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Here, you will download Star Wars Apk game for Android and also know vital information about the game.

It was in 1977 that we humans were introduced to the Force – and thus to the entire Star Wars universe. This creation by George Lucas was not only successful in theaters, but also in many areas of entertainment, such as games. In the mobile market alone, young Padawans were able to enjoy Star Wars Galactic Defense, Star Wars Tiny Death Star, Star Wars Commande , Star Wars Assault Team and even Angry Birds Star Wars and Star Wars Pinball. To celebrate (and enjoy) the launch of the new episode of the series, fans received another game: Star Wars: The Rebellion, available for Android, iPhone and iPad. Did he manage to be good enough not to fall on the dark side?

Warning –  Star Wars: The Rebellion has been discontinued by its producer and can no longer be played. But you can still play the Modded version which we have shared here for free.

star wars apk mod

Blocking information

The adventures of Star Wars: The Rebellion for Android, iPhone and iPad take place within film history, more specifically between Episode VI: Return of the Jedi and the recently released Episode VII: The Force Awakens. Just after the fall of Emperor Palpatine at the end of the last film of the classic trilogy, the Empire’s main concern is to prevent the death of information from spreading across the galaxy. You are a smuggler, who must survive in this new chaos environment that has been established. In fact, your character can be personalized, including several races present in the franchise.

Game Story

In many ways, Star Wars: The Rebellion looks a lot like an MMORPG, even with the constant need for an internet connection (time to worry about your data package!). The idea is to travel between some planets, completing missions and doing their training to discover all the power of the Force. The game also offers several different classes, with different powers and characteristics, and has a multiplayer mode, which allows you to complete tasks and battle with other users simultaneously.

Even with this interesting concept, execution is the biggest flaw in Star Wars: The Rebellion. In terms of gameplay, the only thing that really stands out is the system of skills, which can be combined to create new strategies in the duels. The rest is very monotonous, at the beginning of the game: the movement of the characters is slow, the battles are limited to touching the enemies and waiting for them to die and no mechanics can innovate, nor take advantage of all the peculiarities of the Star Wars Universe.

Where Can I Download Star Wars Mod?

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Conclusion / Opinion about Star Wars: The Rebellion for Android, iPhone and iPad

It was not this time that a new classic about the Jedi universe achieved a new classic in the mobile market. The idea of Star Wars: The Rebellion is not bad – especially when following an open world line, with customization and multiplayer – but everything else is not impressive. The gameplay has many flaws that make it uninteresting and boring in a short time and not even the visual, even if acceptable, jumps out to compensate for the average quality of the title. With so many good Star Wars games, you won’t need this one for fun.

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