How To Use Zoom – The Best Video Conference Program

Among the many services able to manage large streaming video conferences without slowing down and at the highest quality, Zoom certainly stands out, little known to most ordinary people (used to using Skype) but widely used in large multinationals to be able to make video conferences between colleagues or entire departments.

Zoom has raised the level of video conferencing in recent years and it’s actually the best Video conference program at the moment.

If we are looking for a valid tool for corporate smart working or just a valid alternative to Skype just keep reading: in this complete guide we will show you how to use Zoom for free for video conferences, explaining how to install it on all platforms and how to start a simple video call and how to start a corporate conference call with numerous people (up to 1000 participants).

Zoom video conference

Guide to Zoom, the video conferencing service

The service can be installed for free after registering for an account; obviously we know the limits to the video conferences that can be carried out with the free account but this makes it possible to try Zoom in all scenarios (at home or in small businesses) and to decide, at a later time, to unlock all the features by paying a very large sum of money reasonable (as we will see in the chapter dedicated to prices).

How to install Zoom

To install Zoom on your computer, all you have to do is open the registration page of zoom, insert a valid email address and continue with the creation of the account from the link that will be provided to you via email.

Alternatively, you can also make use the buttons for quick registration with a Google account or a Facebook account, so as to quickly skip the phase of creating an account and immediately start using the service.

Once registration is completed, you will be able to create your first meeting, using the link provided on the website.

Once the account has been created you will only have to copy the link of the meeting created and start sharing it to the people with whom you want to carry out the meeting with.

If you want to use Zoom as a program for Windows or Mac, you can download it from the official website ; Also, if you want to use Zoom on a smartphone or tablet, you can download zoom for Android and zoom for iPhone / iPad respectively.

How to start a video conference on Zoom

Making a simple video call between two people is really very simple and, which should not be underestimated, it is not necessary for your interlocutor to have a Zoom account, since the service requires only a Host user (i.e. the one who starts the meeting and manages everything).

How to use zoom

To make the video call, open the Zoom site, click on Host a meeting at the top and choose With Video On.

The downloading of right client start on your device; at the end of the installation, the Host management interface will be started immediately.

Signup on zoom program


Using Zoom Via App

Of course, you can also start this interface from the app or program that you have previously downloaded, by logging in with the Zoom account and selecting New Meeting.

How To Invite Participants on Zoom Video Call

The meeting window will open with your webcam already active and working; to invite a person just press down on the Invite button and click on Copy URL .

You can then share this link on the chat, social media or by email, so that the other person only has to click on it to be able to start using Zoom immediately.

Clicking on the link will open a Web page where you can download Zoom and, at the end of the installation, the user will only have to choose his username and join the meeting, without even having an active Zoom account!

If the user already has Zoom installed on the computer, he can also directly open the app, press on Join and enter the meeting ID and password (always obtainable on the Invite screen, by clicking on Copy Invitation ).

Managing Participants on Zoom Video Conference

Obviously we can also add other people to the meeting by repeating the procedure seen above up to a maximum of 100 people; to check the people who already participate in the meeting just press down on Manage Participants and check the names of the users already connected.

Key Features of Zoom

Here are some interesting features of Zoom:

    • Raising hand detection system:

Zoom recognizes who raises his hand during the meeting and signals it to the host, who can thus listen to a specific question.

    • Screen sharing

The host’s screen can be shared to all participants, who will then be able to see what is done on the screen or how a certain program works.

  • Chat

Convenient chat where participants can leave questions or share files.

  • Registration

Each meeting can be recorded and downloaded locally in MP4 format.

  • Reactions

As on Facebook you can add smileys and reactions to what the host passes on the screen.

  • Audio source selection

You can leave only the audio of the host active and, on request, activate only the audio of the users consulted or who raise their hands.

  • Meeting

You can schedule meetings at set times and dates, complete with notifications and email alerts at the set time.

  • Virtual background

To hide or change the background by putting any image on it.

All these functions are also accessible with the free version of the program at the official site and app.

Differences Between Zoom Free Version and the Pro

In the free version of Zoom you can use it at the highest quality up to a maximum of 100 people in a meetings, but it has some limitations which includes:

  • if the meeting is between two people, there is no time limit on the duration of the video conference;
  • if instead 3 or more people participate in the meeting, you can carry out the videoconference for 40 minutes continuously, then the communication is interrupted and you will have to restart the meeting to continue.

Obviously you can remove this limitation by purchasing a user license of 13 € per month, as visible in the Zoom price screen. With the more expensive subscriptions, aimed at large companies and multinationals, we will also be able to increase the number of participants in the meeting from 300 to over 1000, always maintaining great quality in the transmission of videos.

How To Use Zoom: Video

Watch how to use Zoom in this video below:

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Final Verdicts

The Zoom service quickly became the real and only rival of Skype, also considering its unique features, the simplicity with which it is possible to create a new meeting for video conferences, complete with a reminder of the most important events.

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