Top 10 Websites to Download PC Games for Free Online 2024

Find the list of the 10 best websites to download PC games for free in 2024. Here you can find the latest, trending, and popular PC games.

If you are fond of PC games, this article is just for you. There are thousands of games available on the internet. And hundreds of websites are available to download PC games for free.

What are PC Games?

PC games, also known as computer games or personal computer games, are video games played on a personal computer rather than a dedicated video game console or arcade machine.

PC games can be run on a wide range of devices, including desktop computers, laptops, and tablets, and they can be played with a variety of input devices, such as a keyboard, mouse, or game controller.

PC games are available in a wide range of genres, including action games, adventure games, role-playing games, simulation games, strategy games, and sports games. They can be purchased as physical copies or downloaded digitally from the internet.

Many PC games are also available as free-to-play titles or as early access releases, which allow players to try out a game before it is fully released.

Is it Safe to Download PC Games Online?

In general, it is safe to download PC games online as long as you take a few precautions. Here are some tips to help you stay safe while downloading games online:

  • Use a reputable source: Download games from a trusted website or digital distribution platform like Steam, GOG, or the Humble Store.
  • Don’t download from untrusted sources: Be wary of downloading games from unfamiliar websites or from links provided by people you don’t know. These sites may be distributing pirated games or may be attempting to install malware on your computer.
  • Use antivirus software: Make sure you have up-to-date antivirus software installed on your computer to protect against malware and other threats.
  • Be cautious when installing games: Pay attention to the permissions you are granting and the additional software that is being installed with the game. If you are not comfortable with a particular installation process, cancel it and consider downloading the game from a different source.

By following these tips, you can help protect yourself and your computer while enjoying the wide range of games available online.

To play your favorite games, you need to know the right place to download them. There are websites that might install malware on your PC when you go to download a game. Also, they show a lot of annoying ads.

Also, keeping robust antivirus software on your PC is always advised to protect your PC from online threats. Good antivirus software can detect malware and also offers ad-blocking features.

To avoid malware and annoying ads you should always download games from trustworthy websites. Here I am going to list the 10 best websites to download PC games.

Top 10 Places To Download PC Games In 2024

1. Gamers Gate

gamers gate website

Gamers Gate is a very well-known game download website available on the internet. It has been providing service since 2004. On this website, you can find games on sale in the form of bundles.

Purchasing games in bundles is more cost-effective than buying them one by one. On this website you can browse games in four categories- Games, Currently On Sale, Top Sellers, Newest Release, and coming soon.

If you purchase a game on this website and feel that you don’t need it anymore then you can transfer it to another account. You don’t need to have a third-party client to play games downloaded from this website.


Website Address-

2. Epic Games Store

epic game store

Another trustworthy source to download amazing games online is Epic Games Store. Here you can find wonderful free games for a limited time.

You can find this website’s games on popular game streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube. Here you can find great games for Mac users too.

Some of the top-selling games on this website are- Genshin Impact, Rocket League, Saints Row, Grand Theft Auto V: Premium, and Rumbleverse.

Here you will also find a very nice catalog. In this catalog, you can search for games on the basis of genre, feature, price, etc.

Website Address:

3. Game Jolt

Game jolt website to download PC games

Game Jolt is one of the popular websites to download PC, Mac, and Linux games. Here you can find games in different genres i.e. adventure games, horror games, fangame, fnaf, action games, undertale, etc.

Also, you can find Game Jolt apps on iTunes and Google Play Store. The website has a very nice user interface. Using this website you can browse games on the basis of Price, OS, Browser, Maturity, and Status.

Here you can also find some amazing partner games. Some of the best games on this website are- Sort the Court, Heartbount, and Path of Shadows.

Game Jolt also allows you to create and publish your own games. So, it is also a good platform for game creators.

Website Address:

4. Origin

website to download pc games - origin

EA, One of the biggest game development companies in the world is the owner of Origin. Origin is one of the best game download websites. Here you can find hundreds of interesting games to play on your PC.

On this website, you can easily find games in different categories i.e. Battlefield, FIFA 2023 game, Star Wars, The Sims, and Mass Effects.

Also, you can take advantage of different types of deals on you this website. You will also find some free games to play.

Website Address:

5. Steam

steam site to download pc games online

If you are a gamer then you must have heard about Steam. It is a very common Game website and almost every gamer knows about it that’s why I have put it so low on the list otherwise it is the biggest platform for gamers.

Here you can find games for Linux, Mac, and Windows. The platform has a huge library of games. Accessing the library of games on Steam is very convenient.

You can also install Steam on your Windows PC. The game recommendation feature is quite impressive. Here you can play games recommended by the Steam community. Here you can find a huge library of popular car racing games to download for free.

Website Address:


itch io website

Another useful but lesser know PC game store is Along with browsing games, this website also provides an option to upload games. It means that it is a nice platform for game developers too.

Here you can find a separate category of free games where you can find amazing games.

The paid games available on this website also provide a free trial version too.

The popular game tags on this website are Multiplayer, HTML5 games, Roguelike, macOS games, Visual novels,  Horror games, Linux games, and Simulation. is also available on YouTube where you can find demos of games and recommendations. You can filter the result on the basis of platform i.e. Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, Web, etc.

Website Address:

7. Microsoft Xbox App

microsoft xbox website

This is one of the most reputable Game stores available online. Here you can find a number of Xbox games. It has a wonderful feature to chat with friends.

It allows communicating with friends using text and voice. Game downloading through this website is very fast and easy. It offers a PC game pass which allows you to download 100-high quality games. On this website, you can also find some wonderful gaming accessories too.

Website Address:

8. G2A

G2A PC game download site

G2A has huge traffic because of its unique features. It lets you browse games in almost every type of category as it has a huge library of games. Along with Video Games, you can also find gaming gift cards on this website.

The best-selling games on this website are- Random Premium 5 Key, Random Elite 5 Keys, Grand Theft Auto V, and Random legendary 3 keys. Here you can find great deals to buy games

Website Address:

9. Softpedia

softpedia games homepage

Softpedia is one of the most popular websites to download different kinds of software. This website contains a huge library of almost every kind of software.

Along with software, you can also find games on this website. The website is safe and secure to download games because it checks the games and software for malware before publishing their page.

It has a separate section for games and a subsection for free games. Along with games here you also find patches and trailers for games.

On this website, you can download some of the best football games for PC as well as other good games in different genres.

Website Address:

10. MMOgames

mmogames website

At MMOGames you can find different types of games. The most popular categories on this website are Shooter games, Racing games, Horror games, Fantasy games, etc.

The unique thing about this website is that you can also find game reviews. It also contains interesting interviews about games.

Website Address:

So, these are the top 10 places to download PC games. On these websites, you can find every type of latest, popular and trending game.

However, if you prefer playing games on Android, we already have a bunch of articles you should see. Some of them are the best 200 Android games of all time, the best Android games this month, the best shooter games for Android, the best Android car racing games, and so on.

The History of PC Games

PC games have a long and storied history that stretches back to the earliest days of computing. Some of the earliest computer games were developed in the 1950s and 1960s and were often created as demonstrations of the capabilities of new hardware and software.

The 1970s and 1980s saw the emergence of more complex and sophisticated PC games, including text-based adventures and simple action games. During this time, personal computers became more powerful and more widely available, and gaming on PC began to grow in popularity.

The 1990s saw the emergence of 3D graphics and the proliferation of faster and more powerful computers, leading to a new generation of PC games with more realistic graphics and more immersive gameplay.

The rise of the internet also made it possible for PC gamers to play against each other online, leading to the rise of multiplayer games and the birth of eSports.

In the 2000s and 2010s, PC gaming continued to evolve and expand, with the development of new technologies such as virtual reality and the rise of digital distribution platforms like Steam.

Today, PC gaming remains a popular and vibrant part of the gaming industry, with a wide range of genres and platforms available to players.

Advantages of Playing PC Games

There are several advantages to playing video games on a PC:

  • Wide range of games: PC gaming offers a wide range of games, including many exclusive titles that are not available on other platforms.
  • Better graphics: PC games can often offer better graphics than console games, especially if you have a high-end gaming PC with a powerful graphics card.
  • Customization: PC gaming allows for greater customization than console gaming. You can customize your hardware to get the best possible performance, and you can also customize your control scheme with a keyboard and mouse.
  • Multiplayer options: Many PC games offer online multiplayer options, allowing you to play with friends or compete against other players from around the world.
  • Modding: Many PC games allow for modding, which allows players to create and install custom content for the game. This can extend the life of a game and provide new challenges and experiences for players. See the best Modded Games to play today.
  • More affordable: PC games can often be purchased at a lower price than console games, and there are also many free-to-play options available.
  • Keyboard and mouse control: Many players prefer the precision and control offered by a keyboard and mouse, especially for certain types of games such as first-person shooter games.

Disadvantages of Playing PC Games

There are also some disadvantages to playing video games on a PC:

  • Cost: Building or buying a high-end gaming PC can be more expensive than purchasing a console. Additionally, you may need to upgrade your hardware over time to keep up with the demands of newer games.
  • Compatibility issues: Some games may not run on certain hardware configurations, or may require frequent updates to work properly.
  • Vulnerability to viruses: As a general-purpose computing platform, PCs are more vulnerable to viruses and malware than consoles, which can lead to security and performance issues.
  • Input lag: While many players prefer the precision of a keyboard and mouse, there may be some input lag compared to using a controller on a console.
  • Complexity: Setting up and configuring a gaming PC can be more complex than simply plugging in a console and starting to play. This can be intimidating for some players.
  • Limited portability: While laptops allow for some degree of portability, a gaming PC is generally not as portable as a console, which can be taken and played on a TV in any location with an electrical outlet.

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