What is the Future of Virtual Reality Games?

Virtual reality or VR applications are evolving and expanding to various industries, particularly the gaming industry. It has significantly improved from being a tool for real-world simulation to a next-generation gaming device that will revolutionize the world of gaming. This is a technology that can create a computer-generated environment with realistic scenes and objects and make the user feel an immersive experience. The user perceives the environment through a VR headset or helmet. When applied in video games, the user experiences a new perspective of the game, where they feel like they are one of the characters and are immersed in the game environment. 

This futuristic scenario is no longer a remote possibility with the way our technology is progressing. Read on as we explore the future of virtual reality games and how it will change the gaming industry.

Virtual Reality Gaming

VR Gaming is Aiming for Improved Portability 

One limitation of a VR gaming console is that it is bulky and inconvenient to carry around because most of the VR game devices are set up being connected to a desktop computer. Even the most compact computer CPU would hardly fit inside a gaming backpack, plus there is the issue of the power supply. A VR gaming console attached to a desktop CPU needs to be plugged into a power source for it to be operational, which can limit the gaming experience. The revolutionary invention of a VR backpack aims to solve the problem of portability for the growing community of VR gamers. The concept of a wearable PC for VR gaming is an ingenious concept that will make playing VR games possible anywhere and anytime. Companies like MSI, XMG, HP, and Zotac have come up with these back PCs that eliminate the need for a cord and be plugged to play your VR game. This portable setup allows for more freedom of movement and a more convenient gaming experience which will inspire more VR game companies to follow suit.

VR Games are Headed for Mass Production

The future of VR gaming is promising since the introduction of Oculus Quest and PlayStation VR headsets. The gaming community enthusiastically received these VR gaming consoles. The VR console sales statistics show an upward trend, which is forecasted to still soar in the coming years. With this development in the VR console market, the game developers are gearing up to revamp their games and create new titles in VR format. Sony PlayStation is leading the way in making VR games for popular titles like Batman, Gran Turismo, and Iron Man among others. There are also new titles from different gaming genres, which make an impressive 600+ titles from Sony Playstation. The PC games are also ramping up production, with Steam releasing over a hundred titles that can be played in most VR gaming consoles. Even the mobile gaming scene is also gearing up for VR gaming with the development of Samsung Gear VR, prompting the creation of mobile VR game apps.

VR Consoles Will Become Popular Household Devices

As mentioned earlier, the introduction of VR gaming consoles received a warm and enthusiastic welcome from gaming communities across the world. VR console creators such as Oculus, Sony, HTC, Valve, and HP are also enthusiastic and positive in their outlooks about the VR console market. Even a casual gamer would be willing to spend on a device that can give an immersive and high-quality gaming experience. Since the release of VR consoles a few years back, VR consoles’ prices have become competitive, with Sony PSVR headsets becoming more affordable and accessible. This pricing move has led to impressive sales figures for the company and prompted other companies to follow suit. This flexible pricing trend will help expand the market for VR consoles globally and is foreseen to become a popular entertainment and gaming console of the next generation.

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VR Gaming is Still at Its Early Stages

VR consoles and games have just entered the market and mainstream consciousness of consumers a few years back. It means that there are vast potential and an expansive room for improvements and innovations for this medium. As gamers are looking for ways to take their gaming experience to the next level, the immersive and realistic representation of VR games and the VR gaming consoles’ evolving interactivity is crucial for the growth of the VR console market. There is also the need for portable, standalone and compact gaming devices, and VR console companies are considering these as they further develop their product.

VR games

You can download and play Pokemon Go, a VR game that is very interesting to play.

VR gaming has moved out from being a niche application towards being a mainstream platform. While VR gaming is still in its infancy, it is remarkable to see the developments that VR console companies have made in just a few years. With cordless VR PCs and standalone VR headsets emerging in the market, there is much promise and potential for growth in the VR gaming market.

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