100 Best Free iPhone Games 2021

This post covers the best iPhone and iPad games you can play for free on your device. Although no such list can be complete, we try to list the best free iPhone games based on popularity and user reviews at the app store. The list contains different genres of games available for free installation at the Apple App Store.

After publishing best 300 PPSSPP games for Android, some Apple users requested I compile the list of best free iPhone games and this post just has it all. So if you have ever wanted to enjoy gaming with your iPhone as Android users enjoys with their device, this post is for you.

Best iPhone games


1. Clash Royale

This is one of the most beautiful iPhone games released in 2016, a real-time strategy game and also a collectible card game that once you start you can no longer stop. The only flaw is that it becomes difficult to resist not spending money on in-game purchases, even if, with patience, you can play and be competitive even without spending a penny. Clash Royale, by the developers of Clash of Clans themselves, is always at the top of the popularity charts on the Apple store.

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2. Subway Surfers

This game is evergreen, a game that never ceases to tire, which is frequently updated, bringing players to new challenges. Subway Surfers is undoubtedly, the best Runner Game, both for iOS and Android platforms. It’s a game where you run forward without ever stopping, trying to avoid obstacles on the way and collect bonuses.

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3. Head Basketball

It is not actually a real Basketball game but a funny arcade games that we could frame as a fighting game. It features a one-on-one challenge, between two big-headed characters that collide giving each other a blow and jumping in a scenario with 2D horizontal view as in the beaten games of the past.

The goal is to score a goal or to score a goal into the opponent’s goal or basket, trying to defend your goal. There are special moves and it is also possible to play online against other people in multiplayer mode.

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4. Head Soccer

Head Soccer and Head Basketball are two similar fun games developed by same developer. They are not actually soccer and basketball simulation, but funny arcade games. In this game, you can defeat your opponent with fancy lethal shots such as dragon shoot, ice shoot and lightening shoot and win the tournament. You can also multi-play with friends or global users through the gamecenter.

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5. Flip Diving

It is a really fun and realistic diving game, where you have to try to dive into the water doing the best stunts and getting into the water correctly, without bumping your stomach. The excellent graphics and ease of play are the characteristics that have made this one of the best free games for iPhone.

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6. Piano Tiles 2

This is a perfect Piano learning game for iPhone where you have to play songs and music trying to hit the keys exactly at the right time. A little bit similar to Guitar Hero, in Piano Tiles it is important to follow the rhythm by hitting the right notes indicated on the screen to score as many points as possible.

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7. Dream League Soccer

Dream League Soccer, for me, the best football game on the iPhone and iPad, perhaps less rated in terms of graphics than the famous FIFAs and PES, but certainly more playable and fun, not only playing alone, but above all challenging other players online in around the world.

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8. Walking Dead

It is the best graphic adventure game for iPhone, unfortunately free only in its first episode, which however is not to be missed. Both fans of the TV series and those who have never seen it can play Walking Dead, because the story is completely new and has no connection with the show, except for the massive presence of zombies.

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9. Asphalt 9 Legends

It is the best free car racing game for iPhone, truly spectacular in graphics and speed, with lots of cars to drive on city routes on the Fast And Furious genre. Created by the developers of Asphalt 8 Airborne.

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10. Traffic Rider

It is the best motorcycle racing game for iPhone, in 3D, with pretty good graphics and perfect rendition on iPhone.

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11. Super Stickman Golf 3

This is the third game in a very successful mini golf series, all based on the right trajectories to hit the ball and go to the hole with the least number of strokes possible.

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12. Flappy Golf 2

Distributed by the same developers of Super Stickman Golf 3, Flappy Golf 2 is a variant of mini golf that is played by flying the ball by touching the screen (as seen in the unforgettable Flappy Birds).

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13. Zombie Tsunami

For years, this game has been among the funniest games on smartphones, always updated with new levels, to play on the iPhone, suitable for everyone, even for children with its cartoon graphics.

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14. Last Empire-War Z

It is another zombie game, this time much worse and very scary, of strategy. An army trained to defend the city against zombies must be created, making alliances with other players.

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15. Color Switch

This is a game of skill where you can bounce a ball to make it go as high as possible by going through colored circles.

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16. Sniper 3D Assassin

It is a 3D shooter game for iPhone, where you have to be good at shooting enemies with a sniper rifle, framing the target in a viewfinder. Exceptional graphics, even if you are easily inclined to spend money to face the more advanced levels.

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17. Trivia Crack

It is the game on iPhone that incorporates the model of Trivial Pursuit, where you can answer questions on various topics to earn points and to beat friends by showing yourself more wise.

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18. Rolling Sky

Another skill game where you have to move a ball on a platform suspended in the air, with 3D view, along a path full of obstacles and without dropping it.

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19. 2048

It is a brilliant game where you have to move the tiles with the numbers 2 to add them and create multiples in order to join two tiles in one with the aim of not getting stuck with the picture full of tiles.

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20. The Sims

Always one of the best and most fun-filled simulation games for PC, console, and also for iPhone, iPad and Android platforms. Create and customize Sims with unique characteristics.

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21. Modern Combat 5 Black out

This is perhaps one of the best 3D shooter games for mobile phones, with the iPhone and iPad version really high in terms of graphics and playability.

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22. BounceMaster

The number one of the 2018 Arcade games for iPhone, and still made the list in year 2020. The game proposes a great classic of pastime video games, that of the launch of the penguin to be hit with a bat to make it go as far as possible.


23. Animal Crossing

This is the social simulation of Nintendo where you need to build the campsite with furniture that suits your styles and swag, and also make friends with other players.

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24. The Battle of Polytopia

This is a real-time strategy game where you control a tribe of people, expand your territory, fight enemies and build an empire. The Battle of Polytopia allows you to play alone, against a friend or in online multiplayer.

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25. Crossy Road

This game looks like an infinite version of Frogger, in which the player controls a character while trying to cross a series of busy roads. The game draws on many of the most popular games in the app store to create a fun gaming experience with a beautiful pixelated art style. Since then the game has incorporated many characters and cultural references over the years.

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26 Fire Emblem Heroes

This is a free-to-play tactical role-playing Nintendo game that has captivated players with simple and addicting gameplay. It’s one of the best iPhone games to play this year.

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27. Fortnite

Fortnite – the most played PC game in the world, is also available on the iPhone and also Android. In this game, you can fight in multiplayer Battle Royale against many other real players.

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28. PUBG

Another great game similar to Fortnite is PUBG Mobile (Player Unknown Battle Ground). Both are the best shooter games for iPhone. It plays flawlessly on iPhone thanks to the controls optimized for the touchscreen.

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29. Hearthstone

This is a beautiful and highly successful game from the World of Warcraft series, where you play collectible cards with heroes to put on the desk to beat your opponents. Its popularity has led to the release of numerous expansion packs and even an eSport tournament. The strengths are the strategic elements of the game and its immediacy and simplicity.

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30 Pac-man 256

This is one of apple best games, and one of the most talked about games. The special version of an old classic, with an infinite level in which you have to move forward on the screen without being caught by the disappearing game board from behind. The aim is to get as far forward as possible.

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31. Plague

This game has been a great success for years, the game where you have to spread deadly diseases all over the world up to exterminate the whole humanity, very fun to play. It belongs to the strategy game genre.

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This iPhone game is the successor of Limbo, a puzzle adventure game set in a dark dystopian world of government experimentation and zombie-like creatures, with 2.5D monochrome graphics.

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33. Stack

This is a very colorful puzzle game whose purpose is to build the tallest tower by placing the blocks on top of each other. Fun!

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34. Shadowgun Legends

This is one of the best iPhone first person shooters game, sequel to the first Shadowgun of 2011. Shadowgun Legends offers players over 200 campaign missions and many multiplayer modes to have fun.

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35. Valiant Hearts: The Great War

It is a puzzle adventure game set during the events of the First World War, where you can control four different characters through various sections of the game, each with unique skills to pass their levels.

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36. Triple Town

It is a puzzle game where players receive tiles on a 6×6 game board and work to match the tiles in groups of three to combine them into one piece. The game continues until there are no more moves.

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37. Stranger

It is the graphic adventure inspired by the Netflix series of the same name, with 8-bit graphics and a compelling story to follow until the end.

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38. PES 2020

Pro Evolution Soccer is the most beautiful 3D soccer game together with FIFA and Dream League Soccer, with realistic graphics like on Console.

Download PES for iPhone

39. FIFA 20

FIFA is the most famous soccer game, featuring real player from different football leagues.

Download FIFA for iPhone

40. Hello Stars

This is one of the most successful puzzle games of 2018, and still made it way to the list of best iPhone games this year with essential and relaxing graphics and puzzles that engage the brain.

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41. Go Fish

This is a fishing simulator iPhone game with two-dimensional graphics, where you have to prepare the equipment, the rod and catch as many fish as possible.

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42. Helix Jump

This is the game of the ball that must bounce and go down as many levels as possible, very suitable for fast games, very simple.

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43. Looper

This is a beautiful musical game where you have to create a rhythm by joining the points on the screen, without making them collide and without going out of time.

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44. Roblox

Roblox is a game creation platform, where the players themselves create and play against each other. It is even among the list of best PPSSPP games.

Download Roblox for iPhone

45. Happy Glass

It is a really a challenging puzzle game, where you have to find a way to fill a glass of water.

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46. Paper.io 2

This game is the successor of Paper.io, a game where you have to create the longest paper snake and eat the other players, trying not to get eaten in turn.

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47. Prince of Persia Escape

This is a game based on the first Prince Of Persia, with side scrolling, where you have to jump and avoid obstacles always looking for a way out of the picture safely.

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48. Hole.io

It is a fun multiplayer game where you have to create holes in the city and make them bigger and bigger, incorporating the holes of the other players.

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49. Tenkiu

It is another pastime where you can drive a ball so as not to drop it below, tilting the plane and passing the various levels.

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50. Pokemon Go

The popular augmented reality game where Pokemon are to be found in the real world.

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51. Dr. Mario World

This is one of Nintendo’s most popular puzzle games ever. Make use of your puzzle skills to eliminate viruses.

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52. Mario Kart

The iPhone version of the racing game with Go Kart. You can race against up to seven players in multiplayer mode.

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53. Call Of Duty Mobile

Play the best war shooter free on your iPhone.

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54. Brawl Stars

3-on-3 game with top view, very fun and fast.

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55. Sky: Children of the Light

Named game of the year 2019, it is a popular game with very accurate graphics, where to reach the goal you need to meet new people and play together.

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56. Minecraft Earth

New version of Minecraft, to create, build, explore, together with the other players.

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57. Pokémon Masters

This is a role-playing game with challenges between Pokemon trainers.

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58. Gears POP!

This too is a game of hero collection, with the pretty graphics and the Microsoft brand.

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59. Assassin’s Creed – Rebellion

Another role-playing game where you have to create your own team of assassins to challenge others.

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60. Alien: Blackout

This is a graphic adventure game inspired by Alien’s film, very nice to see for its cinematic style.

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61. Mr Bullet

This is another puzzle game for iPhone where you have to find the right trajectory to shoot and kill the victim.

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62. Color Bump 3D

It is simple and colorful, is one of the most played games of 2020.

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63. aquapark.io

A race on a water slide, where the winner is the ultimate winner.

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64. BitLife – # 1 Life Simulator

It is a free choice life simulator, awarded among the best games of 2020.

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65. Crowd City

It is a minimal game, with many players together, where you have to create the biggest crowd of the others by eating the smaller ones.

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66. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

The Harry Potter game, an augmented reality adventure. One of the best iPhone games of the year. Download and enjoy.

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