Latest Opera Mini Free Browsing Cheat for MTN & Airtel

Enjoy 50MB daily free browsing when you use the Opera Mini app or Opera News app with either your MTN or Airtel SIM. Opera partnered with telecom giants MTN and Airtel to offer free browsing to subscribers. The free internet browsing offer started way back on December 29, 2019, and still runs up to this day.

The daily free 50MB data is meant to be used only on Opera Mini browser but you can also power all apps and other web browsers with VPN apps. In this post, I will drop the HA tunnel config file for MTN and Airtel 50MB daily cheat.

Opera is one of the Heavyweight tech giants right now and has a massive number of tech products and innovations including Opay, Opera News, Oride, Opera browser, and so on.

Opera browser is one of the fastest web browsers for smartphones and even on PC, no wonder millions of people are using it as their default web browser. There is also a lite version of the web browser called Opera Mini for people using low-end phones. It’s similar to the UC mini browser.

Opera Mini Free Browsing Cheat

Before the introduction of this official Opera free browsing, there was already an existing Opera Mini Handler free browsing cheat that is still working with the Airtel network. Also, there is the UC mini handler app which can be tweaked to unlock free browsing just as it’s done on Opera Mini Handler.

Now back to the main topic of the day which is Opera free browsing using MTN and Airtel networks in Nigeria.

Airtel NG released an official blog post about this offer stating that “The end of the year is just around the corner and at Opera we are ready to celebrate it with you. To do so, from December 29th, users in Nigeria subscribed to the MTN and Airtel network will be able to browse for free with Opera Mini and Opera News right away after opening any of both apps.

“Free browsing with Opera Mini and Opera News will also be at your disposal for you even if you run out of data from your current plan or bundles.”

You may have seen a message pop up like this ‘Your browsing session is sponsored by opera to the tune of 50 MB daily

Opera free browsing

That’s an indication that you have free 50 MB to use on the Opera browser or Opera news app for the day. So why not use it now?

How To Use Opera 50MB Free Browsing

Just install Opera Mini browser or Opera browser from the Play Store, open the app, and start browsing free as long as there is an Airtel or MTN SIM inside your Android smartphone.

Normally, you can’t power other apps on your phone with the Opera free browsing offer, but with a VPN app, you can do it. The best VPN cheat apps you can use to achieve this are HA Tunnel Plus, Stark VPN, and 24Clan

Free 50MB Config File For Opera Free Browsing

Download Config File Here

Import it inside your HA Tunnel Plus and click start to start browsing. See how to setup HA Tunnel Plus.


How to Bypass 50MB Limit for Opera Free Browsing

I have discovered a simple way to bypass the 50MB daily limit for this Opera awoof. Once it’s bypassed, you will enjoy unlimited free browsing with any Opera app. Just follow these steps;

  • To bypass Opera Free 50MB Daily Data, you have to turn on your data connection and launch either the Opera Mini Browser App or Opera News App.
  • After launching the browser, you will be prompted to accept that you have been granted free 50MB data on MTN, just tap on ” I’m in” and start browsing.
  • Endeavor to browse until the normal Opera-free 50MB data gets exhausted.
  • Once you have exhausted the normal 50MB data your browsing stops.
  • Go to settings and select Applications, look for Opera Mini Browser, and tap on clear cache and clear storage or data ( dependent on your Android version).
  • When you are done clearing the data and cache or cookie.
  • Lunch any of the apps again, then turn on your data.
  • A pop-up message will be sent to you like that of the one you got doing the first process activation.
  • Just continue repeating the same process as instructed above to accumulate more data anytime you finish or Exhaust your 50MB.

However, if you want a bigger offer that can be used to power all other apps and download things as you like, you can check SIMO free internet. It’s one of the latest free browsing apps now but unfortunately, it doesn’t work on all smartphones. Just check if your phone is supported now.


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