5 Classic Games You Can Now Play on Your Mobile Phone

Hundreds of new games flood the app stores each week, but most of them fall under the same categories: the free-to-play but energy-limited games, or the ones you have to pay for. Years ago, the classics didn’t have the same restrictions, yet still managed to be extremely engaging in some way. Usually, many of them were found in old hardware, OS, or even arcades. Lately, however, companies have started porting them to mobile devices.

So, instead of downloading yet another time-restrictive game, why not revisit some of these timeless games?

5 Classic Games You Can Now Play on Your Mobile Phone

1. Pinball

Pinball initially emerged from bagatelle, a 19th-century pastime similar to billiards— except players propelled the ball through a series of pegs towards a target. Fast-forward to the present day, and an article on Kotaku notes how creative variations like Pinball Wizard have emerged. After all, pinball is still one of those games that is easy to learn, yet becomes more challenging as you progress. Some of these games (like Pinfinite or Pinball SpaceBall) are better off downloaded as an Android Package Kit (APK), especially when they’re not accessible in your region.


2. Bejeweled

Forget Candy Crush Saga. This game is the original three-in-a-row puzzle solver that inspired the creation of Candy Crush in the first place. Its format has been copied so much that millions of people around the world have probably played it. Right now, EA Games—the brains behind Sims and Plants vs. Zombies—have the official rights to Bejeweled. They have since released three different versions of the game: Classic, Blitz (for one-minute runs), and Stars (where you play with stars and clouds instead of games and glaciers).

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3. Tetris

Tetris and portable gaming have gone together since the Game Boy era. So it’s no surprise that you can find a few (read: many) versions of this legendary puzzler on app stores. But if you’re looking for the “official” company that handles this classic, look no further than The Tetris Company Inc. The game is usually loaded with ads, but can still be played by anyone looking for a casual, no-internet gaming hour.

2019 marks Tetris’ 35th birthday, so The Tetris Company Inc. has decided to celebrate it by announcing a new Tetris title—a Battle Royale edition—coming to mobile. We may have to wait until 2020 until its official release, but that’s a small price to pay to experience its revolutionary 100-player mode. This is where hardcore Tetris players can compete for top spots on the leaderboards every season.

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4. Poker

Even though online poker has existed since 1998, it wasn’t until some of the big hitters rose to prominence in 2011 that it was pushed into the mainstream. Despite the significant difference of operating digitally, online poker works almost the same as live poker. The guide to cash games by partypoker, shows how online poker has a lot of characteristics similar to competitive tournaments that are played in casinos. And online poker is actually a good way for beginners to get a grip on the basic rules of the game. After all, real-life poker also involves the human element (including mastering the infamous poker face) that might be difficult to pick up straight away.

Poker classic games

5. Minesweeper

One of the most mundane yet time-consuming games of the century isn’t Minecraft or World of Warcraft, but Minesweeper. This tiny game debuted back in 1990 as part of the Windows Entertainment Pack, before being promoted to a standard feature in Windows 3.1—causing gamer frustration across the board. It’s like playing Sudoku, except you have to reset whenever you make a wrong move. This classic is free for iOS, and Android too.

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These classics have come a long way from where they started out. Game publishers have added several layers of strategy and designs. Some even completely reinvented elements from the original material, thus birthing a “new” set of games, such as Candy Crush Saga and 1010. Regardless, it doesn’t matter if something is outdated or overtaken by the next generation of games—a classic will remain a classic.

Minesweeper best classic games

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