DLS 25: 11 Features We Want to See in Dream League Soccer 2025

Dream League Soccer 2025 (DLS 25) is one of the most anticipated games for soccer fans. Though, we are still enjoying the DLS 24 gameplay, some features are still not available. As fans, we have our wishlist of features that would make the game even more exciting and realistic. Here are eleven features we’d love to see in DLS 25.

1. View Other Leagues and Cup Winners

Currently, top teams like Arsenal, Liverpool, Tottenham, Manchester United, and Chelsea might get relegated in the game. It would be great to follow these teams and see how they perform in lower divisions. Additionally, showcasing the winners of bronze, silver, and gold cups would add depth to the game.

DLS 25

2. Transfer News Updates

Keeping track of player transfers is essential for soccer fans. Imagine seeing big moves like João Félix joining Madrid from Barcelona. A news ticker at the bottom of the pause menu could keep players updated on the latest transfers, making the game more immersive just as seen in the EA Sports FC game.

3. Detailed Team and Player Ratings

Understanding player ratings and stats can enhance gameplay strategy. Implementing player ratings similar to old FIFA games would provide valuable insights into each player’s strengths and weaknesses, making team management more challenging and engaging.

4. Player and Team of the Year Awards

Celebrating the best players and teams at the end of each season adds excitement. A Ballon d’Or-style award presentation for the Player of the Year and a Team of the Season selection would give players goals to aim for and celebrate their achievements.

Player of the Year Award in Dream League Soccer 2025

5. Revamped Exhibition Matches

Exhibition matches should be more customizable and exciting. Players should have the option to choose their opponent or play classic matchups like El Clásico with authentic lineups, adding variety and replay value to the game.

6. Detailed Match Ratings and Player Stats

Providing match ratings, detailed player stats, and a DLS squad list would add depth to the gameplay experience. Stats like goals scored with each foot, average minutes played per match, and set-piece goals would allow players to analyze performance and make informed decisions.

7. Dressing Room Preview

Adding a camera feature to capture the dressing room in Dream League Soccer 2025 would provide players with a unique visual experience, allowing them to take a virtual tour of their customized environment and feel more connected to their team.

This feature would showcase the personalized team colors, logos, and decorations chosen by the player, while also displaying animated interactions between teammates, coaches, and staff members, adding realism and depth to the game.

Additionally, the camera could focus on the tactical board, offering valuable insights into team strategy and preparation for upcoming matches. Incorporating dynamic updates like injury reports and team news into the dressing room camera feed would keep players informed and engaged, enhancing immersion and personalization.

Overall, the camera capturing the dressing room would elevate the gaming experience in DLS 25 by combining visual appeal, realism, and tactical insight, making it more engaging and enjoyable for fans of soccer and sports simulation games.

Dream League Soccer 2025 Dressing Room

8. Enhanced Free Kicks

Giving players control over the camera during free kicks and the option to choose between knuckleball and curl would add realism and skill to free-kick situations, making them more challenging and satisfying to execute.


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9. Unique Animations for Popular Players

Capturing the unique playing styles of famous players like Messi, Ronaldo, Haaland, and Vinícius Jr. would add authenticity to the game. These players should move and behave differently from generic players, reflecting their real-life skills and techniques.

Dream League Soccer 2025 Players

10. End-of-Season Transfer Window

Replacing the live transfer system with an end-of-season transfer window would add excitement and strategy to the game. Players could save up coins season after season to sign any player they want during this special transfer window, making each season’s end more rewarding and strategic.

DLS 25 Transfer Window

11. Changing Team Kits in Dream League Live Match

This has been a major flaw in Dream League Soccer’s online game. Players are unable to switch Jerseys when starting a match with another live opponent online. This sometimes results in Jersey conflicts (two teams using similar jerseys) which is confusing and affects the game experience negatively. So, if this is addressed in DLS 25, it will be a welcome development.



These features would not only make Dream League Soccer 2025 more realistic but also enhance the gameplay experience for fans. Implementing these suggestions could make DLS 25 the best soccer game yet, appealing to both casual players and hardcore fans alike. We hope the developers consider these ideas and make DLS 25 a game to remember!

Which other features would you like to be added to DLS 25? Let’s discuss this in the comments section below.


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