6 Key Steps to Save Battery On Your iPhone

There have always been multiple battery related issues with the iPhone. Despite having one of the most iconic and advanced features, the iPhone had to put up with these demands of increasing the battery life from its customers.

Apparently, most of them are genuinely in need of good battery life. In my personal experience, the battery life of the latest iPhones still needs to go long way before being deemed ample.

1. By Activating Low Power Mode

The easiest thing that all the users can do to save the battery of iPhones is to keep it in low power mode. As soon as this mode gets enabled the phone starts performing only essential tasks.

Tasks like emails popping up or any notification of any of the installed applications go to a hidden mode. All of these stop consuming the battery.

The users can only see essential tasks over the screen. As soon as the phone identifies that the battery is going down, this mode gets switched on.

Though in normal cases where the phone’s battery is below 80% there also the user can get hold of this feature by following Settings>Battery>low power mode.

save battery on your iphone

2. By Adjusting The Brightness Level

Brightness level also consumes a lot of juice in phones. In this case, the user can decide up to what point the level of brightness will get adjusted.

And that makes the user allow to decide the light and dark settings. This handles the phone in a better way, and the charge percentage also gets saved to a greater extent as I save my time by pay someone to write my research paper.

3. Turn Off Location Access

Location access and switching that on all the time may hamper the pre-existing charge of the phone. If the user makes a conscious choice of switching it off then a lot of the phone’s battery can get saved.

Though it is true that while switching it off most of the weather updates in terms of forecast and other location-based updates will not arrive.

But there are certain applications in Apple’s iPhone that ask for location access permission at the time of installation.

In that case, if the users make it only at the time of operating the applications then it becomes easier to manage the location access. The manual labour can get sorted as the user can decide after this whether or not to switch on the location.

4. Turn Off Background App Refresh

This feature also helps the users to maintain good battery life. And in order to save the Charge, this too helps a lot.

It has been seen that by switching off the background app refresh feature the users can save a lot of the battery.


The background refresh feature enables the user to sync the apps that refresh in the background. If you disable this option, you might miss some less important notifications, but the battery life is saved manifolds.

5. Cut Down Notifications

This is the most critical way to save battery life. This can save the battery in a greater way, unlike any other thing.

Notifications are the most typical thing for a phone to lose its charge. Most of the time every second’s news updates or Twitter updates consume a lot of power.

In that case, the user can select the notifications that are not essential, and disable them. By choosing that, a lot of power can be saved.

Similarly, the user can swipe left to permanently turn off some notifications. By doing that these notifications will immediately go to the notification chamber on the phone.

And the chances of light blinking, text messages popping, application icons showing on the screen will plummet.

6. Pause Motion Effects

Motion effects in iPhones include features like moving wallpapers and animations. These types of features may seem cool, but these are utterly harmful to a phone’s battery.

In this case, if the users go to the settings option to change the motion effects, then a static wallpaper will help the users to save the battery.

The Bottom Line

Above mentioned six ways can help the users by implementing them in a practical situation where an extra mile of juice can save the day. Users can save time and do a lot of other productive stuff on their phones, without getting worried about the battery.

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