while it lasts

If that didn’t work for you, use this Glo unlimited cheat without VPN.

Anonytun VPN Settings For Glo Cheat Codes

  1. Locate the AnonyTun VPN you downloaded above and Launch it
  2. Tick (Stealth Tunnel ON/OFF) to enable it.
  3. Under Connection Protocol, select (HTTP).
  4. Under Connection Port select (80/443).
  6. URL/ Host =
  7. Request method = POST
  8. Injection method = Normal
  9. Tick the following; ✓Online host, ✓Keep-Alive, ✓User-Agent
  10. Finally, tap the GENERATE button to save your settings and connect to start flexing your unlimited glo free browsing.

However in a situation where you can’t setup AnonyTun VPN on your own, I have made it more simpler by providing the configuration file for free. All you need to do is import the AnonyTun Config File, You can download it here and choose any server of your choice and connect it.

Still having frequent disconnection issues or yours isn’t connecting at all or showing “connection failed”? Use Tweakware VPN method below.

Tweakware VPN Settings For Glo 0.00kb Free Browsing

  1. First, download latest Tweakware VPN app here from play store
  2. Then download Tweakware Config file for glo cheat from here
  3. Now Open the app and import the configuration
  4. Tap CONNECT and enjoy blazing speed!

It should work for you once you are using Glo SIM with stable 3G network.

Still on Glo free browsing cheat settings in Nigeria, find the rest of the settings for even more VPN apps in case non of the above setups worked for you.

Stark VPN Settings For Glo Cheat


  • Apn name > Mokoweb
  • Apn > gloflat
  • Proxy and Port > leave them blank
  • Username and password > leave them blank
  • Scroll down to Authentication Type and tick PAP
  • Then save this APN. Your data network should come up.

Stark VPN Configuration

  1. Download stark vpn app from this link
  2. After installation, open the app and then in Tweaks, select “Glo”
  3. Now Hit the RED BUTTON to connect

In few seconds the app should connect and you will see the connection key in the notification bar of your phone. Enjoy your free Glo tweak.

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Another working method is via UC Mini Handler


Glo free browsing cheat in Nigeria and Ghana works in many ways with the help of VPN apps which also powers all other apps. For instance, you can download huge files, apps, games and browse with glo cheat without paying a dime. It’s as simple as that. Enjoy your free browsing before it get blocked again. You can also check other free browsing tweaks in Nigeria



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