12 Best Fashion Apps For Android & iOS 2020

Download the best fashion apps for android and iOS devices in 2020. Are you a Model, stylist or fashionable, this post is for you as it covers the 12 best Fashion Apps for Android and iOS users. You may be surprised to see some apps that you already have on your phone without knowing they can be used for your fashion surveys. Let’s take Facebook for example, there are many fashion pages and groups like Kamdora which is women lifestyle page basically for displaying latest and trending women clothes, shoes, handbags, necklaces, wrist watches, makeups etc. You can also follow some popular fashion gurus on Instagram to keep abreast of latest in the fashion world.

With some of these apps, you can stay in the comfort of your home and make the best choice when it comes to modern fashion, ancient fashion or flashy traditional fashions.

So if you are searching for vintage fashion style, se***xy fashion style, casual fashion style, native fashion style, Bohemian Fashion Style, Chic Fashion Style, Ankara fashion style, Artsy Fashion Style, Sophisticated Fashion Style, Tomboy Fashion Style you need to download one of these fashion apps for Android and iOS and you will definitely make the right choice.

Best fashion apps for Android

12 Best Fashion Apps For Android & iOS in 202

1. Facebook

You may be surprised but Facebook is actually one of the best fashion apps for both Android and iOS devices because there are so many fashion pages, groups and models who display top notch and trendy fashions on their timeline. An example of such model is Regina Daniels who constantly upload beautiful pictures with latest fashion styles ranging from African Ankara, skimpy se__xy dresses, sophisticated fashions and lots more. Also, Kamdora is a Facebook page dedicated for women fashion. When you check on these page, you will be embarrassed with choices. For the male foke, you may follow this page “Fashion Style For Men” to see latest male fashion.

=> Download Facebook for Android Here

=> Download Facebook for iOS Here

2. Etsy

Etsy is definitely among the most popular independent online marketplaces with over 200 million users. The platform features millions of unique items, which are designed by a bevy of talented artists and other kinds of creators. On this app, you will find items such as jewelry, clothing, art, and furniture. Also, Etsy provides Android Pay/Apple Pay support and shipping details. It lets you establish communication with shop owners through the app directly. While the app might not follow all latest fashion trends out there, its features and services are simply one of a kind. You will find some truly excellent items on Etsy, and it is 100% free.

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=> Download Etsy for Android Here

=> Download Etsy for iOS Here

3. Pinterest

The Pinterest another social media app good for fashion ideas. On this platform, people post every kind of stuff, including latest fashion trends, creative ideas for homemade items, and other unique things. On Pinterest, you pin items that you are interested in to your profile for future use. The app comes with so many sharing features, making it to forward your ideas with friends, family and colleagues. When you think of fashion, Pinterest is one of the platforms that delivers latest trending fashions from any part of the world.

=> Download Pinterest App for Android

=> Download Pinterest for iOS Devices

4. Hush

Hush is an online marketplace that focuses majorly on beauty products such as make-up, skin care products, nail polish, and other tools, such as brushes, etc. You only need to download the app and browse the inventory, add your favorite items in the wish lists, get notified about sales, and place an order on things directly through the app. Hush is an excellent place to find various beauty items for complimenting any outfits you intend to wear. Therefore if you want to go out with a matching outfit, hush is an app for you.

=> Download Hush for Android Here

=> Download Hush for iPhone Here

5. Ipsy

Ipsy is an app similar to hush in so many ways so you can see it as an alternative to Hush. After downloading the app, you can search for different products like makeup, various skin care products, nail polish, brushes, and many other beauty & care products. Although it’s not totally free because Ipsy stands out from the pack with a $10/month Ipsy Bag subscription. The app serves as a small but fantastic assortment of semi-randomized beauty products, which are offered in a little makeup bag. You are to pay $10 every month, and the items get shipped to your home.

=> Download Ipsy for Android Here

=> Download Ipsy for iOS Here

6. Tumblr

Tumblr is one of the oldest social media platforms that now includes service that offers beautiful fashion stuff and allows you to follow basically anything you want, one of which is obviously fashion. The site is commonly used by popular fashion personalities, some hobbyists and other people from all walks of life. If you are looking for a place to find unpopular fashions and one-of-a-kind fashion items, fashion ideas, and the latest fashion trends, start using tumblr and follow fashions that will provide you with beauty tips, tutorials, and other learning tools, too.

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=> Download Tumblr for Android Here

=> Download Tumblr for iOS Here

7. Poshmark

Poshmark is yet another app making the list of best fashion apps for Android and iOS. The platform serves as an online marketplace, with a number of similarities with websites, like eBay or Craigslist. Users of this service offer clothes, necklaces, shoes, perfumes, wristbands and other fashion stuff for sale. Poshmark is a great place for buying and selling fashionable materials. It has a feature that allows you remove or add clothes according to your wish.

=> Download Poshmark for Android Here

=> Download Poshmark for iPhone Here

8. Sephora

Sephora is another best fashion app top that comes with a lot of decent features. Sephora contains items, such as makeup, skin care products, nail polish, and different kinds of beauty tools. It is also similar to Ipsy or Hush. You can take a selfie and upload the photo to the app, from where you can try on makeup, virtually, in different shades to determine if it is suitable for your skin color, eye color, and so on. Now discover the latest in beauty by getting your best skin care, fragrance etc.

=> Download Sephora for Android Here

=> Download Sephora for iOS Here

9. YouTube

YouTube is worlds most popular video-sharing platform and it’s a perfect place see the best and trending fashions right now. You can follow different YouTube fashion channels like Real Men Real Style, Busbee Style, Jordan O’Brien, Drew Scott, Fiorella, Tess Christine, Alex Costa and so on. These Channels and popular personalities, bloggers, and models keeps you updated with latest developments in the fashion industry. Also, sometimes, YouTube offers a live stream of a fashion event. YouTubers, whose niches are beauty and fashion, are quite very popular, too. So you will have more than enough options.

=> Download YouTube for Android Here

=> Download YouTube for iOS Here

10. Twitter

You can follow any type of fashion on Twitter by simply using the harsh tag # for that fashion. For example, just type #Ankara in the search box and see varieties of Ankara clothing designs.

Twitter has over 300 million members and lots of famous personalities, fashion bloggers, models, businesses etc are all using this platform to display their products. These users give loads of helpful information, links to recent and trendy stuff, and the most recent news. Interestingly, Twitter is free to download and use and it’s available for both Android and iOS users.

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=> Download Twitter for Android Here

=> Download Twitter for IOS Here

11. Your Closet

Sometimes instead of finding new stuff, it is smarter to sort out the ones you already have. Your Closet app is great in this regard as it helps organize your closet for in a neat manner and also give you hints that can help you pick outfits a bit more smoothly. You can snap pictures of your stuff and add them in the app, after which you can then select the top, bottom, as well as accessories, for your outfit from Your Closet app, rather than of rifling through your closet.

=> Download Your Closet for Android Here

12. Instagram

My list of best fashion apps for Android and iOS devices will be incomplete without mentioning Instagram because it’s a popular platform where celebrities, models, fashion bloggers, On-Air personalities, football stars, rich kids, and even politicians display their fashion sense. You only need to follow as many fashion inclined personalities as possible in order to learn one or two things about their fashion and know which suits you best.

On Instagram, you can follow these fashionable personalities to get new fashion ideas – Alexa Chung, Nicolette Mason, Julia Engel, Susie Lau, Regina Daniels, Ini Edo, Genevieve Nnaji, Linda Ikeji etc.

=> Download Instagram for Android Here

=> Download Instagram for iPhone Here.

Final Thoughts

Looking for a fashion app nowadays is an easy task because most of the social media platforms we are already used to are a very good place to discover the latest trends in the fashion world. Think about Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and even Snapchat (not included in the above list).

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