5 Best Free Offline Zombie Games for Android 2021

Offline Zombie games are scary fictional undead video games for Android that can be played without internet or wifi connection. If you are looking for a way to download the best offline zombie games, then you are in the right place.

Zombie games are among the most popular genre of games on Android PlayStation, Xbox and PC. Most of them are scary, adventurous and interesting to play while some are just fun-filled and entertaining.

Recall that the first ever Zombie game called “Zombie Zombie” was released in 1984 in Europe before “Resident Evil” was released in 1996 which sparked the popularity of zombie games.

Best offline zombie games

Today, there are so many series and versions of Zombie games including free offline zombie games, online zombie games, unblocked zombie games, zombie games for kids and so on. But here, we focused on offline versions as detailed below.

Best Free Offline Zombie Games For Android

Below are the best zombie games you can play offline without internet data or WiFi. It’s arranged in no particular order of preference.

1. Into the Dead 2 (download here)

Into the dead 2 is a story-based action-packed offline Zombie video game set in a post-apocalyptic world filled with zombies. To come out victorious in this game, you have a task of saving your family from the dangerous attack of deadly zombies. Your mission will be eased with a large collection of weapons, explosives and other ammunition which you are to use in fighting.

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The game can be customized to present you with different ending scenarios. It has evening and daily modes and as you fight and win, you win more prizes and unlock other features.

2. Dead Effect 2 (download here)

Dead Effect 2 is the second version of “dead effect” mobile game for Android. This version comes with a lot of improvements especially in graphics, thanks to Nvidia technology and of course freedom to enjoy offline gaming.

The upgraded graphics brings a super realistic picture of game characters and environments.

The game has 3 characters with different attributes. Before going into the battlefield to fight Zombie, you can select from over 40 upgradable weapons to arm yourself. The more you win battles, the more you earn points (coins) which can be used to upgrade your weapons to face greater challenges ahead.

Dead Effect 2 offers you with several customizations that allows you setup on-screen controls, game sound and modes. Above all, you can use an external gamepad on this one; making it easy to play especially if your smartphone screen is small or faulty.

In this game you also enjoy 20+ hours of campaign Gameplay and 10+ hours of other special weapons. You can win a lot of prizes and achievements as you play and progress on this game. Why not try it out today.

3. Unkilled (download here)

Unkilled is a mobile first-person free offline zombie shooter game that will get you addicted because of the shooting tricks and gunshots. Unlike some other zombie games with huge file size, unskilled is just 500MB in size which is big but not really big considering the impressive graphic quality and gameplay.

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In terms of available weapons, you have a mesmerizing number of weapons to use ranging from automatic rifles to sniper rifles and even submachine guns.

Once you complete the campaign missions, you can jump in my personal favourite which is the PvP match modes with characters that have unique skill trees.

4. Dead Trigger 2 (download here)

Another interesting offline Zombie game is “Dead Trigger 2”, the second version of its parent game. The developers corrected some mistakes and fixed some bugs through this version. Also the graphics on this version of the game is impressively improved.

So in this FPS zombie shooter game, you are required to do everything possible to survive the apocalypse using the large variety of weapons available at your disposal.

The game also comes in different modes to play including side quests and achievements to be unlocked. You must stay alive, kill as many enemies as possible in order to win prizes to unlock all the weapons to fight more dangerous zombies blocking your way to supremacy.

5. The Walking Dead: Season One & Two (download here)

The walking dead is the best story-based offline zombie game and it needs no further introduction as it’s a household TV series. In this game, any decision you make will ultimately determine how you are going to finish the game so you have to be very careful in order to be in a safer part.

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The game currently has two seasons as at 2019 with the first season winning over 90 awards.

Unfortunately, while the first episode in season 1 is free to play, other episodes are paid. Please forgive me for including it here because it’s not totally free as the other games mentioned above.

Other Offline Games for Android


Over the time, we’ve come to realize that 70 percent of game lovers prefer offline games and 27 percent of gamers are addicted to playing zombie games, this is why I compiled this list of best offline zombie games you can download, install and play on your Android for free without internet or wifi connection. What do you think about this list? Let’s know other good games that you think should be included.

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