5 Advantages of Using WhatsApp Business App for Small & Medium Businesses

WhatsApp Business is an excellent tool for you to have a better and more direct relationship with your customers. Unfortunately, many people still believe that WhatsApp or Business app is only meant for larger companies, which are already able to have other effective means of communication with customers.

In the case of small businesses, for example, using WhatsApp Business makes even more sense.

If you are curious to know what benefit small companies can get from WhatsApp Business, just follow our guide. Read more about the details below.

What is WhatsApp Business

Before we really delve into the benefits that a small business can have with this app, it is worth talking about what WhatsApp Business is. Especially for those who still don’t know the app so well.


Basically, you can say that before this version existed, many people already used WhatsApp for commercial purposes. The big problem is that they had to set up a professional profile only with what already existed in the normal version of the app, which is very limited for what a company needs.

Other than that, there were no really useful and necessary resources for these companies. This includes the possibility to schedule messages, create automatic replies, create opening hours, create labels to differentiate customers, etc.

So, it was necessary to use external applications that in one way or another managed to carry out actions of this type. Realizing this need on the part of its users, WhatsApp developers finally released a professional version of the app in 2018.

This version has all of the features mentioned above, in addition to receiving updates and new tools from time to time. Pretty interesting, isn’t it?!

So let’s continue talking about how this can benefit your company.
But first, be sure to check out our tips on how to read your friends whatsapp chats without them knowing.

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Advantages of WhatsApp Business for Small Businesses

Now that we know more about WhatsApp Business, it’s time to focus on how it can work for small businesses. If in larger companies WhatsApp can be just another means of communication as they use other platforms like Zoom, Skype, etc.

In smaller companies, it can be the opportunity to gain customer loyalty or to work more efficiently.
This can happen in several ways, for example:

1. Direct Communication With the Customer

Right from the start, you cannot fail to mention the direct communication you may have with the customer. He can send you messages with questions or requests for help at any time in this way.

The important thing is always to have a ready answer, be it automatic or given by a real operator. As you can set the opening hours in your WhatsApp business profile, it is even easier for customers to understand when someone cannot reply.

But if there is a reason for the delay in the response of an attendant during business hours, it is good to let them know as well. This way, the client does not feel disrespected and may have a sense of how long it will take.

You can also take the opportunity to send messages by making yourself available to the customer. Many people forget to focus on after-sales attention, that is, they don’t care if everything went well with the product with the delivery after the customer made the purchase.

If you take advantage and give this attention, you can earn your customer’s loyalty or guarantee future sales.

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2. Product Catalog

WhatsApp Business Catalog Manager
A very good feature and not so talked about in WhatsApp Business is the product catalog. You have the possibility to put all your products there very simply.

All with description, photo, price, and availability. If you don’t have a website yet because you work from home to earn money or make your extra income, this can be an opportunity to showcase all products without paying anything.

This is great for those who are just starting out or have their products on display in a few places. Take full advantage of this option, not least because customers can view the catalog and order via WhatsApp.

If you really have a managed business from home, check out our guide on digital banking. That way you will have a way to manage your finances without leaving your home.

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3. Quick Responses

Auto reply Message
In many situations, you will come across customers who ask exactly the same questions. This is very common and there is no way for them to guess the answer if they do not know your company so well.

This can be related to the service hours, delivery times, how many products you have in stock, whether delivered in that region, etc. In order not to waste too much time always answering these questions manually, there is a useful option in the app.

WhatsApp Business has a function for quick responses. You create the answers yourself based on the most asked questions and leave everything ready with shortcuts. See how to send automatic messages on WhatsApp.

4. Location for deliveries

In many small businesses, you can have someone specific deliver to customers. In such cases, you can use the delivery tracking feature that WhatsApp offers to let customers know exactly where your product is.

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This is better than giving vague answers and leaves the customer much more relaxed. It is somewhat similar to what we see in apps like Uber Eats, for example.

5. Video Call Between Team Members

The last tip on how you can benefit from using WhatsApp Business on small businesses is for your entire team. Especially in quarantine times, you may have to find ways to meet with employees.

Fortunately, you don’t even have to leave WhatsApp for that. There is a great video call feature in WhatsApp Business that you can use. Up to eight people can join a call, which is great.
Of course, if you need to, you can also make these calls with the customer. This is especially true for people who do manual or custom work and need a meeting like this with their customers.

Other features and benefits include creating labels for each customer, setting up greeting messages, and also getting a short link for your WhatsApp business profile.

Whatsapp business labels

However, if you want to enjoy more WhatsApp features like the ability to download people’s statuses, upload unlimited files, appear offline while actually online, reading friends’ chats without them knowing, then get GBWhatsApp Mod installed. It also allows you to use two different WhatsApp accounts on one phone.

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