Most Downloaded Free Games on PlayStore & Apple Store 2024

Since the first models, back in the 90s, most mobile phones already had games. Who does not remember the traditional snake, the snake game, pre-installed in most Nokia phones then, which was very easy to play and fun?

Time has passed, mobile phones have evolved into today’s smartphones, and today it is possible to download the most varied games to your device.

There are thousands of options between action, adventure, RPG, simulators, strategy, FPS games, etc.

The problem is that, when downloading, there is that question: which game to choose? Although we have discussed the best free iPhone games and the best Android Strategy games in our previous articles.

And to help you look for a hobby, we’ve prepared a list of the most downloaded free games on the Google Play Store and the App Store. So, take advantage list to download your favorite games and have fun!

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Most Downloaded Games on the Play Store

1. Garena  Free Fire – BattleGround

garena free fire

Free Fire ranks first on the list of Top Free Games on the Play Store, currently. You play with 50 more people and have 10 minutes to (try) to survive on a remote island. It is also possible to assemble a team with 4 players and use voice chat within the match. Read More.

Ideal for those who like Battle Royale style games, which combine survival, exploration, and collection of resources or weapons. Do you want to try it? Download it here.

2. PUBG Mobile

pubg mobile

The famous PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds came straight from the PC and Xbox to the smartphone, and the mobile version is in 2nd place in the popularity of free games on the Play Store.

It is also of the Battle Royale genre, in which it wins the last to stand. The graphics are of high quality, but you can configure them to make the game lighter for your device. Read more about the game and Download it here

3. Subway Surfers

subway surfers

Subway Surfers, according to its creators, was the first game to reach the mark of 1 billion downloads in the Play Store. In the “infinite race” style, the game is simple and well-suited to pass time.

You must run on the subway tracks to escape a moody security guard and your dog while collecting coins and other rewards.


Read More and download here to understand the reasons that made Subway Surfers game has 20 million players daily.

4. Pro Evolution Soccer 2023


PES as it’s popularly called is one of the most downloaded football games on Android alongside FIFA. The game has been downloaded by over 50 million players Worldwide. In this game, players enjoy the simulation of soccer as if it were in real life. The graphic is astonishing and it keeps improving.

Read more and download it here.

5. FIFA 23 Mobile

FIFA 23 Mobile free game on play store

Just like Pro Evolution Soccer, FIFA is another free football game that is been played by millions of football enthusiasts around the world. In fact, it’s a direct rival of PES. You can read more about it here and also download it to confirm what we are saying.

6. Helix Jump

Helix jump

The game was released in March 2018 but is already on the Play Store Top Free list – that’s because, since its launch, it reaches an expressive number of downloads per day.

The game’s charm is its simplicity and dynamics. In it, you need to slide the ball across the platforms of a tower, without dropping the sphere and collecting diamonds on the way. It looks easy, but it requires a lot of motor coordination. Try it out by downloading it here.

7. Candy Crush

candy crush

Candy Crush Saga is another popular game among smartphone users. It’s free to play but game items may be purchased. According to Wikipedia “Candy Crush Saga is a “match three” game, where the core gameplay is based on swapping two adjacent candies among several on the gameboard as to make a row or column of at least 3 matching-colored candies”. Read more about the game and download it here.

8. Pou

Pou is a virtual mascot, in the style of the ancient Tamagotchis, remember? You install it on your smartphone and then you have to take care of, feed, play, and clean it. It is also possible to play other addictive games within the application itself, and thus amuse your Pou and watch it grow. The game already has a whooping 500+ million downloads on the play store.

It has been available for download since 2013 and continues to be successful – so much so that it is on the most downloaded list. You can download it here and enjoy it, as it takes up little memory on your phone.

Most Downloaded Free Games on Apple App Store

The list of most downloaded games on the App Store also has Free Fire, PUBG Mobile, and Helix Jump, in that same order. The news is 4th and 5th place, with Fortnite and Rise Up. Learn more about these two games!

4. Fortnite

The game is also a Battle Royale, and for now, it is only available for Apple users, with iOS 11. The operation is very similar to the PC version, which guarantees fun for fans of games “last man standing”, or “last man standing”. Download it here and install it on your iPhone to try it out.

5. Rise Up

It looks kind of silly, but the goal of Rise Up is to protect a balloon as it goes up, in the best “infinite run” style of play. You have a shield and you have to take care of the balloon, dodging obstacles.

As the balloon rises, the speed of balloon also increases, making it difficult to start. It is perfect for times when you just want to pass the time and empty your head. Try it.

Wrapping Up

There are lots of games on the Google Play Store and the apple app store but some are really better than others hence the massive number of downloads from people around the world.


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