Top 6 Two-Factor Authentication Plugins for Website

Discover the finest two-factor authentication plugins for your website to enhance the security two-folds-The expert picks.

As a website owner, you must know how valuable website security is for your visibility on search results. Search engines are continuously improving their algorithms for better website assessment and to provide their users with a safe and satisfactory browsing experience. This is why website security is an important ranking factor.

On the flip side, hackers are also looking for less secure websites and trying hard to gain access to websites to fulfill their ill desires.

As a result, it’s crucial to activate two-factor authentication on websites to enhance the security two folds and prevent brute-force attacks.

Are you looking for an efficient two-factor authentication plugin for your website? If so, you’ve landed right. In this blog, you’ll discover the top six two-factor authentication WordPress plugins that are efficient and can secure your website from cyber-attacks.

So, without digressing, let’s begin!

What is two-factor Authentication?

two-factor authentication plugins for websites

Two-factor authentication is a process that requires several identity proofs (usually two or three) before granting access to a website or any application.

It is also referred to as 2FA. It’s an effective method you can use to enhance your website security and prevent security breaches.

This means that besides entering a password, it requires you to enter a code or pin you set for your website’s additional security.

The two-factor authentication can be of multiple types, such as a captcha, a pin number, a pattern, or an OTP sent to your registered phone number or email.

Why is two-factor Authentication Essential?

As mentioned, cybercriminals are trying hard to gain access to websites, and passwords can be easily broken using a variety of techniques.

The brute force attack is the most typical method used by them. This is where two-factor authentication comes into play.

It helps you add an additional layer of security beyond a password. This is important because even if the password is cracked, the hackers will be unable to access your website until they pass the additional security check.

Top 6 Two-Factor Authentication Plugin for WordPress Website

Before we go over the list of plugins, it’s vital to remember that, in addition to installing security plugins on your site, you should host your website with a reputable and secure server.


A secure and dependable web hosting service can offer you basic to advanced security features that can protect your website from cyber criminals and brute force attacks.

Following that, you can implement extra security measures such as 2FA on your site to further safeguard it.

Now that you know what two-factor authentication plugins are and why they are crucial for websites, let’s explore the finest two-factor authentication plugin that you can use to enable 2FA on your website.

This section will lead you through the top 6 most popular selections. Look over each one and select the best that meets your need.

Let’s get started.

1. Google Authenticator – Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)


Google Authenticator 2FA is a popular and advanced two-factor authentication plugin for WordPress.

It provides multiple security features to prevent potential threats and attacks and also provides multiple backup solutions to secure data and help users during severe attacks.

The features include an intuitive user interface, multi-language support, several authentication methods, brute-force attack prevention, custom security questions, IP blocking, TOTP +HOTP support, and more.

Moreover, the plugin is simple and easy to set up and provides two-factor authentication via SMS, QR code, OTP via email, shortcodes for customized logins, and more to avoid multiple attempts and ensure the website’s security.

2. Wordfence Security

Wordfence Security 2FA

Wordfence Security is a popular WordPress security plugin that offers firewall, malware scan, and login security for WordPress websites.

The two-factor authentication is one of its valuable features. With Wordfence, you can choose any TOTP-based authenticator app like Google Authenticator or services like email verification and SMS verification as your second factor.

It’s an all-in-one powerful security plugin that protects your website and its content from security attacks and adds an additional security layer to your website.

If you need a comprehensive security solution, you can proceed with Wordfence Security. However, if you primarily want 2F authentication functionality, you can choose its Wordfence Login Security Plugin.

It’s a subset of Wordfence security. This plugin is free and offers 2FA, XML-RPC protection against brute attacks, and a login CAPTCHA to prevent spam.

3. Duo Two-Factor Authentication

Duo two-factor authentication

Duo Two-Factor Authentication is a simple and straightforward plugin that offers an easy and secure way to add two-factor authentication to your WordPress site in minutes.

With Duo, you can easily get started by installing the plugin on your site and choosing from several authentication methods, including push notifications, phone calls, SMS messages, one-touch ID, or hardware keys like YubiKey, and Solidpass.

This way, the plugin lets you effortlessly add an additional security layer to your site besides your login password and makes it difficult for hackers to gain access to your site. Duo also offers comprehensive reporting and auditing features.

4. Rublon Two-Factor Authentication

Rublon Two-Factor Authentication is a featureful 2FA plugin that comes with a one-click install, allowing you to set up 2-factor security on your website quickly.

It is free for a single user and offers various authentication methods, including email and its smartphone application. In addition, Rublon also offers a user-friendly dashboard that makes it easy to manage your two-factor authentication settings.

To validate your authority, you can simply click on the link supplied in the email rather than copying and pasting the unique password and OTP from your inbox.

The plugin is efficient in supplying your website with extra protection and preventing hackers from breaking in.

But the only drawback of this plugin is it does not support SMS, Phone call, or Google Authenticator.

5. Two-Factor Authentication

2fa authentication

Two Factor Authentication is a lightweight and easy-to-use plugin that adds two-factor authentication to your WordPress site in simple and quick steps.

The creators of the top backup plugin on the market UpdraftPlus produced this Two Factor Authentication plugin, which is their other notable creation.

The plugin allows you to enable 2FA on the basis of user roles. The 2FA can be enabled or disabled for specific users and is displayed on the login page of authorized users.

The plugin supports Google Authenticator, Authy, and others and uses the TOTP and HOTP systems and QR code which makes it more secure.

In addition, unlike most 2FA plugins present in the market, the Two Factor Authentication plugin also supports multisite.

However, the plugin does not provide authentication through a phone call, SMS, OTP by email, shortcode, and YubiKey.

6. Shield WordPress Security

Shield WordPress Security is a comprehensive security plugin that offers a range of features, including two-factor authentication.

With Shield, you can choose between several two-factor authentication methods like emails, Yubikey, IP addresses, and cookies. However it does not support authentication via Google Authenticator, phone calls, SMS, or QR.

Furthermore, Shield offers brute force attack protection, firewall protection, malware scanning, and more to provide your website overall protection.

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To Conclude

Two-factor authentication is an essential security feature that adds an additional layer of protection to your WordPress site. There are numerous available options out there that can puzzle you and make it difficult for you to choose the best among all.

Here, we’ve discussed everything there is to know about two-factor authentication plugins, along with the six finest plugins in the market.

All the plugins mentioned above offer a range of authentication methods and features to help you secure your site and protect it from malicious attacks.

All plugins are powerful and full of features, but it’s important to choose a plugin that suits your specific needs and preferences.

Therefore, take the time to research and compare the various options provided above and determine the best that fits your needs.

Install the most suitable two-factor authentication plugin and give your website an additional security layer to prevent unauthorized logins and enhance your site security twofold.

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