10 Best Quiz Games (Question & Answer Apps) for Android, iOS

Quiz games or quiz apps or Trivia apps also known as question and answer apps are an excellent tool for those who want to test their knowledge, study or simply spend time in a fun and educational way. There are options with different styles, functions and features.

Best quiz games

Quiz and trivia games are really educational and the same time entertaining. Do you remember how interesting “Who Want to be a Billionaire” game used to be? What about “Family Feud”, and “Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader”?

All these are popular real life quiz games show we watch on TV but now you can also test your knowledge with these quiz apps.

Want to find one that suits your style? Mokoweb.com has selected the best quiz apps for Android.

10 Best Quiz Games for Android & iOS

1. QuizUp

Quizup gameQuizUp is a question and answer game that has become popular due to the wide variety of themes it has. The categories vary from Capitals of the world to countries Politics and History, including lifestyle, literature, TV and much more. Same!

There is even space for topics on Harry Potter, The Hobbit, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Lost, among others. The user can also test their knowledge of specific sports and their favorite artists, such as the Beatles, Rihanna and One Direction.

The application allows users to “battle” each other in the category of their choice. To choose, they can even chat in a chat area.

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2. Trivia 360

Trivia 360Trivia 360 is ideal for those who like classic quiz games to train their knowledge and memory. Its unique in such a way that the questionnaires are divided by modalities.

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There are questions with four options for multiple choice answers or to choose whether a sentence is true or false. There is also proof of the flags, pranks with historical monuments, among others. Choose your favorite mode and let your brain work.

Users can compete with each other to reach the top of the world player ranking.

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3. 94% – Quiz, Trivia & Logic

94% quiz trivia gameThis app is a challenge of everyday knowledge and creativity. The aim is for the user to answer trivial questions, such as “First thing I do in the morning?” Or “Fruit with seeds”. However, you only win if you get it right, which answers 94% of the questions.

The questions are formed by words, complete sentences or images, usually presenting two information in text and an image, so that the player can reason. The idea is to challenge yourself in a very fun way. 94% is one of the best quiz apps for mobile in this list.

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4. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire

Who wants to be a millionaireThe famous quiz and trivia game – Who Wants to Be a Millionaire is definitely one of the best quiz games on mobile. The popular TV show game can now be played on your mobile device with same real life experience such as the 50:50, ask the audience, & the all new ask an expert, features.

Additionally, you will win prizes as you answer correct questions which can then be used to unlock more challenges.

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5. Jeopardy!® World Tour

Jeopardy world tourEnjoy Americas popular quiz show – Jeopardy!® World Tour on your mobile devices. Hosted by Alex Trebek, this quiz game tests your game show trivia knowledge in a true Jeopardy! Experience!

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Track your performance and boost your score with user profiles! No internet? No problem. Play the game offline and win prizes.

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6. 94 Seconds

94 secondsDo you remember the classic game of money or money? This app has a similar features. 94 Seconds is a category game where the player needs to hit the most words in 94 seconds. The only information you have is the topic to which it belongs and its first letter.

In all, the game features over 50 themes, such as Human Body Parts, Feelings and Emotions, Musical Styles, Drawings and more. They are subjects for all tastes.

Unlike other apps of its kind, 94 seconds values your knowledge. If your answer is considered more difficult or rare, it will receive 2 points instead of the usual 1 point. Bonus points are also awarded to those who manage to make a series of consecutive good answers.

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7. Mind Games

Mind games quizMind Games is ideal for anyone looking to train and challenge their brain’s abilities. For that, it has more than 25 games created based on cognitive psychology, which promise to help exercise mental skills.

Concentration, speed, memory, mental flexibility and knowledge are some of the characteristics worked on. The app maintains its history of scores and offers a graph with its evolution. In addition, comparative scales allow you to check in which areas more training is needed.

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8. Asked / Trivia Crack

Asked trivia quizIf you like trivia games, Asks (called Trivia Crack on iOS) may be the right choice! The game invites the user to accompany Willy, “the friendliest roulette in the world”, to answer questions divided into six categories.

These are challenges for Science, Entertainment, Sports, Art, Geography and History . The application allows you to play alone or challenge your friends online.

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In addition to the thousands of questions available in the app, the Question Factory feature allows the player to suggest new questions. Available in more than 20 languages, it also has a chat in which it is possible to chat with opponents.

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9. Dualingo

Duolingo gameDuolingo is considered one of the largest language apps in the world. The service offers resources for the user to learn English, Spanish, French, German, among other languages.

Easy to use, it uses game elements to make the learning process more fun. The lessons are divided into levels and consist of questions and answers. Thus, it allows you to learn and train writing, speaking, reading and listening to the language.

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10. Quizoid

QuizoidUse this Quiz game to test your knowledge in our popular quiz now with up-to-date questions from 2019!
Expand your facts knowledge with over 7,000 quiz questions which you can access anytime offline without internet.
There are up to three different game modes to keep you engaged and kill boredom.

Quizoid offers not only challenging facts but also funny and curious knowledge.

The quiz contains questions about the following areas of knowledge:

• Arts & Entertainment
• Food & Beverage
• General Knowledge
• Technology & Engineering
• Sciences
• Sport & Leisure
• History & Mythology and
• Oddities

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I hope this list will help you make the right choice in choosing the best quiz app for Android and iOS.

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