Best 6 Magical Google Extensions That People Forget To Use

Google Chrome is the most widely used Web browser due to its swift performance, clean interface and can sync easily with mobile devices. But Google’s browser also benefits from lots of useful extensions available on the Chrome Web Store. They are small software programs that customize the browsing activity. They enable users to customize Chrome functionality and performance to address their needs or preferences. They are created on web technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. That’s why it’s one of the best web browsers for android.

Regardless of the device you use, Google chrome extensions can do something good for you. Let’s say you have an ultrabook laptop and currently browsing in your google chrome, then unnecessary ads pop up. You might find it annoying but don’t worry, adding an ad block extension in your browser will help you avoid seeing these ads for a good browsing experience. Just remember that websites also gain their profit through advertisements.

There are also extensions that feature security purposes, one of these is the Blur add-on. It is a password management extension. It produces a strong, unique password for each account you open, improving your security and privacy. This extension saves your password, encrypting the password information using super-strong AES-256 (Advanced Encryption Standard – 256bit). This type of security is applicable in browsers only. If you want to secure your computer, you can check out simple ways to secure your computer

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Some extensions can also slow down your browser, so make sure you stick to what you think will be most useful. It can be ethically obscure or even malicious, but Chrome announced new restrictions on extension developers that should help mitigate that problem. Since there are lots of Google extensions out there, we forgot to put some of it to use. So here we’ve picked some of the best magical extensions.

Let’s take a closer look at these extensions that we’ve come across:

Smart tab Mute

If you tend to bounce between tons of various videos or music online, then you must know how much pain it can be to have sound coming from multiple tabs. Smart Tab Mute guarantees only one tab can play sound at a time.

If you’re playing audio in multiple tabs, Smart Tab Mute automatically mutes the first one until the second is done playing. After it is ended, it’ll start playing the last thing you had playing. If you listen to music in your browser, this can be a good way to stop the step of pausing it when playing or watching a video.

Marker 2.0

Marker 2.0 is a remarkably useful extension if you find yourself constantly taking screenshots and sending them to your team on Slack, Github, Trello, and more. Click one button and you’ll have an option to take a screenshot of the whole webpage or a particular part of it. You can interpret your screenshot with text, arrows, shapes, and emojis. 

Once you’re able to share it, select the tool you would like to use and input the relevant data. For example, if you want to send a screenshot to Slack, you’ll be granted the option to add it to a particular board and give the card a name directly from your browser window. You can also back up all of your screenshots so you’ve always got a spare copy.

OneNote Web Clipper

Microsoft’s OneNote is a great way as a workplace productivity tool when merged with the rest of the Office package. This extension lets users immediately clip all or part of a web page for easy source and editing, connected across your devices for easy access. A web clipper could be a feature-packed tool that can trim away ads and clutter, font adjustments, highlight text, or take select images or videos that you can then refer back to in the OneNote app.

Any.Do is one of the most preferred cross-platform to-do list apps, and the Chrome add-on helps you to seamlessly set your tasks and checklists to and from your mobile devices and your desktop. Users can produce new lists and reminders, simply organize with a drag-and-drop interface, add notes, share tasks and a lot more, all from your browser and synced across all your devices.


If you hover your mouse on any image on the supported websites, this extension will instinctively enlarge the image to its full size, making sure that it still fits into the browser window.

This is an open-source genre of the initial HoverZoom extension which is now overrun by malware and got deleted from the store. In this version all spyware has been taken away, several bugs were fastened and new features were added. It doesn’t collect any statistics by default. The sole permission it requires is to access data on all websites, and permissions to access browser history, download/save pictures or get tab URLs for per-site configuration.


Stylish enables you to customize the looks of different websites and web apps using CSS, permitting you to apply custom themes, change the color scheme of a site to make it uncomplicated for the eyes or even just squeeze fonts and animations. Featuring a broad number of users with themes for everything from Facebook to Gmail, Reddit, and more, Stylish lets you quickly apply community-created themes to your favorite sites or maybe produce and present your own for other users to apply.

Remember you can also create videos from Google Chrome using flexclip.

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We hope that this list will help you find something of value or you think you could use in your daily tasks. These extensions are a great way to lessen the work that needs to be done. Furthermore, reading the extensions used before installing them is very important because other extensions do not work properly or only designed to do a search and new tab pages. These types should always be avoided.

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