100 Best FPS Shooter Games for Android 2022 (Offline)

Best First Person Shooter games for Android are mentioned in this post. Most of the games that appeared here are offline FPS Games. In this list, you will know the best first person shooter games for Android that work without the internet. 

Offline shooter games are deal for those with no internet connection but still want to enjoy a shooting game experience.

What is a Shooter Game?

A shooter game is a type of video game that evolves a character or team trying to eliminate their enemies while defending themselves with weapons. In these type of game, the players awareness, reflexes, speed and shooting accuracy are tested.


Best Offline FPS Shooter Games for Android 2022

Below, we have listed the best Android shooting games that can be played offline without internet. We selected these top games based on Google Play Store and YouTube users reviews. As you continue reading further, you will the video gameplay of most of these offline shooter games for Android.

1. Bullet Force


Bullet Force is an offline FPS 3D game for Android that allows you to train and fight against bots in offline mode.

So, before going online with advanced players, you can train without too much stress against robots in the internet-free mode until you are reasonably good. 

The game has 4 game modes, allows customization of both arenas and weapons and is free! 


2. Gang War Mafia


Gang War Mafia is a FPS first-person shooter game for Android with a gang-based theme. It is an online multiplayer game of gangs against gangs, each with their own unique fighting style. 

However, if you are a beginner or do not have an internet connection, this game has offline mode against bots. This is a beautiful game, with beautiful 3D graphics. 


3. PayBack 2

payback 2 offline fps game

Payback 2 is an FPS shooter for Android that mixes a number of elements of action and exploration. In addition to being able to shoot your enemies, as in any other shooting game, in this one you can also pilot tanks, run with helicopters and participate in insane gang battles. Your campaign mode has more than 50 different events. 


4. FRAG Pro Shooter

frag pro shooter game

FRAG Pro Shooter is an FPS shooting game for Android that has been a huge hit with players around the world. The game has a first and third person view. 

It also allows you to switch between 5 different characters during combat, to have a greater advantage, there are more than 80. And, of course, it can be played both online and offline against bots. 


5. Squad Strike 4: FPS

squad strike shooting game

Squad Strike 4: FPS is a first-person shooter for Android that works with both an internet connection and without. 

In your offline mode, you will play against bots, you will have access to a diverse range of weapons, as well as the possibility to implement the most diverse types of improvements. It is a game with good mechanics and beautiful 3D graphics. 


6. Forward Assault

forward assault game

Forward Assault is a tactical FPS first-person shooter for Android phones. The game has the most diverse types of weapons, such as rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles and more. 

It offers offline multiplayer mode against bots and allows you to play offensively, defensively or on the counter. You can either play on the side of the good guys or on the bad guys! 


7. Special Forces Group 2

special forces group 2

Special Forces Group 2 is yet another 3D FPS shooting game for Android phones that can also be played without internet against bots. 

In solo versus machine mode, the game features 9 different game modes: Classic, Resurrection, Capture the Flag, Zombie and Bomb Mode, Knives, Deathmatch, ArmsRace and Sniper. All of this on more than 30 different maps. 


8. Counter Attack

counter attack shooter game for android

Counter Attack is one of the best offline shooting games for Android that is inspired by the iconic FPS Counter Strike for Android phones.

In addition to the online multiplayer mode, the game also features an offline option for you to train your aim against bots. 

The game has skins for the customization of your weapons and brings a very efficient mechanics in addition to beautiful 3D graphics. Ten players can join a match divided into two teams of 5. 

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9. Cover Fire

cover fire offline fps

Cover Fire is a cool shooting game. Here you will confront a powerful organization Tetracorp, which seeks power and total control. Here, high-quality graphic design, stunning animation effects.

In addition, the developers added great sound effects that cause exceptionally pleasant impressions.

You need to quickly make a clear plan that will repel all enemies attacking your territory. Take the most unique weapon from your arsenal, teach your soldiers new skills and fight back anyone who gets in the way.

Try to destroy as many zombies as possible, they will appear from all sides, be careful and attentive.


10. Blazing Sniper

blazing sniper shooting game

This is one of the coolest and realistic games in the genre of action, which you can play offline. Just try to download Blazing Sniper and start a global shootout with enemies. The player will be able to feel like a real sniper and shoot a huge army of enemies.

Thanks to the innovative graphics, it will be possible to play action from any mobile device and complete hundreds of tasks. Use a huge amount of weapons in a shootout, among which there are machine guns, uniforms, and rifles. Perform a huge number of tasks that offer to fight terrorists.

Join the most professional soldiers from the squad of elite special forces and travel to different islands. You will be asked to perform a huge number of missions that are secret.

Eliminate any threat that comes from enemies, get access to new uniforms, weapons and, of course, missions. In each location, where the player will appear, you will need to use your skills and abilities to shoot the enemies.


11. Gun War


A huge number of unrealistic opportunities will be available to those who will become a soldier of a special forces unit. The player can download Gun War and try his hand at shooting as an elite fighter.

During the passage of the company, you will take part in 124 missions, each of which is dangerous and difficult. Choose one of two modes in which you have to show all your abilities and skills.

Gangsters, terrorists and even machines will come out against you. Moreover, think in advance if you can resist Zombies, which are practically immortal.

The game has high-quality and detailed graphics in 3D. All game progress will be saved to the cloud, so never lost. Many different missions and weapons will be available to the unit fighter.

The special effects of shooting and explosions look very colorful. All this immerses in a realistic atmosphere of combat time. Therefore, you should download Gun War and feel the adrenaline flowing through your veins.


12. Dead Target


DEAD TARGET is an exciting action game. The action takes place in 2040 when the third world war began.

However, it’s significantly different from previous wars. The Minister of Defense decided to sign a contract with a secret organization called CS so that it could conduct illegal experiments and was able to turn the prisoners into super killers. But everything didn’t go according to plan.

One of the scientists of the corporation betrayed it, after which an outbreak of an unfinished virus spread throughout the country and turned most people into the living dead. Now the most difficult period for all the surviving groups of people has begun.

The opposing country, having learned of such an incident, decided to send its intelligence officers to clarify information, as well as to develop a winning strategy and make a counterattack. It’s strictly forbidden to make mistakes, otherwise, your team will turn into the same dead.


13. Last Hope Sniper – Zombie War


Last Hope Sniper – Zombie War – a great Android shooting game, in which the user will navigate the streets of the city in the company of survivors and kill the zombies.

This free application will test your skills, such as dexterity, shooting accuracy and reaction. Each location is unique, consists of many obstacles where the walking dead can be. Choose a comfortable position for shooting and act to enable people to survive.

Use a variety of weapons to destroy any enemy. Gradually the monsters will become stronger and in some locations, the gamer will face bosses. They are much stronger than ordinary inhabitants and require a special approach for destruction.


14. Dead Trigger


Dead Trigger is one of the best offline Zombie games for Android with interesting gameplay. An unknown virus broke free and attacked all living things in its path.

As a result of mass infection, people turned into the walking dead, and the future of mankind is under threat.

You are the only one whom the evil could not reach, and now in the game DEAD TRIGGER, you have to find the root of the virus, exterminating the many thousands army of bloodthirsty zombies.

The game DEAD TRIGGER for Android starts from the choice of mission, battlefield, and weapon depending on the available means.

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In particular, there are 2 types of money in the game: cash and gold. A player gets cash for performing missions and tasks, collecting cash boxes during the battle and the dismemberment of zombies.


15. N.O.V.A Legacy


Nova Legacy is one of the best offline shooting games you can play on Android device for free. A futuristic first-person shooter game developed by Gameloft.

The user will be in the role of Kal Wardin, who, dressed in a stylish armored suit, will resist the alien invaders.

AI assistant Yelena will help the protagonist in this difficult task, whose tips and advice are never superfluous. The scene of action is a huge space ship, which has been attacked by aliens.

The main occupation will be the destruction of robotic enemies, as well as assistance to allies. During the campaign, the user will be able to improve the weapon and armor of the protagonist, as well as use a number of other upgrades.


16. Guns of Boom


Guns of Boom is one of the few mobile shooters that is really comfortable to play on your smartphone. Grab a weapon and break into one of the colorful maps of Guns of Boom.

With the help of earned gaming experience, you can discover new items. Get new skins for characters to customize your avatar and more.


17. Ramboat


The arcade madness in the funny action movie Ramboat is based on the famous Rambo movie series.

The main character Membo with a red ribbon on his head is armed to the teeth. Membo alone deals with the army of the enemy.

The rules are as follows – wreak havoc, bring destruction and survive in the wild conditions!

Initially, the arcade game Ramboat shares all the secrets: introduces the rules and tricks, recommends weapons, awards coins and first bonuses. However, after a few minutes, wild chaos enters into force.


18. Respawnables


The game is a dynamic and hurricane first-person shooter for mobile devices. There is a single game mode, which is not as cool as the multiplayer mode, but you can play if you don’t have the Internet at the moment.

In Respawnables, there is a test system. During its passage, you will be given additional bonuses. The game has a system of equipment, which includes weapons, body armor, skins, as well as various accessories in the form of grenades, glasses or clothing.


19. Zombie Age 2


Zombie Age 2 is an excellent platformer with elements of a shooter that allows the player to fight the hordes of the dead right on the streets of the city. Arcade control is subject to everyone, so learning to play this game will be easy.

A small group of survivors took a long time to hide in their own house during the apocalypse on the streets. The living dead often stormed a human refuge, but unsuccessfully, weapons and properly placed barriers did their work.


20. Special Forces Group


In the game Special Forces Group 2, the special forces and the terrorists will come together again in opposition, and you will need to choose your side and join the team. Decide who is closer to you, with whom you want to engage in a fierce battle.

You will have the opportunity to move freely throughout the area indicated on the map, as well as you will get complete freedom of movement.

Any enemies appearing on the way should be killed. Also, the game will provide you with various missions and tasks, so you will not only fight with the enemy.


21. LoneWolf


LONEWOLF is a two-dimensional shooting gallery with a memorable storyline, the atmosphere of neo-noir and the harsh realism of passing missions.

The action takes place in a large metropolis, where criminal deals are done and real wars are fought. The plot tells about the organization “Assembly”, performing various tasks to eliminate various people. Players should shoot, collect money, kill and raise the status.

The main shootout in LONEWOLF takes place at enormous distances. For accurate shooting, you will have to use sniper rifles with various sights, stabilizers, and additional gadgets.


22. OverKill 3


You are in the world of the future. In a place where is no joy and happiness, because the planet is under the yoke of some group that is going to subjugate the whole world.

Many people are simply intimidated and don’t dare to express their protest. The resistance forces are insignificantly small and don’t pose any threat to the general system.

And only you can come and provide direct assistance to those who are waiting for this.


23. Brothers in Arm 3


Welcome to the battlefields in the exciting third-person action shooter Brothers in Arms 3! The game will transfer you to the era of the Second World War. You will participate in the shootings and destroy the enemy with powerful weapons.

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So, you are Sergeant Wright, and soon something special will happen in your life. It all started with the fact that the Allied forces landed in Normandy…

Now you lead your army into battle. Involve their skills, so as to turn the tide of battle in your favor – let the tactical advantage be on your side.

24. Elite Killer: SWAT


At the moment, the game Elite Killer: SWAT is the best military shooter. In the story of the game, you are a versatile soldier with excellent training, who alone is forced to confront the terrorist organization Syndicate all over the world.

Your combat mission is to penetrate the rear of the enemy and destroy the terrorist base. To do this, you need to gradually move through the game, finding clues that will help you get to the head of the organization.

Only in this way can you destroy the terrorist organization with one powerful blow and become a real hero.


25. Major Mayhem 2


You must download Major Mayhem 2 to continue the exciting adventures in this original shooter. There will be an incredible number of missions and tasks that will need to be performed in special operations.

Use all the superpowers of your character and his skills to learn how to complete exciting quests. Try to use all your abilities and skills, which will help you to get to the goal and complete the task.

You must feel all the originality and beauty of this gameplay. Enjoy the lively and beautiful atmosphere of this world and achieve chic results.


26. Modern Combat


The next military shooter available for free is Modern Combat 5. Start creating a detachment, train fighters, choose weapons, invite friends to the team – and go to battle!

If you prefer to play alone, you’re welcome! Become the savior of humanity, protect people from invaders and radicals who encroach on the most sacred – life and freedom. Free your city, and destroy all those who interfere with a peaceful life!

You have not yet decided who you will be? You have the opportunity to become an attack aircraft, scout, paratrooper, sniper or support fighter.

Teach your hero, develop skills, upgrade, choose tactics, fight alone or join a network battle with your squad against the opposing team.

Download Modern Combat

27. Death Race


This game is your opportunity to participate in the most deadly races that you can think of. To win, you need to go through many difficulties and dangers.

You will get many types of cars and weapons that need to be upgraded. This will increase the chances of winning and minimize inconvenience during the race.


28. Mad Zombies


Download MAD ZOMBIES for Android and find yourself in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. Some people continue to fight monsters, but they are becoming smarter and more dangerous. The future of humanity depends on you – the surviving sniper.

The main goal of the game is to destroy as many zombies of various types as possible. However, these monsters are not as stupid as they may seem. They learn, improve their skills and are able to even team up.

It’s necessary to learn how to shoot zombies right in the head – the only way to destroy them.


29. Counter Attack


Counter Attack is a FPS Battle game. This is a first person shooting game and your mission is to destroy your enemies.

Lead a Squad of Commandos to Fight against your enemies in realistic 3d environments. Become top Shooter in the world by destroying your enemies and protecting your squad.

Equip yourself with modern machine guns and upgrade them to improve your guns performance.


30. Dead WarFare


Dead WarFare is a new Zombie Shooting Game, which is also one of the highly addictive Android games for all of the zombie games fans! In 2037, the world is filled with zombies.

Tens of billions the dead are destroying the Earth and nonstop. The Zombies make anarchy everywhere. It’s the war that everyone who is not dead needs to join!


More Offline Shooting Games for Android

31. Alien Shooter

32. Heroes of Cyberspare

33. Battle of Bullet

34. Major Gun – War on Terror

35. Kill Shot Bravo

36. Hitman Sniper 

37. Into the Dead

38. Dead Target – Zombie Plague

39. Blazing Sniper

40. Gun War

…And more will be added. But before then, you can check more android games.

That’s the list of the top offline shooting games for Android. Do you have any other game in mind that is not listed here, do well to tell us via the comments box.

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