Download DLS 20 Apk Mod OBB (Dream League Soccer 2020) 7.41

A new update is rolled out! Download DLS 20 Apk Mod + OBB Data 7.41 with unlimited coins cheat, diamonds and updated player transfers. Dream League Soccer 2020 for Android and iPhone is an offline and online multiplayer football simulation game that rewards you with coins for winning. It is an upgrade of DLS 19 developed by First Touch Games (FTG).

In DLS 2020, career mode is now online but exhibition (friendly) matches are played offline. Also there is “quick sub” which allows you one-click to substitute a tired or injured player without pausing the match.

Another interesting addition in is the “form boost” feature which lets you temporary upgrade players instantly. Just make sure you read this article till the end to know everything about the game.

Dream League Soccer is an addictive football career game where you become a coach, select an armature football club from the lowest ranked division at low difficulty level and try to climb all the way to the Elite Division by winning trophies, unlocking achievements and acquiring coins and gems.

It features a brand new “manager mode” where you are allowed to choose a manager, name him and also customize how he looks. There are now diamonds, gems and other coins to upgrade Stadium facilities upgrade players and also buy players.

DLS 20 Game

DLS 20 Apk is an upgrade to the trendy DLS 19 app released in the last quarters of the year 2018 but there are some shortcomings like making career online, poor graphics (compared to 2019 version), locked formation and in fact, everything requires money in this DLS 2020 game.

Though I can say it’s been fun playing this amazing soccer game in the past couple of weeks especially after new updates were released to fix some bugs.

Have a look at my first first game in the Junior Elite Division but mind you, I later won and went on reach the prestigious and highly difficult Elite Division.

I started afresh in Dream League Soccer 2020 and have started building a new career and developing my players. Once I am done, you will meet me (Mokoweb Blog FC) at Dream League Online (DLO).

Dls 20 gameplay

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Dream League Soccer 2020 simply called DLS 20 is an Online game with support for multiplayer mode.

With just 332MB file size making it easy to download and install. It’s similar to First Touch Soccer 2020.

Many gamers using phone with low RAM and memory sees Dream League Soccer as an alternative to PES and FIFA games that usually requires huge file size and memory sizes to download and install.

Dream League Soccer 2020 App Details

App Name DLS 20
File Size 332MB
Category Sports, Football, Entertainment, Gaming
Version 7.41
Developer First Touch Games Ltd.
O.S. Android 6.0 and above
Updated July 14, 2020
Released January 14, 2020
Rating 4.1/5
Price Free
OS Requirement Android 5.0 and up
Downloads 10,000,000+
Licence FIFPro

DLS 20 Unlimited Coins, Diamonds

Learn how to get DLS 20 unlimited coins although the official version of Dream League Soccer 2020 comes with no cheat rather you will have to merit it through gameplay by winning possibly all matches.


Another legit way of getting unlimited coins in DLS 20 is by watching ads videos in the game.

One trick here is you can actually watch as many videos as you want without playing any game. To do this, open the game, click on “free +30” and watch how your coins increases.

After that, close the game and open it again and you will see another “30 coins“. Continue this procedure to get unlimited coins.

Note that you must have active internet while doing this. Get latest free internet cheats if data is your problem.

However, DLS 2020 mod comes with cheats such as unlimited coins, unlimited diamond, gems and player upgrades, acquisition of bigger stadia, removing of fatigues and replaying of lost matches.

Note that in the regular version, you can’t quit and restart a match you are loosing and if you try to trick the system, you will automatically loose the match with 3:0 deficit.

This is overridden in the DLS 20 mod cheats edition. So you will have to download the modded version to get the cheat.


Dream League Online (DLO)

“DLO XP” was introduced in this 2020 edition of Dream League Soccer and players get rewarded with DLO XP points after winning or drawing a match in Dream League online.

Dream League online is a multiplayer mode where you are matched with other players in real-time to battle it out from tier 20 to the ultimate tier 1.

You will suffer in multiplayer mode if you play against opponents with cheats. This is because, most if not all players are upgraded, rated 100% in all attributes thereby making them unplayable no matter how you try using official version.

But thanks to this new version, cheats are almost removed so an opponent with upgraded players merited it either through gameplay or watching of videos ads.

In this game, if an opponent quits a match you are winning, they forfeits the match and loss by 3:0 deficit.

As for me, I started enjoying this latest Dream League Soccer 2020 apk in January 2020 on my Android 9 Smartphone.

So before publishing this post, I have tested and confirmed that DLS 20 works on Samsung Galaxy phones, Nokia Android phones, Xiaomi redmi phones, Tecno, Infinix, iTel, Gionee, and Huawei phones without errors.

It’s likely that it will also work on other smartphones running at least 2GB of RAM with at least 16GB inbuilt memory.

Download Dream League Soccer cheat here to get unlimited coins and upgrade your team without paying real money.

Download Links For DLS 20 Mod Apk

DLS 2020 MOD Version

Download DLS 20 Mod Apk

DLS 2020 Official Version

Dream League Soccer 2020 Apk

Descargar dream league soccer 2020 monedas infinitas

NOTE: the first link is the dls mod mediafire download link while the second link is the official Google play store download link for the original dls20 game which is now globally available and updated.

So just make use of one link unless one didn’t work for you, then you can use the alternate link. I highly recommend the second link. 

How To Install DLS 20 Mod Game for Android

1. First download DLS 20 zip from the link above and extract it using extracting app.

2. Use this password mokoweb.
3. Install the apk file.
4. Now transfer the data folder to this path Internal >> Android >> data
5. Finally, locate the DLS apk app and tap on it to launch and play.

DLS 2020 teams

Hacking Of DLS 2020

I will tell you the simple truth which is; you can’t hack dream league soccer 2020 and if you try to hack it, you will be banned from playing the game. Again, Dream League Soccer 2020 has no profile data.

If you continue to try to hack or cheat, you will receive a message as quoted below.

“Your account is BLOCKED from playing multiplayer due to activity that we believe goes against the fair play spirit of our games and therefore our terms of use”

See image confirmation below.

Blocked dls 20 account

So you have to play the game normally with what you have because FTG has finally eliminated unscrupulous gaming habits in the system.

However, the only genuine way to hack DLS 20 is to boost your players form with “diamonds”. With this trick you can increase your players attributes to 100% but this normally lasts for just two matches and after that, the players will return to their original attributes.

You can also permanently upgrade your players rating with diamonds and with coaches which you get when you release players from your squad. 

But if you insist, get DLS 20 Gold edition here to enjoy cheats.

DLS 2020 Cheat

The best cheat is using the best formation that suits all your players attributes.

Once you discover your best formation, then try to win matches and watch ads to get enough coins and gems to buy top players.

After that, then you use your coins and gems to permanently upgrade your players abilities.

If you want your players to be even stronger in tackling, running at highest speed, defending and scoring goals, then you use the “form boost” feature to boost your players form one by one.

Other dls 20 cheats includes passing the ball around within your goalkeeper area to keep possession especially when winning a match. Learn how to get unlimited coins on DLS.

How to Perform Skills

You can perform some skillful moves like leg-over, snake bite, nutmeg and so on by swiping your screen to the left, right or by rotational movement while you are with the ball. However, you need to understand that skillful players like Hazard, Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar, Mbape, etc, performs more better and accurate skills.

DLS 20 Kits

Find out all team kits in this game below.

  • Dream League Soccer 2020 FC Barcelona kits
  • Dream League Soccer 2020 Chelsea kits
  • Dream League Soccer 2020 Bayern Munchen kits
  • Dream League Soccer 2020 Manchester United kits
  • Dream League Soccer 2020 Juventus kits
  • Dream League Soccer 2020 Real Madrid kits
  • Arsenal Kits Dream 2020 League Soccer
  • Dream League Soccer PSG kits
  • 2020 Dream League Soccer Liverpool kits and more.

Get all these DLS 20 kits now if you need original and official jerseys for your preferred team on dream league soccer 2020. You can also get other dls kits if you need alternative options.

Featured Players

DLS20 features all the top super stars from different clubs and leagues in the world such as Mohammed Salah, Christiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Eden Hazard, Sanchez, Morata, Neymar, Harry Kane, Gabriel Jesus, Suarez, Gareth Bale, Lewandowski, Dybala, Icardi, Raheem Sterling, Kylian Mbappe, Vigil Van Dyjk, Ngolo Kante, Lacina Traore, Hakim Ziyech and so on. These are among the top rated footballers in Dream League Soccer this year.

Featured Leagues And Clubs

Dream League Soccer 2020 evolution has many leagues including English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, French League 1, Italian Seria A, German Bundesliga, Chinese Super League and so on. Teams like Real Madrid, Barcelona, Chelsea, Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester City, Tottenham, (Juventus), AC Milan, Inter Milan, PSG, Roma, Bayern Munich are all included in this version on DLS 19 Apk online.

Unfortunately, Juventus is named “Turin” in Dream League Soccer 20 maybe because of limited FIFPro License. Also faces of players are not as real as in the previous version. The developers has a lot of work to do in the coming updates to improve the game for the better if they really want fans to leave DLS 19 for DLS 20.

Featured National Teams

If you qualify for International Cup Tournaments in Dream League Soccer, you will then play against national teams that includes Belgium, England, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Mexico, Portugal, France and some other top European teams. African teams such as Cameroon, Tunisia, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, South Africa and Egypt are also available.

download dream league soccer 2020

Features of DLS 20 Apk Data Mod

  • Manager mode
  • Recruit Scouts and agents to help you identify top players to sign to your squad
  • 8 divisions to become a legend
  • Quick Substitution (Auto sub)
  • Unlimited Coin
  • Form boost
  • Unlimited Diamond
  • Full HD Graphics (1080p)
  • All player Unlocked
  • New free-kick mode
  • Improved keepers throwing and servicing
  • Availability of Gems
  • Over 3,500 FIFPro licensed players
  • Select new graphic options that suits your smartphone
  • Build your own empire from your own Stadium to medical, commercial and training facilities.
  • Customize your team kits and logos or simply import your favorite team kits.
  • Participate in regular events to win prizes.
  • Sign a coach and use him to develop your players technical and physical abilities.
  • All Transfer unlocked
  • New 3D motion-captured kicks, tackles, celebrations and goalkeeper saves.
  • New UI Design
  • New Background & Splash Screen
  • New Control Button
  • New Song
  • New Player Card Background
  • New Adboard (Latest)
  • Christiano Ronaldo in Juventus.
  • Shirt Numbers updated
  • Hud (New Controll button & radar)
  • The team have more than 7 cups in up to 6 divisions and the achievements and leadership are all available.
  • It comes with top players with exceptional skills
  • The game is more realistic while playing
  • New cover stars are Luis Suarez and Gareth Bale
  • There is an updating of the commentary and soundtracks
  • You can also purchase new players and this is from the transfer market when the transfer window opens
  • You can develop players and team of your own
  • You can Construct or build your stadium
  • Available synchronization
  • And Many More new features.
  • Interactive digital purchases may apply for premium players.

champions first touch challenge

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How To Play Dream League Soccer 2020 Mod

You can play this game offline, online and via wifi with your friends on multiplayer connection or with a total stranger online when connected to the internet.

As a beginner, you will have to setup the game, choose an amateur team, name it and customize your team kit if you want. Then, start from the lowest division and try to win matches and trophies in order to acquire enough coins to buy players, upgrade Stadium, buy team kits and so on.

Other benefits of winning enough trophies is that your Dream Team will become formidable and rated among the best in the world.

I have won all the trophies available in DLS 20, just remaining the toughest cup which is Dream League Legendary All Stars which I have qualified to play just once. I believe in my next trial, I will win the trophy and beat my chest as the best.

As you can see from the screenshots here, I have climbed to the elite league division and have signed some amazing players to my team (Wizy FC) such as Eden Hazard, Robert Lewandowski, Ngolo Kante, Benteke, Subbotic, Mo Salah, Rakitic etc. This has enabled me to win a lot of matches, trophies and unlock many achievements.

Anyway, the name of my main customized team in DLS20 is “mokoweb blog fc”. When you meet me online, signify by laughing 🤣

Best DLS 2020 Formation

The best formation in the game is 3-5-2. I have unlocked all formations and played them severally to come to the conclusion that 3-5-2 with tactics set to “moderate” is the best team formation in dream league soccer 2020.

This is because the formation allows you to control the midfield, it gives your team extra width with wingers who attacks from left and right flanks.

Additionally, it allows the two strikers to focus on their main job of finding spaces in opposition defense area to attack and score goals.

Defensively, the wingers support in defense by tracking back whenever they looses possession of the ball. This formation is very effective and will help you defeat your Dream League Online opponents.

dls 20 formation

Team Formation

As you can see from the picture above, my squad is made up of superstars and with this team and my formation, I can beat anyone.

In defense, I have Goalkeeper Marc-André ter Stegen and in central defense I have the trio of Sergio Ramos, Van Dijk and Chiellini.

In defensive midfield, there is Paul Pogba and Luka Modric while the wingers are Lionel Messi and Neymar.

The attacking midfielder that dictates play and spread killer passes is Kevin De Bruyne while the two center forwards are Christiano Ronaldo and Anthoine Griezmann. I bet you, you can’t beat me.

My substitutes consists of Koulibaly, Ivan Rakitic, Eden Hazard, Raheem Sterling, Mo Salah, Eriksen, Dybala, Mahrez, Harry Maguire, Firmino, and Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Other good formations are 4-4-2, 4-3-3 and 3-4-3 formation. To play a more defensive game that makes it hard for your opponents to score you, play 4-1-4-1 formation.

See more official Dream League Soccer 2020 pictures.

Dream League Soccer 2020 Tournaments and Difficulty Levels

  • Academy division = 5%
  • Amateur division = 10%
  • Bronze Cup = 20%
  • Division 3 = 20%
  • Silver Cup = 30%
  • Division 2 = 30%
  • Gold Cup = 40%
  • Diamond Cup = 50%
  • Division 1 = 50%
  • Elite division = 50%
  • Elite cup = 50%
  • Global Challenge cup = 50%
  • Elite division all stars = 80%
  • International Cup = 80%
  • Dream All Time Legendary Stars = 100%
  • First touch games All Stars = 100%
  • Clone Club Challenge = 100%
  • Legendary division = 100%
  • Ultimate challenge Cup = 100+%
  • AllStar Cup = 100%

AllStar Cup

This tournament consists of cup competitions of Allstars gattered from different continents of the world. Here, you will play against the best players in each continent combined. The teams includes;

  • African Allstars
  • North European Allstars
  • South American Allstars

What’s New in DLS 2020?

  • Penalty shootout when online multiplayer match ends in a draw
  • Team data update with all the winter transfers and more!
  • Dream League Live – play across the world with new online events!
  • Training centre improvements – Now choose your unlocked formations
  • Gameplay Improvements for our best experience yet
  • Change the way you play! Button scaling options for big and small hands
  • New and improved shop with all your favourites, and even more value packs!
  • Upgraded player faces for added realism!
  • Ball boys
  • Graphical improvements & updates
  • Game is released globally
  • New manager mode
  • Quick sub
  • Agents and scouting
  • New graphic options
  • New player health management
  • Stadium facilities and hospitals
  • Millions Of Coins
  • Unlimited Players Development
  • All Players Unlocked
  • Online multiplayer mode
  • Player upgrade cheats
  • New UI design
  • New Team management Pitch
  • New Control Button
  • Legendary Team Kits And Logo
  • New Control Buttons
  • New Background
  • New DLO Rating
  • HD Clear View
  • New online event type featuring knockout cups
  • Team boost mechanism that allow you improve your team performance instantly during match play.
  • Special selected player feature allowing you sign an enhanced player with boosted stats.
  • New Arabic language support
  • More background music added – for example, BETSIE GOLD added to top-class soundtracks.
  • Smoother gameplay improvement.

What’s New in Version 7.41

  • Bug fixes

TIPS For Better GamePlay:

  1. If your gameplay is slow or sluggish in Dream League Soccer 2020, just go to settings > Advance > Graphic options. Then select a lower graphic quality and the game will run smoothly even with poor internet.
  2. To play a set-piece such as free kick or Penalty kicks, use the fingers on your left hand to direct the position you want to shoot and why still holding it in that direction, use your thumb in your right hand to tap the “A” button to shoot.
  3. If you need more official jerseys, boots etc, check DLS 20 kits to download the kits for your favorite club.
  4. Upgrade your stadium capacity to be able to progress to a higher division.

Some fans are not happy with this version of the game. Here is what one fan tweeted.

This Dls 2020 is crap. Too difficult to play. Everything you want to do is money. You can’t even change team formation without paying. Just press B to pass- it’ll turn to long ball. The graphics is not as good as 2019. I don’t see any improvement

But I disagree with him in terms of being difficult to play because once you set the graphic option that suits your device capability, the game will run fast. Also, the gameplay has been improved and long ball cheats has being drastically reduced. In this version, don’t expect to play all those long balls from keeper to striker. LOL.

In terms of graphics, I concur that 2019 graphic is better than 2020 graphics because players look more real in previous version than in this new version.

How To Install And Play Dream League Soccer 2020 If It’s Not Available In Your Country

For fans and players in Nigeria, South Africa and other countries where DLS 2020 is not yet available for, follow this guidelines to by bypass the limitation and install the game on your phone.
1.Download kiwi VPN
2. Connect to Singapore
3.Go on settings and clear Play Store data
4.Go to play store
5.Search DLS
6.Scroll down to developer games and you will find dls 20
7.Install the game
8.Enjoy and have fun😀😀😀

upgrade player

Upgrading of Players

How to Uninstall DLS 2020

To uninstall the game at any time;

  • Go to “settings” on your Android
  • Scroll down to “Applications”
  • Look for “DLS20”
  • Click on it and select “uninstall”
  • The game will be removed from your device.

Alternative way to uninstall the game is by going to app menu, long-press the dls app until options appear, click on the three dotted icon to reveal app info. Then click on “uninstall” to remove the game from your device.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Check out the commonly asked questions about this game and the answers.

QTN 1: If I install Dream League Soccer 2020, will it replace Dream League Soccer 2019 already installed in my phone?

ANSWER: No. DLS 20 is a standalone app and will run differently from DLS 20. So you can have both games in one phone.

QTN 2: Will my DLS data including team, players, jersey, logo and game progress be transferred to DLS 20?

ANSWER: Unfortunately, you will loose all your previous game data when you start playing DLS 20. So the data is not transferable.

QTN 3: If I change my phone, can I import or transfer my DLS 2020 game data (game progress) to my new phone and continue from there?

ANSWER: You can’t transfer your game progress to new device. The game will just see you as a new user so you start afresh. We just hope the developers fix this.

QTN 4: Can I hack DLS 20?

ANSWER: No, you can’t and if you continue trying, your dream league account will be banned.

QTN 5: Can I play DLS 19 and DLS 20 in one phone?

ANSWER: Yes you can install both games in one phone and play.

QTN 6: Is dream league soccer 2020 offline or online?

ANSWER: The career and DLO mode are online while exhibition matches are played offline so it’s safe to say that the game is both online and offline.

QTN 7: I have installed it but the game keeps shutting down, why?

ANSWER: The game is developed with a very powerful graphic engine so for it to run smoothly, your Android phone should have open GL Es 3.0 and above. It should run perfectly on android devices running on 3GB RAM or higher and a very good processor. However, if you feel the game graphic is too poor and it runs sluggishly, just go to game settings > advanced > graphic options and choose “low graphics” and it will run better.

QTN 8: Which one is better DLS 19 and DLS 20?

ANSWER: In terms of fair play, DLS 20 is better but in terms of graphics and overall gameplay, DLS 2019 is better. At least for now unless the developers will improve the 2020 version in subsequent updates. Remember to see the 2024 Dream League Soccer Game as well.

About Dream League Soccer

Note that Dream League Soccer 2020 is an association football video game developed and published by First Touch Games, a game developer from Oxford, England, for iOS and Android. Dream League Soccer is a multiplayer/single-player game for Android and iOS. This means you can enjoy multiplayer mode on DLS 20 and also get unlimited coins.


Just as mentioned above, Mokoweb discourages downloading APK or Modified apps or games from third-party sites. We at Mokoweb recommend you download all your mobile apps/games from Apple® AppStore and Google Play™; as they are the two biggest official app stores. You can go there to download mobile applications for your iPhone or Android device.

So it is advisable to download the game or app from the link we provided in the post above so you can support the developer by making an in-app purchase with a little token if there is any.


  • the service/app has not been developed by us: in this article, we simply make the review/report, as we do with every other apps/ game for Windows PC, Mac, smartphone and tablet Android and iOS
  • if you use the app or service illegally, do so at your own risk, assuming the responsibilities of the case
  • this article is for information purposes only, to respond to all the emails we receive every day since responding individually to everyone became complicated
  • this article does not in any way entice the user to violate any copyright of the content but is intended as disclosure of information on the operation of app/extension/add-on/Internet sites already present and available online and easily identified with a simple Google search
  • I strongly discourage the use of these services, since I do not know if they are legal or not

I have successfully built two formidable dream teams – “ FC” and “Wizy FC” where I have already signed Eden Hazard, Sterling, Ngolo Kante, Nainggolan, Rakitic, Salah, Diego Costa, Liwandoski, David Alaba, Cedric, Subotic, and Williams. Can you beat me? I doubt. Hahahahahaa…

Thanks for reading my post on Dream League Soccer 2020, DLS 20 apk. I hope you found what you were looking for. Please don’t go without hitting the SHARE buttons to let your friends on social media know about this amazing game as well.


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