How to Enjoy Gaming without Borders, Avoid Being Cheated

Tired of not being able to play with your friends on the same server or access your favorite games due to region locks? Here’s how a VPN can help you enjoy gaming without restriction or being cheated by your friends or opponents.

Video games are an excellent way to relax after work or school, on the weekend, during your free time, or when you’re on vacation.

Or at least they would be if you didn’t have to put up with annoying region locks which prevent you from playing the games you own just because you moved to or a traveling in a different country. Or, even worse, are keeping you from playing on the same servers as your friends because you’re from a different place.

And that’s not all – you also have to put up with firewalls that keep you from playing games on your break at work or school.

That, and government censorship, which is especially tough if you’re in Australia. There’s good news, though – you can bypass those problems if you use a VPN.

Enjoy Gaming without Borders

How VPNs Can Help You Unblock Games Anywhere in the World

Without getting into too much detail, a VPN hides your IP address. Because of
that, websites and servers can’t use it to find out stuff like:

  • What country and city you are from.
  • Who your ISP is.
  • What your ZIP code is.

So they can no longer prevent you from accessing the games and matches you want just because you’re from the “wrong” country or region.

But because a VPN also encrypts your traffic, it helps you bypass firewalls so that you can enjoy your favorite games even in countries with oppressive regimes or at
school and work.

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Other Ways a VPN Can Improve Your Gaming Experience

Other than letting you unblock games and gaming servers, a VPN can offer you other perks too. These includes but not limited to:

1. It Prevents Packet Loss

Packet loss is when data packets are lost or dropped when they travel across a computer network. Why should you care about that?
Pretty simple – because packet loss results in high ping time and lag, the bane of every gamer’s existence.

A VPN can actually prevent lag and lower ping times if you use the right server. Here’s what I’m talking about – if you play on a gaming server in Italy, and you’re from the UK, connecting to an Italian VPN server will help. Why’s that?

Well, think of the following data packet routes:

  • If the network routes your traffic from the UK, it can take a lengthy path – something

like The UK -> The Netherlands -> Switzerland -> Italy. Because of the distance, data packets can accidentally be lost or dropped.

  • But if you connect to an Italian VPN server, the network will directly route your traffic in Italy. It might bounce between a few cities before it reaches the gaming server, sure, but the result will still be much faster load times.

2. It Keeps You Safe from DoS/DDoS Attacks and IP Bans

We’ve all been there – having a great time playing our favorite online game, top of the score list, perfect team coordination, when all of a sudden your connection goes down or you’re kicked off the server. Whether it’s a sore loser who spent a few bucks on a botnet to DoS/DDoS your

network, or a jealous admin who IP banned you, you end up with the same mix of frustration, rage, and sadness. This is popular when playing Dream League Soccer 2020 and it’s frustrating when winning a match and your opponent just intentionally got you disconnected and match annulled thereby loosing all you have gained in that particular game.

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The good news is a VPN can easily prevent any of that from happening. The service hides your IP address, so IP bans are no longer a problem since you can bypass them in seconds.

Also, DoS/DDoS attacks can no longer target and flood your network with
unwanted requests and traffic since they won’t be able to locate it by using your real IP address.

Avoid dream league soccer cheats

3. It Gives You Early Access to New Games

Few things in life compare to the feeling of excitement and anticipation you have when you know a new game you’ve been hyped about for months or years will be released in a few days.

Of course, that feeling is easily replaced with sadness and frustration the moment you find out the game will be released a bit later in your region – especially if you already took time off work for it.

The first Red Dead Redemption was a good example of that – if you were in
Europe, for example, you had to wait three extra days. It doesn’t seem like much, but that’s 72 lost hours of gameplay!

With a VPN, you can easily fix problems like that, though. Just connect to a server in a country where the game is released earlier, get it, and start having fun.

4. It Prevents Bandwidth Throttling

If you like to game for hours on end with your friends (who doesn’t?), your ISP might start throttling your bandwidth – basically intentionally lowering your speeds because you use up too much data on gaming. That can result in dropped connections and random lag or stutters – exactly what
you don’t need when you’re on a kill streak.

Well, a VPN encrypts all your Internet traffic. Because of that, your ISP can no longer monitor it. If they try to spy on it, they’ll just see gibberish, and they won’t know you’re consuming data playing video games. So, they won’t have a clear reason to throttle your bandwidth.

5. It Gives You Access to Free Internet

Lastly but not the least, VPN can help you gain access to the internet without paying a dime. It’s called free browsing or free internet cheats.

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When configured very well by cheat masters, a VPN can mask your connection and confuse your network providers from tracing how you surf the web. In this blog, we have already listed some of the best free browsing cheat apps otherwise called free browsing VPN apps.

It’s not limited to any country, network or android phone. All you need is the right app and the right configurations.

Just Make Sure You Pick the Right VPN

Why is that so important? You just want to game online, not send money over the web, after all. One word – speed. During online matches, you’re gonna need fast, stable speeds if you want to get high scores and have fun. While a VPN can prevent lag and lower ping, your gaming experience won’t be smooth if the VPN provider didn’t optimize their servers for speed, or if they decided to use bandwidth caps on their servers.

That’s why you need to do your homework. For a VPN for gaming, speed is of the essence, and if you’ll pick a lousy provider, you’ll just waste time and money.

So be sure to follow that link to find a clear overview of the most reliable and speedy VPN providers.

Other VPN Apps for Android

Have you ever being cheated while playing multiplayer game online? Let’s share our thoughts on this via the comments facilities below this post. Thanks once again for reading.


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