30 Free Offline Android Games Below 50MB (Low MB Games)

Looking for free Android games below 50MB in size? This post contains good low MB Android games under 50MB. These games are ideal for people who are managing the space in their smartphones and those with limited storage. the games are lite but interesting to play. They don’t take up a lot of space in your phone.

Advantages of Android Games Below 50MB

  • Takes less space
  • Requires less RAM to run
  • Less lagging
  • Decent graphics
  • Lightweight
  • Most are offline games
  • Can play on a variety of low-end Android phones
  • Easy to download and install.

Top Android Games Below 50MB

Android games below 50mb

Listed below are the best lightweight Android games under 50MB you can download with lesser data today.

1. N.O.V.A Legacy

N.O.V.A Legacy is one of the best offline Android games below 50MB. It is among the best modded offline games for Android. 

The N.O.V.A. Legacy game is an action game with an interesting storyline embedded along 19 action-packed FPS levels. There are multiplayer arenas where players can test their skills.

The game packs most features of high-end action games including allowing you to customize your marine avatar. It’s just like a console game but played on your Android device.

Size: 46MB

Developer: Gameloft

Download Here

2. Kung Fu Attack

One Punch Boxing – Kung Fu Attack is an offline Action RPG game for Android. Here, you’ll have to beat down your enemies using the Kung Fu martial art. By the way, its main character is undeniably inspired by the greatest Kung Fu diffuser in the world, the iconic Bruce Lee.

The game is quite frenetic, bringing hack-and-slash mechanics as well as RPG elements. It doesn’t need internet to run and comes in a 45MB download.

Size: 45MB

Developer: Hs Soft

Download Here


3. Blocky Farm Racing & Simulator

Blocky Farm Racing & Simulator is a free offline racing game for Android. It makes an interesting mix between a racing games and farm simulations.

Here, you can drive a tractor, harvester, or car. Driving along the roads of a huge map in race mode. Or managing your farm, collecting your crops, taking care of animals, producing oil, lifting the most diverse objects, and more. 

Size: 50

Developer: Mobadu

Download Here

4. Epic Journey: Dragon Land & Legend Thrones

Faraway Journey is an offline puzzle game for Android with elements of escape and RPG games. This game is even a little reminiscent of Monument Valley mechanics. 

But in this one, your mission will be to guide the character Ethan through a valley full of dragons and many mysteries. It brings colorful, smooth, and pleasing 3D visuals that shape the game’s challenging puzzles. The game is completely free and works without Wi-Fi.

Size: 46MB

Developer: PlayMobi

Download Here

5. Top Run: Retro Pixel Adventure

Top Run is a fun arcade-style offline game for Android phones with retro pixel art-style graphics. It’s a 2d game with infinite running mechanics where you go running and jumping platforms dodging your enemies and destroying them. 

All this is accompanied by an intense futuristic retro soundtrack, with very relaxing music. It is free, runs without internet, and comes in a download of just 52MB.

Size: 46MB

Developer: Katata Games

Download Here

6. REKT! – High Octane Stunts

REKT! is an offline racing arcade game for Android. Here you’ll have to go through a course full of ramps and platforms performing the most insane maneuvers and stunts in the air. All this in a limited time, reaching the highest score possible.

The higher your score, the more cars, and different arenas you will unlock. Carts are also customizable. The game works without the internet. It’s an offline game.

Size: 57MB

Developer: Little Chicken Game Company

Download Here

7. Fishing Life

Fishing Life is a fun and relaxing offline arcade fishing game for Android. The purpose of this game is to be a highly calming experience with the sound of breaking waves and pleasant environments. There are all kinds of fish sizes and species, from minnows to sharks and even whales. 

Throughout the game, it is possible to improve and acquire new and more powerful fishing equipment. It’s a simple offline game full of things to do with a download of just 44MB.

Size: 44MB

Developer: Rexelon Inc.

Download Here

8. John Hayashi: The Legendary Zombie Hunter

John Hayashi is an offline action game for Android with shooting and combat mechanics. This game brings a very crazy mix, you will be a swordsman gunslinger who fights against samurai zombies. 

So, in addition to shooting, you’ll also be able to strike swords at the same time against zombies. 

This is a very simple casual game, ideal to pass the time. It can be played without an internet connection and comes in a lightweight 48MB download.

Size: 48MB

Developer: Mayonnaise Studio

Download Here


9. Past For Future

Past For Future is an intriguing and engaging offline adventure game for Android. It was produced by the National Archaeological Museum of Taranto (MARTA). 

This is a game with an amazing story that involves mysteries and time travel. All this is wrapped in a beautiful aesthetic of hand-painted characters and settings, as well as a touching and delicate soundtrack. It is free, works without internet, and has a small 51MB download.

Size: 51MB

Developer: Ass. TuoMuseo

Download Here

10. OutRush


OutRush is a very frantic space combat arcade game. In it, you’ll pilot a spaceship dodging the most diverse and complex obstacles and shooting your enemies to survive until the end.

It’s a pretty intense casual title that will entertain you for hours. It features minimalist, futuristic graphics with synthwave-style visuals. This is a game that doesn’t need the internet to run.

Size: 49MB

Developer: Ugindie

Download Here

11. Shadow Skate

This is one of the most addictive runnings and skating Android games below 50Mb. The themes used in the background are amazingly beautiful and pleasing.

The game is simple to play as all you’ve to do is jump, crouch and speed up but syncing all this is actually a tough job. It has up to 40 challenging levels present with some realistic and stunning shadow art graphics

Size: 9MB

Developer: Candy Mobile

Download Here

12. Racey Rocket: Arcade Space Racing

This game is perfect for your time pass. It is one of the best Android Games under 50MB. You’ll never get bored if you’ve Racey Rocket installed on your device.

Racey Rocket is a high-speed racer where player boosts, slide and bounce their way around challenging tracks for the best time. There are up to 100 amazing tracks provides along with a slow time feature to hit the perfect lines.

Size: 51MB

Developer: Salmon Pirate

Download Here

13. Stack

The Stack game is based on technology. As the name suggests, you just have to stack up more blocks to reach higher scores.

Meanwhile, to play this game, your Android device needs to have a rear camera of at least 3MP. The surface chosen as the target must contain enough details and your device should be in parallel to the surface while choosing the surface.

You can also share your score on social media and compare it with your friends’ scores.

Size: 43MB

Developer: Ketchapp

Download Here

14. Stick Fight: Shadow Warrior & Stickman Game

For all android users, the stick fight game is back with some new additions. In this game, you will play the role of a young stickman fighting your way through your old and new enemies.

Whosoever wins the fight will be worthy of earning the title of Shadow Warrior! In this case, you have to fight against all the odds to win that title.

The game is divided into several missions, and you have to complete each mission and beat the enemies at each level to prove your powers with the belts you won.

The game offers a wide range of weapons and armor to aid you on your way to greatness. This game is to test whether you are strong enough to become a black belt and conquer the leaderboards.

Size: 22MB

Developer: Homecooked Games

Download Here

15. Solitaire Bliss

solitaire-bliss game below 50mb

Solitaire Bliss is an awesome card game app with twenty-eight variations on classic Klondike Solitaire. There are ten different game types – Solitaire (Klondike), Spider Solitaire, Freecell, Pyramid, Tripeaks, Scorpion, Eight Off, Yukon, Golf, Forty Thieves, and Memory all in one free app.

Some of the key features include Random and Solvable deals, Unlimited undo and hints, Daily challenges with a leaderboard, a Game statistics tracker, Personal records and so much more! Also, if you’d rather play online, Solitairebliss.com is mobile-friendly and includes all the same features. 

Size: 30MB

Developer: Mongoose Net Ltd.

Download Here

More Android Games on this Blog

This is our list of the best free offline Android games that you can download with just 50MB. But, as always, feel free to also nominate your favorite Android lightweight games that work without an internet connection in our comments!


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