5 Top Stress Management Apps for Android September 2023

Are you facing stress? In this blog post, we will discuss what stress is and some best stress management apps for Android.

The apps to manage or reduce stress are also called “calm anxiety apps”. They are a special type of mobile apps that help you relax your mind and body.

Stress is a fairly frequent yet tremendously disruptive sensation. Stress may lead to restless nights, lost chances, feeling ill, & panic attacks, all of which can prevent you from being like your true self.

Using one of the stress apps suggested in this blog can assist you in coping with and managing your symptoms.


Understanding the tools to address or embrace your worried thoughts & feelings may be a terrific supplement to professional treatment. It might also give you a sensation of power in between sessions.

What Exactly is Stress?

Anxiety is the body’s normal reaction to stress. This can be expressed in a variety of methods for different people, including

  • Elevated heart rate
  • Fast respiration
  • Restlessness
  • Difficulty focusing
  • Having problems falling asleep

Whether you’re preparing for an exam or beginning a new job, you could feel worried and frightened. However, stress can become severe when it interferes with your daily life for a prolonged amount of time.

Stress Management Apps for Android

When you suffer from Stress, you may experience anxiety, fear, panic, or concern all of the time or almost all of the time. Anxiety problems can sometimes make it difficult to accomplish things you like.

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Stress is the most frequent type of emotional problem, affecting people of all ages. If you suffer from stress, a mental health expert can assist you in identifying the sources of your stress and determining how to handle it.

Best Stress Management Apps for Android

  1. Calm

Calm stress management app for Android

The Calm app is one of the best stress management apps for Android. Sleep is essential for stress management, but it is also among the main things to suffer when you are nervous. Calm, a famous mindfulness application, puts sleep, relaxation, and meditation in the hands.

These mindfulness meditations are suitable for both total beginners and seasoned learners, and you may choose how much time you want to devote to the program each and every day.

Calm has a mood check-in function that records your mood every day and generates a customized mood report. This application’s free edition provides a limited number of guided workouts and contemplative sounds to assist reduce stress.

Download Calm App 46MB

  1. What’s Up?

Whats Up stress management app for Android

Another good stress management app is What’s Up? It employs tactics derived from CBT & acceptance commitment therapy (ACT), two popular treatments for dealing with strong feelings of anxiety, despair, and stress.

This free program includes a detailed journal that lets you keep track of your daily moods & routines, as well as a feelings tracker which asks you to grade your feelings on a scale ranging from one to ten.

It also comes with a good and bad habit tracker in which you can achieve targets for practicing beneficial habits such as meditation, writing, or exercising.

If you’re having panic attacks, What’s Up? There is also a grounding game to assist people to return to the current moment when stress takes control.

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Download What’s Up 93MB

  1. Colorfy

Colorfy app to manage stress

Colorfy is yet another good app to manage stress. It’s indeed a virtual representation of an adult coloring book.

This app enables you to spend time in a flow state or concentrated meditation by providing a choice of pictures & mandalas to color, as well as the opportunity to submit your original sketches to color.

According to a Recent Study, adult coloring reduced stress levels in respondents, thus focusing your focus on gorgeous drawings may help divert you from the nervous thoughts and bring some relief.

While Colorfy provides the bulk of their photos for free coloring, you must purchase a membership to have accessibility to the whole library of pictures. Color, on the other hand, provides a free seven-day trial so you may test it out before purchasing a membership.

Download Colorfy App 73MB

  1. Shine

Shine stress anxiety app

Your ethnic heritage may influence how you experience & display anxiety. Women of Color created the Shine application to tackle the fears that are unique to their groups.

The application features meditation routines, podcasts, a large audio collection, & community forums, allowing you to work on controlling your stress by yourself or with the help of other people who have had similar experiences.

Shine necessitates a membership to enjoy the majority of the application’s functions, but it does offer gratitude check-ins & daily mood-boosting audio recordings.  While purchasing a membership, you can also take advantage of a week’s free trial.

Download Shine 65MB

  1. Nature Sounds Relax and Sleep

Nature Sounds Relax and Sleep

Anxiety is characterized by racing thoughts & ruminations, however, the calm sounds & views of nature inside this application can help you settle down, inhale deeply, & clear your mind.

It has something for everyone, starting from thunder & rain to roaring flames and bird noises. Use the application timer to play one of the songs while you softly drift off to sleep or configure one as your morning alarm to begin your day with a calming sound.

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Talking about sleep, if you are experiencing insomnia, there are some useful gadgets that help you sleep well.

Listening to natural sounds can assist relieve stress, thus this app could be a simple approach to alleviate your anxiety.

The majority of the functions in this application are free. However, you may acquire access to even more sounds with one-time payments.

Download App 13MB

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In this Blog post, we have discussed the Best app for stress management. With the help of these apps, one can get rid of stress and can start living a healthy life.

The applications given in this blog are the ones that are free and paid and are widely used. However, you can get several other free stress management apps and can practice meditation.

Alternatively, you can also manage stress by downloading and playing Android games. We have so many of them already available in this blog mokoweb.com.

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