Top Educational Math Games For Kids

Learning has become much easier for kids these days. Whether your kid likes or hates math, there are many math games available to make learning fun and educational. These games come in all kinds, shapes, and sizes. Each of them has different methods of play, but with the same goal of making learning fun for kids. Some of the best kids math app comes as games for easy and fun learning of Mathematics.

Be it physical board games or game apps on your smartphone, here are some of the best educational math games for kids.

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Math Board Games

Board games are physical games you play whenever you do not want your kids staying on smartphones and internet surfing. They help develop a pleasing environment where kids can learn basic math skills of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, etc. while enjoying themselves.

Some of the best educational math board games for kids are:

The Ladybug Game

The Ladybug Game is one of the most popular board games you can play with your kids to teach them math. Designed mainly for preschoolers, The Ladybug Game focuses on improving a child’s basic counting and number perception. 2-4 people can play the game at a time.

In this game, the player has the objective to help the ladybugs reach home. Each player can draw a card from the deck and determine the spaces to move. The one that wins will be the first one to get the ladybug’s home. While assisting the ladybugs to go home, the players gather aphids and save lazy ants along the way.

The thing that makes this game educational and fun is that it merges the math concepts with a fun-filled story. Kids can play the game, enjoy the story and learn math all at the same time.

Sum Swamp

Sum Swamp is another fun and educational math game for your kids. The game focuses mainly on addition and subtraction. Best enjoyed by kids of age five and upwards, 2-4 players can play this game.

In this game, players have to go through a journey of a fun-filled swamp that runs on an endless loop. There are two numbered dice and a third dice with a + and – symbol. The players can roll the dice to move their swamp creatures: alligators, dragonflies, frogs, or snails, across the board. The objective is to escape the swamp, which can only be done by moving their pieces by solving the addition and subtraction math equations.

I Sea 10!

I sea 10 math games that have simple rules. This math game focuses only on addition. The player who has the most number of combinations that amount to 10, is the winner in this game. Around 2-4 players can play the game at once. And the game is helpful for kids aged six and upwards.

This game has circular pieces that are spread out on a table with the number side down. Players flip the pieces one at a time, and after each flip, they find a combination of 2 or more numbers that add up to 10. The one that spots the combination first will yell “I see 10” and get to collect the combination pieces; however, if someone gets a shark card, then he has to start over.

Mobi Math Whale

Mobi Math Whale is a fun and educational kid’s math game that focuses on developing a kid’s addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division skills. Mostly recommended for kids aged six and upwards; even adults can play this game to test their basic math skills.

The game comes with a cute whale pouch. Inside the bag are operation tiles and study numbers. The objective is to use all the blue number tiles and create a “Pod.” The winner will be the first one to use all of the number tiles correctly. There are several variations of the game as well as further instructions on how to play.

The game has a wide range, is fast-paced, and is played by making math equations in a crossword-style grid. You can even personalize the game to fit your child’s level. E.g., if your child is young, you can remove the multiplication and division tiles to make it easier.



The PrimeClimb math game focuses on addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. It is a fun board game that 2-4 players can play.

In this game, a player has two pawns. The objective is to roll a dice and make the two pawns go to the 101-circle by using multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction and win. The numbers on the game all have different colors depending on whether they are prime numbers, greater than 10, or less than 10. Kids can have fun playing the game as they can move their pawn forward, kick other pawns backward, etc.

Math Game Apps

If you see your kids hooked on their smartphones and want to improve their math skills, fear not. These math game apps are designed to be fun and educational so that your kid can improve their math just by playing these games on their smartphones.

Monster Math

Monster Math is a smartphone math app that makes kids learn math by making it fun and telling them a story. In this game, a player has a monster called Maxx that has to defeat the enemies and collect candies along the way by solving basic arithmetic equations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

The kids’ progress can be easily monitored by parents and teachers with the data collection feature of this game. It will test and develop your kid’s arithmetic skills, all the while making them play a fun game. The game also has a multiplayer mode to help kids compete with others online.


  • Free

Recommended Kid Grades

  • 1-3rd grade

Available On


SplashLearn is one of the most popular kid’s math games used by over 40 million learners in over 150 countries worldwide. Designed to make learning more effective and intuitive, SplashLearn can be played by children from kindergarten to grade 5. The game has a scientifically designed curriculum that your kids will love to play.

In this game, players are introduced into a world called Splashverse, where they get to meet new characters, explore unknown locations and go on challenging adventures, all the while improving their mathematical ability. The game focuses on features of shapes and counting for kindergarteners while multiplication, division, basic algebra, decimals, and fractions are introduced for fifth graders.


  • Free

Recommended Kid Grades

  • Preschool-5th grade

Available On

Marble Math Junior

Developed by Artgig Studio, Marble Math Junior is a fun and customizable math game for elementary school kids. The game has various concepts, such as shape recognition, number sequencing, addition, subtraction, multiplication, fraction identification, counting money, telling time, etc.

The players navigate a marble maze in this game while solving various math problems and collecting numbers and bonuses. One of the prominent features of Marble Math Junior is that it is easily customizable to fit the skills and abilities of your kids. You can customize the game to focus on areas where your kid needs the most help to improve their math.


  • USD 3.99 on App Store
  • USD 2.99 on Play Store

Recommended Kid Grades

  • 1-5th grade

Available On

Khan Academy Kids

Khan Academy Kids has become one of the most prominent educational apps that you can find in recent years. Designed by the Stanford Graduate School of Education, this app is aligned with Common Core Standards. This educational app is mainly recommended for kids aged 2-6.

Thie app not only teaches math to the kids but also helps improve their reading, writing, problem-solving skills, social-emotional development, motor development, and language skills. In the game, the kids are guided by adorable animals throughout their learning journey. Along with its adaptive learning paths and open-ended activities like drawing, storytelling, and coloring, the app tries to help improve the overall development of the kids at a young age.


  • Free

Recommended Kids Age

  • 2- 6 Years Old

Available On

Moose Math

Moose Math – by Duck Duck Moose, is a fun math game app that kids aged 3-7 are bound to enjoy. It is a fun app that takes your kids on an adventure of mathematics along with a fun-filled game world.

In this game, kids will complete five activities, earn rewards, and build their cities and decorate buildings. The five activities include MOOSE JUICE, PAINT PET, PET BINGO, LOST & FOUND, and DOT TO DOT. These activities focus on various skills like counting, addition, subtraction, shape recognition, joining the dots, etc. This will help your kid in improving their overall math skills while having fun playing the game.


  • Free

Recommended Kids Age

  • 3-7 Years Old

Available On

Another good app for solving mathematics problems is Brainly Apk.


Parenting kids in this digital age is not easy. Focusing on their math in their early childhood is just as hard with their curious and easily distracting nature. However, you can quickly meet your parenting goals with the educational math board games and apps mentioned above. The games are designed for improving your kid’s math skills, and they deliver good results by making the learning experience fun and easy.

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