Download 2in1 Config Files For MTN MPulse & 0.00k Cheat 2021

Are you searching for the latest configuration files to enjoy MTN free browsing cheat this 2021? Search no further because you are in the right place. I have released all the latest 2in1 config files for top VPN apps such as KPN Tunnel, Spark VPN, Eproxy VPN, HTTP Injector, Tweakware and Jet Injector for tweaking both MTN MPulse and MTN 0.00k cheat also known as 2in1 cheat.

This free Browsing post will be very resourceful for you as it will serve as a reference point and all in one place to get the latest 2in1 config file for any VPN of your choice without opening multiple posts on this blog or elsewhere.

MTN 2in1 free browsing cheat is arguably the best cheat this year 2018. It gives you option to either tweak and use MPulse data cheat or MTN 0.00k cheat.

For those of you coming to this blog for the first time, I will briefly introduce these new MTN Cheats that are still blazing right now in Nigeria.

For the past three months, MTN Nigeria has failed to fix the loopholes in their system which allows tweakers to have access to cheap and free browsing without restriction. I can trace this fault to the time the network updated its night plan services and I believe the loophole is from there.

Some MTN users in Nigeria has been utilizing this golden opportunity to flex free browsing at will with the help of several VPN apps which works with configuration files (config files). I’m sure you wouldn’t want this awoof to pass you by. So join the bandwagon to enjoy your own free internet trick while it lasts.

2in1 Config Files MTN Cheat

About MTN MPulse

Mpulse is a new Tariff plan introduced by MTN in 2018 targeting children between the ages of 9 and 15 years. It’s a plan that is channeled at helping the children keep pace with latest educational facilities in the world as well as serving as a teaching and learning aid for kids.

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Because it’s exclusively made for the kids, the data cost on this plan is relatively cheap and that is where we tweakers come in. We exploit this children offer and use it as a regular data.

The MTN MPulse Tariff has two different cheap plans but the data can only be used on selected educational websites for kids but for you as an adult to use this data, you need to migrate to the MPulse Tariff, subscribe to MPulse data and use my VPN Config file; this will allow you to browse, download and stream videos online with MTN MPulse Data. That’s why we call it MPulse cheat! You can read more about MTN MPulse to see allocated data volumes, prices, migration and subscription codes.

About MTN 0.00k Cheat

Unlike MPulse, MTN 0.00k cheat doesn’t require any data subscription or Airtime because it’s a completely free browsing cheat but capped at 1GB data daily. This means, on this cheat you get 1gb worth of data (MB) to browse, download and stream videos with your Android device or PC.

MTN N0.00k works on your MTN Sim cards so everyone using MTN is eligible to flex this awoof. All you need is the correct working config file for your favorite VPN app and you are good to go.

This MTN 0.0kb cheat also powers all apps on your phone. Hahahah… It’s too good to be true right? Don’t worry you will confirm it and thank me later.

Meanwhile, the only disadvantage of this cheat is that it’s not unlimited as you have just 1GB data per day after that, your connection will be terminated and disconnected until the next day when it will connect back. With this trick, you will get a whopping 30GB for one month on MTN without paying a dime.

There are many config files online from different bloggers but most of them doesn’t work and the ones that works expires after few days but the one I will give you here works permanently for lifetime as long as this cheat exists. Interesting right? Let’s move on.

Interestingly, the SSH account available for these SSH VPN apps – HTTP Injector, Spark VPN, Eproxy VPN and KPNTunnel Rev VPN doesn’t have expiry date as I revealed earlier, it’s non stop browsing and flexing until MTN blocks the cheat.

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Still on MTN MPulse Config File and MTN 0.00k Cheat Config file, the below guidelines provides both the necessary download links for the configuration files and how to import and use them for each VPN app.

Download Links For MTN MPULSE + MTN N0.00K Config Files (2in1 Cheat)

You may require an active data to first download these files and tweak before using.


  • To import Config file on spark VPN, you need to download the app first from play store
  • After that, download Latest SPARK VPN 2in1 Config File for N0.00k and MTN mPulse cheat
  • Now open Spark VPN App on your phone
  • Tap on Tweaks
  • Tap on the green Arrow icon facing towards the left
  • Next, tap on it again to head to your device’s SDcard or file manager 📂
  • Then find the location where you download the File to
  • It should be inside Telegram >> documents
  • Then tap on Import to import the config and finally hit the connect button. Wait for it to connect in few seconds and enjoy your browsing.


Below is how To Import Eproxy Config File for MTN MPulse and MTN 0.00kb cheat

  • First download and install EPROXY VPN apk
  • Next, download Latest Eproxy 2in1 Config for N0.00 and MTN mPulse
  • After that, open Eproxy app on your phone
  • Tap on the Paper 📄 icon
  • Then Locate the downloaded config file and Import it
  • Finally, click on START to connect the app and flex your free browsing cheat.


Here is How To Import HTTP Injector Config File for 2in1 MTN mpulse and 0.00kb free browsing cheat.

  • Download Http Injector latest app Here
  • Download new Http Injector 2in1 Config for N0.00k + MTN mPulse from Here
  • After that, open Http Injector app
  • Click on the A4 Paper 📄 Icon on the Top Left on the App
  • Then tap on “Import Config“.
  • Find the location where you saved the downloaded config file (usually at Telegram >> documents)
  • Import
  • Finally Click CONNECT.


See how To Import KPNTunnel Rev Config File for MTN 2in1 cheat working for both MTN 0.0kb and mpulse.

  • Get KPNTunnel REV latest Apk Here
  • Next Download KPNTunnel REV 2in1 Config for N0.00 and MTN mPulse from this free browsing Telegram Group
  • Open KPNTunnel REV App on your Android
  • Look at your Top Right and Tap on MORE
  • Next Tap on Config Options
  • tap Import and locate the folder you saved the configuration file (usually inside Telegram >> media >> documents)
  • After successfully importing the config, hit START to start browsing free with either cheat on the 2in1 Config.
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Download Tweakware VPN latest Config file for MTN free browsing cheat to serve as another alternative from the SHH VPN apps I have already written about above.

Difference Between MTN MPulse &

MTN N0.00k Free Browsing Cheat

  • MPulse Config Powers all Apps with mPulse Data while MTN 0.00k Config works on All Applications
  • MPulse Works with MTN mPulse Data while MTN 0.0kb cheat is completely Free with no subscription required
  • MPulse is Capped depending on purchased plan while 0.00kb cheat is Capped at 1GB Daily

What Else Are You Searching For?

  • Latest MTN cheat
  • New Config File for MTN MPulse Cheat
  • New Config for MTN 0.0kb cheat
  • How To import Config
  • Config file manual settings and screenshots
  • How to create config file


This post is for EDUCATIONAL purposes only. Therefore you are totally responsible for whatever you do with the information here as MokoWeb won’t be held responsible for the outcome. We are also using this medium to alert MTN of the loopholes on their system so as to fix it.


I am enjoying free browsing, every other MTN user is enjoying it. So the question is what are you still waiting for?

MTN 0.0kb is totally free and gives you 1GB data daily which is 30GB for 30 days while mpulse cheat gives you the opportunity to enjoy amazing data offers at a very cheap price.

Don’t hesitate to comment or share your opinion via the comments box for more reviews and assistance. Thanks for reading my post today and keep coming back to this blog for latest updates. One love and happy browsing.