How To Handle The Guilt Of Spending Too Much Time Online

Some people are aware of it, and others are not, but online addiction is a genuine phenomenon that affects more people than you think. We are constantly connected to our devices every day, but have you ever felt that you should step away or put them down for a bit? This article will help you address the feeling that you could be using the internet a little too much and could be more productive.

spending too much time online

Distract Yourself

One of the most important ways to stop feeling guilty about your online use is to simply find better ways to spend your time.

Browsing the web on your computer, tablet, or smartphone can seem like a pastime for you, but you can be assured that there are more productive activities out there that help keep you engaged.

When you’re having fun doing other worthwhile tasks and activities, the thought of being online doesn’t feel as important. Like other addictions, being online can stimulate the dopamine receptors because it’s pleasurable, so to find relief and not feel as bad when you’re away from the internet, you’ll need these replacements.

Avoid Temptations

For many people, the urge to use the internet can be quite powerful, and while it’s helpful to have some solid distractions that you can depend on, you won’t always be in situations where you can use them.

Online activity can be very compulsive, and it can be triggered out of boredom and anxiety. Have you ever got on your phone because you had nothing better to do or you were trying to escape discomfort? If so, you’re not alone.

In the event you can’t pass the time with other distractions, you’ll have to try to control the impulse to go online. Of course, it will feel uncomfortable to abstain, but realizing that it’s a compulsion can help give you the willpower to overcome it and gain independence over your life.

Seek Assistance

Suppose your internet usage is causing your distressing feelings like guilt, depression, and anxiety. In that case, you could benefit from speaking to a mental health professional who can help you learn how to cope with them.

While it’s a very modern condition, internet addiction is real, and attempting to limit your time online can still cause psychological withdrawal symptoms. Working with a counselor or therapist can make these more manageable, so you don’t have to fight them alone. With the support and practical and effective strategies, like the ones in this article, you can retake control of your life and find ways to use the internet healthily.

Additionally, by visiting BetterHelp, you can find more articles about guilt and other emotions that can cause discomfort and what you can do to handle them, not just in regards to spending too much time online, but any time you experience it. Using all of the resources available will make you more equipped to deal with these types of feelings not only now but also in the future.


Guilt is a natural human emotion, but if your internet use is creating it and stressing you out, it’s time to address it head-on. Hopefully, you’ll find these tips helpful in finding a healthy balance, but if it gets too hard on your own, emotional support is not far away.

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