50 Best Strategy Games for Android 2024 (Download Links)

You will find the best Strategy Games for Android in this article. We included both paid and free games. These types of games are won by strategy rather than force or technical skills. Strategy games, video games, and games that surround many types are mainly popular varieties.

What is a Strategy Game

The strategy game is a game that requires high decision-making skills to get the best outcome. Most board games are in this game category.

These games interact frequently, so they also provide excellent forms of social engagement to connect users and ensure that strategy games keep players busy and avoid boredom. These games make a great business and rank excellently in Google Play Store.

Advantages of Playing Strategy Games

  • Improves your thinking ability
  • It makes you creative to some extent
  • To you manage time
  • Nervous control
  • Make you competitive 
  • Making friends from any part of the world when you play online 

So here we have picked 50 top Android strategy games to make your world of adventure more curious.

50 Best Strategy Games for Android

1. Age of Civilization

The civilization of the times is the best Android strategy game. It drags out all the ends plus offline playback, Google Play game services, and a bunch of counts of the two world wars. A good technique is to start each round before you issue an order, and then these trials are fulfilled.

Age of civilization

Download Age Civilization

Price: $ 2.29

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2. Abnormal 2

Exception 2, the best Android strategy game is tower attack and tower defense, including powerful gameplay and fine graphics. There is also an online multi-player method where someone plays a tower attack and other players play a defense tower so that you won’t accidentally find special game characters in several other places.

Abnormal game apk

Download Abnormal 2

Price: $ 4.99

3. Autumn Dynasty RTS

You can observe that the initial picture of Spring and Autumn is its unique graphics. All the graphics bring some real feelings to complete the traditional Chinese painting way of playing games. Your command to draw physically circled groups and targets, informing them what to do. It is an authentic strategy and plan that you have to pick up the sword and avoid open war.

Autumn dynasty strategy game


Fall Dynasty RT

Price: $ 4.99

4. Battlestation-First Contact

This is a lighter, but addictive strategy game where you manage the combat station. With the removal of groups, upgrades, artillery, and other equipment, you must defend your attack station from outside. The junior games are free to play, but you must buy the remaining games.

Battlestation first contact

Battlestation-first Contact

Price: Free

5. Boom Arm Beach

Boom Beach is a free best android strategy game. In this game, you have to clean up the beach with ships and troops and conquer your enemies. There is also a mode of operation, where you have to overcome rogues and island citizens free from the fear of their rule. You can promote yourself and your troops to provide opportunities for your own improvement in protecting the base and attacking.

Boom arm beach apk

Boom Arm Beach Apk

Price: Free

6. Clash of Clans

In this game, you will put protection against attacks from other players and then attack other players. It is completely a social game after the operation mode is divided into backgrounds. It has been cloned many times and is still the most popular free strategy android game.

Clash of clans strategy game

Clash of Clans Apk

Price: Free

7. Eufloria HD

Eufloria HD is a different strategy game. Rather than revolving around extreme fighting, between the two agencies, this title focuses on winning asteroids in space and then using their resources.

Eufloria hd strategy game

Eufloria HD Apk

Price: Free

8. Frozen Synapse

Frozen Synapse is a fairly extreme strategy battle game where you should clear the level by planning your troops and slaughtering the bad guys. There are weapons that can be used and a large number of default and clear-style strategy game points.

Download Frozen Synapse APK

Price: Free

9. Great Little War Game 1

The great little war game series has been admired and highly praised. In this game, you will move troops along the board, and once you are within range, you can fire at them.

Great Little War Game 1 Apk

Price: $2.49

10. Kingdom Peak

This game is famous for its fast, addictive but fun troop and tower selection.

Kingdom Peak Apk

Price: $0.99

11. Kingdom Peak Frontier

This game is from the Kingdom Peak series. It also plays in the same way as the peak of the kingdom.

Kingdom Peak Frontier Apk

Price: $1.99

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12. Out There

Outside is a hybrid of survival games and sim games. You play an astronaut in the sunset from a deep frozen place deep in vast space. You have to endure, maintain your oxygen supply strength, and rebuild your boat, and foreigners will not say because you speak, but you eventually learn to speak like them.

Out there apk

Download Out There Apk

Price: $ 3.99

13. Plague Company

The Plague Company is a very interesting and respected game that has been processed to maintain a 4.5 rating in Google Play Store.

Plague Company Apk

Price: Free

14. Plants vs. Zombies 2

This game is arguably the most casual strategy game. This is a defensive-style game in which you must create weapon plants to defend your yard from zombie cellar towers. By using mixed plants, you can achieve success at each level. It is free to purchase the app.

Plants vs zombie strategy game

Plants vs. Zombies 2 Apk

Price: Free

15. Rymdkapsel

The expression “great graphics does not necessarily mean great Olympics,” involves a game like Rymdkapsel. Simple graphics, whether this game is hell fun.

Download Rymdkapsel Apk

Price: $3.99

16. Skull of the Shogun

This game is a strategy game based on fast-paced, exciting, and cartoon graphics. It contains 24 levels, 4 gods, 6 generals, 4 magical animal monks, and various other content to enjoy.

Skull of the Shogun

Price: $ 4.99

17. Star Command

In this game, you build your own ship, avoid aliens from conquering your ship, discover the universe and blow up many things. The graphics are old school providing a charming retro feel to this game.

Download Star Command Apk

Price: $2.99

18. XCOM unknown enemy

XCOM: Inside the enemy is an Android strategy game. It shows graphics that are much larger than the average as the mobile has a lengthy single-player campaign where you repel alien invasions using chess-style strategic mechanics. This amazing strategy game is completely free.

XCOM unknown enemy Apk

Price: Free

19. Age of Sparta

The civilization of the times is one the best offline strategy games for Android. It drags out all the ends plus offline playback, Google Play game services, and a bunch of counts of the two world wars. A good technique is to start each round before you issue an order, and then these trials are fulfilled.

Age of sparta game

Age Spartan Apk

Price: Free

20. Age of Warring States Empire

And here we have another strategy game that is suggestive of possibility and magic, the age of empire and hero. In the age of the Warring States Empire, you will come to construct your own magnificent territory while hiring heroes, strengthening troops, and exploring techniques to conquer all enemies.

Age of Warring States Empire Apk

Price: Free

21. Battle Glory

This strategy game is more similar to Clash of Clans but it shows modern buildings and troops, counting grenadiers, tank machine gunmen, and combat aircraft.

Battle glory apk

Download Battle Glory Apk

Price: Free

22. Hill of Glory 3D

The Glory Mountain 3D game is set during World War II. This game puts you in charge of defending strategic bunkers from Bobo enemies. You can use various weapons, rifles, mortars, and flamethrowers to strike from the air.

Hill of Glory 3D Apk

Price: Free

23. Star Wars: Commander

Occupy yourself to Disney’s Star Wars and Star Wars universe: Commander, allowing you to play as resistance, resistance, or realm. You should wisely build and strengthen your base, coach the team, encourage them, and obtain territory ready to attack the enemy. To form an association with more from this war strategy game to stimulate the ability of players around the world.

Star wars commander

Star Wars: Commander Apk

Price: Free

24. Stormfall: Improved Blaur

This free strategy game provides a “full-featured” online game strategy experience. The background of game is set in an ancient magical land. The game allows you to hire paladins, barbarians, dragons, and armies and fight to succeed in the territory and destroy your enemies.

Stormfall: Improved Blaur

Price: Free

25. X-War: Clashing Zombies

This free strategy game is similar to clash of clans. If the tribal conflict of your fans, then we bring you another exciting zombie game conflict there are zombies, lasers, robots, and modern superman.

X-War: Clashing Zombies Apk

Price: Free

26. Siegefall

This free strategy game is all about war, you have to siege your enemies. You must expand the territory of your kingdom. Moreover, this game is all about your personality.

Download Siegefall Apk

Price: Free

27. Castle conflict

This is one of the most addictive free strategy games in which you have ever guarded your base and built your empire.

Castle conflict game

Castle Conflict Apk

Price: Free

28. Throne Peak

The throne peak is all about building the throne and expanding your territory. This free strategy game contains hidden adventures. So, don’t waste your time and quickly make this game on your phone by simply downloading it from the download link.

Download Throne Peak Apk

Price: Free

29. The First Strike

This is a free strategy game with a sharpening and fast-paced mind. This strategy game is one of the best versions of this year. It is all about nuclear war.

The First Strike Apk

Price: $1

30. Conflicting Lord 2

This free strategy game is the fighting skills of our heroes commanded in real-time. It is all about mercenary mania. You can play your own way.

Conflicting Lord 2 Apk

Price: Free

31. In the world of weapons

This is a free combat simulation strategy game with excellent graphics and awesome animations. This game is all about collecting resources and accomplishing many tasks to earn points. You are just one step away from this free fun game.

In the world of weapon apk

Price: Free

32. Age of Empire: Rise of Rome

It is one of the best free strategy games. Empire: The rise of Rome is all about raising the army to defeat your enemies. In this game, you have to work like a team to conquer your enemies.

Age of empire: rise of rom

Empire: Rise of Rome Apk

Price: Free

33. Greed for Glory: War Strategy

This strategy game is a free game. The simple thing you have to do is to join a kingdom and fight with your friends. You must prove the glory of your territory by earning high points.

The greed of Glory Apk

Price: Free

34. Drag racing

Car racing fans, here we bring you the most exciting free strategy game of the year full of adventure and racing that will drive you crazy.

Download Drag Racing Apk

Price: Free

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35. Top Eleven: Football Manager

This free strategy game provides you with real football games. This wonderful game is completely free. Top Eleven is how top football managers build their own football kingdom. More than 100 million players are enjoying this game.

Top eleven apk

Top Eleven Apk

Price: Free

36. The Legend of the Galaxy

This free game is a strategy game of space combat. In this game, you have to compete with many players on a dynamic battlefield. So be prepared to show your courage.

The Legend of the Galaxy Apk

Price: Free

37. Iron Desert

This is a dynamic combat strategy game, you have to fight against the enemies attacking you, and you have to take the search for resources to attack the enemy camp.

Download Iron Desert Apk

Price: Free

38. Tekken Card Game

More than 11 million users are enjoying this terrible free game. This game includes a worldwide Go game, with excellent visual graphics, and headlines across from adventure players.

Tekken card game

Tekken Card Game Apk

Price: Free

39. Bread Wars

Baozi Wars is an excellent 3D graphics strategy game with good animations and too free cost. It has wonderful music sounds. This game has 25 excellent monster players placing more excitement. You have to complete the level to earn points.

Download Bread Wars Apk

Price: Free

40. Alexander Strategy Game

This strategy game is very easy and free to play. Over 600,000 users have registered for this game. You can also grab the download link of this game from that lucky person.

Alexander Strategy Game Apk

Price: Free

41. Total Conquest

Finally, a real combat strategy game came to Android. Complete conquest is to build a powerful Roman city where you must manage everything by yourself. It is a complete adventure game that costs free.

Total conquest

Download Total Conquest Apk

Price: Free

42. Gang conflict

This game is all about unlocking 20+ bosses and making your own gang. You have leveled up your way to the underworld. It’s all about naughty kids. Well, you will completely fall in love with this free-cost game.

Download Gang Conflict Apk

Price: Free

43. Air Patriot

This is a strategy game of combat, which is easy to control. This game is about airplanes, about high-income scores, and making airplanes more destructive.

Download Air Patriot Apk

Price: Free

44. Dinosaur War

In this exciting strategy game, you have constructed mines and meadows. You have to overcome and have power struggles. You only need to complete the daily goal to get rewards.

Dinosaur war game

Download Dinosaur War Apk

Price: Free

45. Candy Crush Saga

This strategy game is the best game, we are on our list. Its graphics will leave players eager to get more pursuits. The environment of this game is delicious. So go into the land of candy free and download this game-given link.

Candy crush saga

Candy Crush Saga Apk

Price: Free

46. Sim City BuildIt

Just come and build your ideal city with an unlimited number of buildings. This strategy game provides you with high-quality 3D graphics, which makes this game the most realistic on your phone.

Download Slim City Mobile Apk

Price: Free

47. Football Manager 2023

This strategy game is the latest version of 2015. It has won many awards, making it the best-selling game of the year. Its price is $ 9. So what are you waiting for football fans? Just walk into the real world of football and meet your skills playing football.

Football manager handheld

Football Manager 2023 Apk

Price: Free

48. Angry Birds

Angry birds are the unique power of angry birds to destroy greedy pigs. The endurance of the angry bird is in danger. You just need to take out the pigs in revenge because they stole the eggs of the angry birds.

Download Angry Birds Apk

Price: Free

49. Star Merchant 4 X Empire Elite

In this strategy game, you must protect your area from outside attacks. You have to strengthen your political and economic planning.

Star Merchant 4 X Empire Elite Apk

Price: $5.8

50. Dragon Village 2

This strategy game has moving stories with five stages of evolution. You have to fight against your friend dragon. This is all about achieving a high score.

Dragon village Strategy game

Dragon Village 2 Apk

Price: Free

Another good strategy game to try out is Modern Age 2 Mod. Have you played it before?


That’s all about the best Android strategy games you can download and play at the moment. Do you think we left an app behind? Kindly use the comment box to drop the name of the game that you think should be included. We will review it and if it’s worth it, we will definitely add it to the list. Please do well to share this article using the sharing buttons below this article.



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