10 Free license keys of iBoysoft MagicMenu for Mac Users

iBoysoft MagicMenu – Right Click Enhancer for Mac User: In this post, we will also giveaway free license keys for iBoysoft MagicMenu Right Click Enhancer for Mac.

Most app choices and functionalities are hidden under menu bar items, which limits the utility of the right-click menu for many Mac users. iBoysoft MagicMenu can greatly improve your work efficiency because it allows you to customize right-click menu and greatly improve work efficiency.

Main Features:

1. Create New File with One Single Click

When you right-click your mouse on an empty area on your desktop or in an open folder, it allows you to add a shortcut to create a new file that you commonly need, such as a doc, Docx, Xls, xlsx, txt, pdf, ppt, Numbers file, Keynote, Pages, Markdown, etc. This saves you the trouble of opening applications for new file creation.

iboysoft magicmenu right click enhancer

2. Move Files Faster than Ever Before

You can select and drag a file on a Mac to move it to a different location. However, if the target folder is hidden, moving is troublesome. You can quickly move a file to a destination path by adding any folder to the “Move To” menu with the aid of iBoysoft MagicMenu.

3. Copy Files Become Simple

Do you still copy and paste files from one folder to another using Command+C and Command+V? With the aid of this Mac right-click extender, you may quickly transfer files to a destination by adding a folder shortcut to the “Copy To” menu.

You can add user-created folders, external drives, Downloads, Documents, Desktop, Applications, Pictures, and Movies from Mac’s Library to your right-click menu for copying files.

4. Easily Access an Item

Applications, directories, disks, browsers, and website links can all be added to the control panel that appears when you right-click on Mac.

Without the need to open Finder or Launchpad, you may quickly access the apps you commonly use. Instead of looking for your work files in the Finder or on external disks, you can now open them with a right click. You can browse a website without adding it to your browser’s bookmarks.

5. Other Features

iBoysoft MagicMenu includes many other options in the right-click menu. With a simple click, you can record Mac’s screen, capture screen, hide/unhide files, copy file path, and cut files.

You can even personalize your own right-click menu to better fit your habit.

Compatible Operating Systems

iBoysoft MagicMenu works on macOS Monterey/macOS Big Sur/macOS Catalina/macOS Mojave/macOS High Sierra

iboysoft software

10 license keys of iBoysoft MagicMenu for Mac

  1. 64C8A3FA64C9A37864C9A3E4684B4A39
  2. 64C8A3EA64C9A36864C9A3F4A30DA9EB
  3. 64C8A41A64C9A49864C9A4047C44C9A6
  4. 64C8A40D64C9A48F64C9A4138D53E775
  5. 64C8A43D64C9A4BF64C9A4235F00EEFF
  6. 64C8A42C64C9A4AE64C9A43273C479C4
  7. 64C8A45C64C9A4DE64C9A442BBB30D8B
  8. 64C8A44C64C9A4CE64C9A452E188B3D7
  9. 64C8A47F64C9A4FD64C9A461E91871B9
  10. 64C8A46F64C9A4ED64C9A471A1A6DF7E

NOTE: Each license code is only valid for 1 Mac computer. However, you can register the software anytime.



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