How to Send Auto Reply Messages on WhatsApp

It’s possible to send auto reply on WhatsApp. Just follow the tricks outlined in this article and you will be good to go.

There are many reasons why you may need to use auto reply message on WhatsApp, it may be that you are very busy, offline, away, or not just in the mood to reply to messages instantly, then this feature becomes very useful.

WhatsApp Auto reply, auto responder, or quick reply is an automatic message sent instantly to people who sends you message on WhatsApp. It works as a chatbot with customized message to reply people you set to receive the auto reply.

You can see this useful feature in some professional Facebook pages, email, Telegram groups and so on. The basic aim is to get customers engaged even when you are offline. It’s a feature that most business owners strive to have.

WhatsApp Auto Reply

Unfortunately, the regular WhatsApp application doesn’t have this feature BUT I have a trick to help you create auto reply on WhatsApp seamlessly.
WhatsApp been the most popular app in the world for communicating with friends, family, acquaintances, colleagues and customers, really need this feature but the developers only added it to the professional version called WhatsApp Business, so to use it you need a business account, not the personal one to which we all have access to.

How to Create Auto Reply Message on WhatsApp

There are two ways create auto reply on WhatsApp

  • Using WhatsApp Business Version
  • Using Third-Party Tools (WhatsAuto)

How to Send Auto Reply on WhatsApp Using WhatsApp Business

The only way to send auto reply message on WhatsApp without a third-party app is to install and use WhatsApp Business because it’s the only version of WhatsApp that supports away messages.
The good news is that you can create your own profession WhatsApp account by installing WhatsApp Business and signing in with your mobile phone number.
You don’t really need to own a business in order to use WhatsApp Business. This version of WhatsApp has many useful professional features including auto reply texts.
The standard version of WhatsApp doesn’t include support for automatic replies, but WhatsApp Business does.

To create and send auto reply on WhatsApp, follow these steps;

Whatsapp business settings

  • Click on business tools

Business tools

  • Under messaging tools, click away messages

Away messages

  • Toggle on send away message
  • Now click on away message and edit it
  • Click on schedule and customize
  • Click on recipients and select whether to send to everyone, everyone not in address book, everyone except…, and only send to.

Whatsapp auto reply settingsNOTE: The “away message” will be auto sent only when you have active internet connection. Once setup is complete, your message or reply will be sent automatically.

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Sending Automatic Reply Messages on WhatsApp Using WhatsAuto

If you don’t want to use WhatsApp Biz, then you can s use WhatsAuto app to create auto reply on regular WhatsApp application for free.
WhatsAuto is suitable for automatic replies. The operation is the same as for other applications with automatic reply, such as Gmail: it’s very simple to setup.
To start, just download WhatsAuto, install it and grant certain permissions for it to work without this entailing privacy risks other than the application accessing the message notifications.
WhatsAuto is free to download. There are purchases and advertisements within the application, but they do not prevent the use of automatic replies.
WhatsAuto offers a few options when creating these automatic replies for use on WhatsApp. Furthermore, it also works with other messaging applications, such as Telegram.
One of the features of WhatsAuto is that it allows you to create a generic autoresponder message. If you wish, you can also choose which people will receive automatic replies when the application is active. This way, only the most important contacts will be aware of your absence.
There is another useful function of WhatsAuto called personalized response. With it, automatic replies can be customized when a specific text is received, even when a message containing certain words is received.

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In the custom reply you can choose between Exact match (send an automatic reply when a specific message is received) or Contains (automatic reply if the message contains some words that have been mentioned). It is an additional setting that makes WhatsAuto more customizable .

How to Create Automatic Replies with WhatsAuto

Now that you know how it works, it is time to create automatic replies to use on WhatsApp. Once you’ve opened the app and given the necessary permissions, it’s time to set up the app.
The app interface doesn’t have too many complications, with three sections at the top.

  • To create automatic replies you just enter Home
  • Enable the automatic reply option
  • Now choose how to create reply, you can select from a number of predefined texts in the app, which are typical generic response messages. The application also allows you to write your own custom text.
  • After selecting the text to use, go to the contacts section.
  • Choose which contacts will receive an automatic reply when they send messages via WhatsApp.
  • Once the contacts have been chosen, you are good to go. Therefore, when a message is received on WhatsApp, an automatic reply will be returned to the contact that sent it. If you select “Everyone”, the default answers will reach everyone who writes to you.
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Auto Message recipientsAuto reply messages on Whatsapp

Whatsauto  features

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WhatsApp message automatic reply is useful when driving or not available for instant chatting. With auto reply, you get people engaged instead of ignored even when you are offline.

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