Create Gaming Logos Like a Pro Instantly with DesignEvo

If you need a logo for your gaming or other brands, you are lucky that nowadays, it is not completely necessary to have design knowledge. There are many websites and applications that have been dedicated to facilitating this process to make it more accessible to everyone. These solutions have even gone further and have managed to use artificial intelligence to boost results.

This is the case of DesignEvo, a web application capable of helping you create a professional and very attractive logo instantly.

create gaming logo with designenvo


Here we have found the perfect tool for you to build a great brand image for gaming. DesignEvo gives you many options to choose from so that your logo reflects the image and values of your company. It gives you options for colors, and icons, the possibility of incorporating the slogan, and modifying all these elements to your liking.

The most characteristic thing about this tool is not only the variety of options to create a logo, but it also provides you with more than a million resources and 10,000+ preset templates to create gaming logos like a pro quickly.

Who is DesignEvo for?

DesignEvo is an optimal tool for people who need to make a wonderful and utilitarian logo for their business without the cost tag of employing a designer. Since DesignEvo is an online logo maker, it’s a significantly more cost-friendly method to create gaming logos while also having the option to furnish you with an excellent logo of high quality.

DesignEvo assists you with removing the go-between. You know your brand better than anybody, so as opposed to working with an originator who may not comprehend your business precisely how you do, simply convey your vision straightforwardly with DesignEvo and edit the logo yourself to make the logo that genuinely presents your brand.

DesignEvo is for each internet business whether you’re selling actual items, gaming apps, advanced merchandise, or regardless of whether you’re dispatching an essential point of arrival. A logo puts an expert stamp on whatever you’re doing, and DesignEvo can assist you with making one in a flash that is moderate, top-notch, and utilitarian for any place you need it.

How does it work?

DesignEvo allows amateur users to create amazing logos thanks to a large number of logo templates. Without a doubt, with this free web tool, you will find the logo that best suits your gaming. And you can register it with your email or simply and quickly log in with your Google account or Facebook account.

First, it will ask you to choose your favorite template. Then customize the logo with text name, slogan, icon, and background. Finally, you can download it and use it anywhere.

1. Choose a gaming logo template

game logo template

It gives you more than 10,000 ready-made templates to choose from. You can pick one by color or choose logos depending on the theme of your business. There are a large number of designs that will be immediately displayed for you to choose from, to which you can also add your company’s slogan.

You can freely search words such as music, football, gaming, photography, YouTube, soccer, technology, wedding, car, or any other to find the desired logo quickly. Here, we type “gaming” to find the desired design. If you want, you can also start creating a gaming logo from scratch without any template. Just be inspired by those marvelous designs.

personalize gaming logo

After choosing a logo design, you can first change the icon in the template. DesignEvo provides millions of icons for different industries. Click “game”, and You will see a vast list of gaming icons. Pick one, replace the default one, and then change the size, color, and position to make it perfect.


It’s time to enter your brand name using a unique text style. Then adjust the text size, font, color, etc., to your liking. It offers hundreds of stylish fonts and many beautiful art words. What I love most is the curve feature which can be adjusted flexibly.

Shapes are also available in DesignEvo. You may use any shape as a background and then fill it with a color to highlight the information you want. There are various categories for shapes such as Badge, Decoration, Line, Solid Shape, Outlined Shape, etc. Under each category, you can find a wide list of shapes.

In terms of background, it allows you to use a transparent background, solid color, or gradient color. Set it according to your needs.

save and download your logo

Before downloading your logo, you have the option to preview it on different scenes. You can scroll the image by clicking on it. Then it will change, showing the logo on a business card, media kit document, notebook, website, shirt, and company hall. In this way, you can see which one seems best to you in each destination.

It also has the option to save the logo under your DesignEvo account in case you want to make changes later. It can be re-edited anytime you want.

After everything looks perfect, you can download it and use it anywhere. The application is free to use in the web browser. However, downloading the logo in high resolution, with the vector file ready to print, or a transparent background has a cost.


A good logo and a good brand image are essential elements to attract customers, differentiate yourself from the competition, and increase the sales of your company. A bad design will make your company go unnoticed and not receive recognition or profits. That is why it is essential that you have great tools to help you design and give your company the boost it needs.

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DesignEvo is the best logo maker for creating logos like a pro without downloading any program. It gives you marvelous templates for making fine tunes as well as for finding inspiration. If your company is for gaming entertainment and you want to make your gaming logo outstanding with less cost, follow the steps above to do it yourself with DesignEvo.

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