How to Save Whatsapp Status Photos and Videos in Your Android

Learn how to save Whatsapp status photos and videos in your Android phone with the 3 methods uncovered in this post.

Have you ever viewed someone’s Whatsapp status pictures or videos and wish to save them on your Android but couldn’t? You are not alone, there are many people that want to know how to download Whatsapp statuses also known as “Whatsapp stories”. So this post provide you with 3 working methods to save any pictures or videos posted by your friends in their stories.

It’s no more news that Whatsapp is the most popular instant messaging platform in the world and it is the first mobile app to hit 1 Billion downloads on Google Play store. Initially, the platform was only used for messaging but recent updates has added more features which includes a Snapchat-like feature called “Whatsapp status” or “Whatsapp stories”.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to download any video, pictures or gif uploaded by your friend on their status through the Whatsapp app but with simple tricks using a third-party app or via file manager, you can download any Whatsapp status photo for free on your Android device.

What Is Whatsapp Status?

Whatsapp status or stories are temporary texts, pictures, gifs or videos uploaded by someone under “status” tab on Whatsapp app that disappears after 24 hours.

It’s purpose is to let users share their day-to-day activities with friends. It’s a fun way to get your friends engaged and stay connected with each other.

Why Download Whatsapp Status

You probably want to save Whatsapp status of someone because of these reasons;

  • You want to repost it on your timeline or on Facebook
  • You love the person’s picture
  • You want to use it for remembrance
  • You want to use it for educational purposes
  • The person has refused to send the pictures to you after you requested
  • You want to surprise them.

Whatsapp has no features that allows users download Whatsapp statuses because of copyright violation issues. However, if you persist in downloading someone’s status pictures, you can use our methods here.

3 Methods To Save Whatsapp Status Photos and Videos in Your Android

Follow these 3 methods to save any status photos or videos uploaded by your friends on their Whatsapp stories.

FIRST METHOD : Use Status Saver App

Status saver app

  • Go to your Whatsapp app and view the statuses you want to download.

Whatsapp status

  • After that, go to the status saver app again and select Whatsapp or Whatsapp business according to the one you are using.
  • You will see all the viewed status photos and videos.
  • Now click on the image you want to download.

Save Whatsapp status photo

  • Then click on the + icon and click on “save” to save the photo in your device.

Note that you can also share, repost or use the image as wallpaper or screensaver.

The app is free to use but you need to watch video ads to be able to view and save Whatsapp statuses if you are using Whatsapp Business app.

Also, with the app, you can save statuses from parallel space app.


SECOND METHOD: Using File Manager

This method is a bit tricky to non tech-savvy fellows but you can do it. Follow these procedures.

  • Open WhatsApp and view or watch the status of the contact you want to saveClose WhatsApp and open the File Manager on your Android device.
  • Search for “WhatsApp” folder and open it. In my own case, I use Whatsapp business so I selected it.

Whatsapp business folder

  • Look for the “Media” folder and open it.

Media folder

  • While still in the Media folder, click on the options (typically at the top right corner).
  • Select ‘Show Hidden Files’ or any other option that lets you see what is hidden. If your file Manager doesn’t support this download File Explorer to be able to show hidden files.

Show hidden files

  • After that, you should see a file with named ‘.Statuses‘.


  • Open it and see all the statuses uploaded in not more than 24 hours ago. Now COPY the selected status picture or video you want to save.

Status opened

  • Paste them inside another folder, preferably ‘DCIM’ folder.
  • Finally, go to your device’s gallery to see the status including Video, GIFs or photos.

As you can see, this second method requires no extra third-party app and it’s the best method if you can follow the steps very well.

THIRD METHOD: Use Screenshots

The easiest way to save Whatsapp status is to view the status and screenshot it. You can edit by cropping out unnecessary parts but this method can’t save videos or gifs posted in Whatsapp stories or status.

Wrap Up

So if you have been searching for ways to save Whatsapp status photos or videos, search no more because this post provides you with adequate solution. Now you don’t have to beg any person on your contact list to send the images in their status to you. Just apply any of these tricks to have the pictures downloaded in your phone for free.

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