Technology You Need to Work from Home

Due to the unforeseen circumstances of the coronavirus, a lot of businesses and individuals have seen themselves shift from working in an office environment to now more remote working at home. The transition itself may have been an odd one, but now many businesses are starting to discover the benefits of having their staff work at home in a space that they are familiar and comfortable with.

tech to work from home

However, to work from home effectively there is a lot of technology and applications workers need to be able to work effectively and safely. Most organizations should be able to provide the essentials such as laptops and work phones, but the rest of the stuff, and there is a substantial amount, is all up to you. Here is some of the technology you need to be able to work remotely at home more effectively.


Despite just stating that most companies can provide laptops, many home workers will find themselves perform a lot better if they invest in a robust desktop computer. There are plenty of good reasons for this, including how a desktop computer is a lot faster and has a higher amount of RAM, making it perfect for multitasking, and its bigger screen also allows for duel-screening to be done more easily. However, perhaps the most important benefit is that a desktop helps you keep a better posture while working, as it means you won’t be hunched over a laptop all day, which could seriously harm your back. Of course, the downside of a desktop is that it isn’t mobile, meaning you can’t take it with you to a coffee shop when you need a change of scenery.

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Office Chair

Investing in a proper office chair that can support your back and help you maintain the correct posture can be really beneficial as it can help you avoid injuries such as lower back pain as well as neck troubles through craning your neck. Office chairs also offer customization options, such as adjusting the arm rests and angle of the backrest, helping you create a chair that best fits your form.

Network Security

Working remotely opens up your computers and devices to a lot more security risks than there would have been at an office, and that’s because you may not have comparable security features. To help keep your documents and data secure, it may be worth getting yourself a VPN, which is a tool that logs you onto a different server, meaning you can use even the most unsecure Wi-Fi hotspot without being able to get hacked by strangers. There’s also cloud security that uses encryption to protect data as well as firewalls, which can all be installed by an experienced IT specialist such as Online Computers.

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Noise Cancelling Headphones

There’s potential for there to be a lot of distractions at home, especially if you have young children or a spouse knocking about at home too. A great way to stay focused is using noise-cancelation headphones. These can help muffle the sounds around you to help you stay in the zone and concentrate on your work. Getting one with a microphone also means they can be used in video conferencing and phone calls too.

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