MTN Uganda Unlimited Free Internet Cheat Config File

If you want new working config files for MTN Uganda free browsing cheat, we have it here. We are talking about HTTP injector Config file for MTN Uganda free internet that is trending now.

MTN Uganda is the biggest internet network providers in Uganda with over 12.6 million subscribers. This means that MTN has over 55% market share in the country.

There are several data bundles from MTN UG including 2GB for 20,000 UGX, 10GB for 50,000 UGX, 30GB for 100,000 UGX and lots more.

MTN Uganda Free internet

The network delivers 2G (GPRS, EDGE), 3G+ HSDPA (7.2MBPS, 14.4MBPS, 21.6MBPS and 42MBPS) and 4G (LTE) networks but as you know, it’s better you set your phone to 3G or 4G network for faster browsing and better experience.

But guess what, you don’t even need to pay a dime to subscribe for any data plan. Once you have a working config file, you will enjoy unlimited free internet with you MTN Uganda SIM.

MTN Uganda Tidal Unlimited free internet Configuration file is one of the trending searches on the web recently because those that are enjoying are testifying.

Download MTN Uganda Config File

Use below links to download different configuration files for Ugandan MTN network.

Once you download any of the configs above, import it into your HTTP Injector app. If you don’t have it yet, you can download the latest version here.

How Do I Import Config File?

1. To import the config, open HTTP injector app and click on the paper icon and then select “import config” as seen in the screenshots below.

Http injector paper icon


Click import http injector config


2. Tick the column for “I understand connection issue is not related to the app.

3. After that, tick allow HTTP injector to access photos and media. This will give the app the permission to pick the downloaded config files in your SD card or phone memory.

4. Now select “MTN UG tidal 1 by” to import.


You will see a message confirming the successful import of the file.

5. Finally, click on “START” and the app will connect immediately as seen in this image.

Click start to connect


To get new configs that works all the time, join our telegram Channel HERE. You will meet over 24000 members who are also into free browsing cheats. Then request for new config files and it will be sent to you for free.

Alternatively, you can use the comments box to request for a Config file.

But be it as it may, I will be updating this post with new files.

How To Browse Free Without Config File

There are few VPN apps that comes with pre-configured cheats and servers inside. These VPNs requires no config file for them to get connected and allow you enjoy free internet. I personally, recommend TunnelTweak VPN for this purpose.

You can also check MTN Uganda HTTP Injector cheat

There are also other apps that can allow you browse free no matter the network you are using. You can check them out


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