How to Share Data on MTN Nigeria (Data Transfer Code) 2023

This post teaches you how to share data on MTN Nigeria using the SMS method, USSD, or via myMTN NG app. After reading this post, you can now share MTN data with your friends, your other MTN line, or any other person. So read on.

Do you have enough data balance (Megabytes or Gigabytes) on your MTN line? Is your girlfriend, boyfriend, or family members begging you to subscribe data plan for them? You can easily transfer data from your balance to them at no extra cost.

Have you ever wanted to share or transfer data from one MTN line to another? this post is for you. Sometimes, you may wish to transfer MTN data to your loved ones so that they can use your internet subscription on their phone. It’s actually possible to do it and we have simplified the steps in this article.

how to share data on MTN Nigeria


About Sharing Data on MTN

Sharing data on MTN is also known as “data gifting”. It is a service provided by MTN Nigeria that allows subscribers to share their data (MB) with family and friends. The service is available for both prepaid and postpaid MTN customers.

MTN data share service is free and all MTN customers are eligible. However, there is a data limit that you can share on a daily basis which you will know as you read further.

How to Share Data on MTN Nigeria

There are basically 3 ways or methods to share data on MTN Nigeria; via USSD, via myMTN NG app, and via SMS. You may also share your MTN data via a WiFi hotspot.

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I will show you the instructions on how to use each of these methods below.

Share MTN Data Using USSD Code

The USSD code method is also called the “MTN data transfer code“. Follow the steps below to transfer your MTN data to your family and friends.

  • Dial *131*7# on your phone’s dialer app
  • Enter option 1: Transfer from data balance.

Transfer data on MTN USSD

Transferring data to a MTN number

  • Select the amount of data to send.
  • Select option 1: Confirm the transaction.

The recipient will receive the exact data volume that you transferred to them.

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Share MTN Data Using myMTN NG App

You can use the official MTN app on Android or iOS to Share MTN data with family and friends. Just follow the steps below.

  • First, download myMTN App for Android and iOS
  • Register on the app with your details
  • Tap on “Bundles” on the homepage

MyMTN app data bundle

  • Select “Share Data

Share Data on MTN app

  • Select “data volume” to share

Select data volume to share

  • Enter the recipient’s phone number
  • Then, tap on “Proceed

NOTE: You can now share up to 2GB of data in a day if you are a prepaid customer. To share more than 2GB of data, you have to subscribe to the MTN SME Data share bundles.

Share MTN Data Via SMS

To transfer MTN data via message to a loved one, just follow the steps below

  • Open your SMS app.
  • Type “Transfer” followed by the recipient’s phone number, followed by the data amount. For example Transfer 0916xxxxx17 500.
  •  Then, send the message to 131.
  • A confirmation message will be sent to you if your data transfer was successful.

The sender will get a message like this;

Y’ello! You have gifted 500MB to 234916xxxxxx17. Share link with the new MyMTN app for exciting offers.

Share data on MTN via SMS

The recipient will then receive this message below to confirm the successful data transfer;

Y’ello! You have received 500MB data from 23491xxxxxxx60 via MTN Data Share.

As you can see, these are the ways to share MTN data (MB) with your friends and family. I tried to make it clearer with screenshots.

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If you want to share a larger volume of data above 1GB, let’s say maybe 2GB, 5GB, 10GB, 20GB, or 50GB of data, then you need to migrate to the MTN SME Data share bundles.

Below is a table that shows how to share SME data using USSD code and SMS format.

USSD Format

SMS Format to send to 131 to share data



SMEA <PhoneNumber> 250 <PIN> to 131

SMS to transfer 250MB


SMEB <PhoneNumber> 500 <PIN> to 131

SMS to transfer 500MB


SMEC <PhoneNumber> 1000 <PIN> to 131

SMS to transfer 1GB


SMED <PhoneNumber> 2000 <PIN> to 131

SMS to transfer 2GB

*461*NUMBER*5000*PIN#SME <PhoneNumber> 5000 <PIN> to 131SMS to transfer 5GB

How to Share MTN Data Using WiFi HotSpot

In this method, you can share data on MTN to MTN line, share data on MTN to Airtel, Share data on MTN to Glo, 9Mobile, and any other network.

In fact, in reality, your recipient doesn’t necessarily need a SIM card in their phone in order to receive and use the data (MB) you shared with them via hotspot.

Follow these procedures below:

  • Go to your Android phone settings
  • Click on Hotspot and Tethering
  • Click on WiFi Hotspot
  • Tick “turn on hotspot
  • Once it’s on, your friend can connect to it and start browsing.

Note that if your hotspot is passworded, the receiver will need the password in order to get access to browse the internet data in your hotspot.

MTN Data Share FAQs

In this section, you will get answers to the frequently asked questions on MTN data share service.

QTN 1: Who is eligible to share data on MTN?

Answer: All MTN subscribers are eligible for the service. You can actually share or transfer data to family and friends once you have a data balance in your MTN line.

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QTN 2: What is the fee for using MTN Data Share/Transfer service?

Answer: The service is completely free of charge.

QTN 3: How many MB can I share or gift on MTN in a Day?

Answer: You are only limited to 2GB of data to share per day.

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QTN 4: What is the validity of the shared data

Answer: The validity is the same as the sender’s data validity. For instance, if the sender’s subscription expires in 30 days, the data he or she shared with you will also expire the same day if you don’t exhaust it.

QTN 5: How can I bypass the 2GB data limit to share?

Answer: The only way to bypass the 2GB daily shareable data limit is to subscribe to the MTN SME Data Share Bundle. To subscribe or migrate to the SME data share bundle, dial *460# or text 460 to 131. See more answered questions on the MTN SME page.

Note that you can also share data on Glo, share data on Airtel, and share data on 9mobile network.

Video on How to Share Data on MTN

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I am sure that you have known how to easily share data on MTN using different methods including the USSD, SMS, and the mobile app. Now, you can transfer data to anyone using an MTN number and enjoy life together.

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