Download and install DLS 20 Apk Mod + OBB Data files offline version with unlimited coins. Download Dream League Soccer 2020 for Android which is an upgrade of DLS 19 mod by FTG. It is an addictive football career game where you become a coach, select an armature football club from the lowest ranked division at low difficulty level and try to join the Elite Division by winning trophies, unlocking achievements and acquiring coins. It features a brand new “manager mode” where you are allowed to choose a manager, name him and also customize how he looks.

DLS 20 Apk is an upgrade to the trendy DLS 19 app released in the last quarters of the year 2018 but it’s coming rather too early, though I can say it’s been fun playing this amazing soccer game in the past couple of weeks. Have a look at my first first game in the Junior Elite Division but mind you, I later won and went on reach the prestigious and highly difficult Elite Division.

Note that some of the images here are not the official ones but you can check official Dream league soccer 2020 images.

Dls 20 gameplay

Dream League Soccer 2020 simply called DLS 20 Apk for Android is an Offline game with just 350MB file size making it easy to download and install. It’s similar to First Touch Soccer 2020. Many gamers using phone with low RAM and memory sees Dream League Soccer as an alternative to PES and FIFA games that usually requires huge file size and memory sizes to download and install.

Dream League Soccer Cheats

The official version of Dream League Soccer 2020 comes with no cheat rather you will have to merit it through gameplay by winning possibly all matches. However, DLS 2020 mod comes with cheats such as unlimited coins, player upgrades, acquisition of bigger stadia, removing of fatigues and replaying of lost matches. Note that in the regular version, you can’t quit and restart a match you are loosing and if you try to trick the system, you will automatically loose the match with 3:0 deficit. This is overridden in the DLS 20 mod cheats edition.

You will suffer in multiplayer mode if you play against opponents with cheats. This is because, most if not all players are upgraded, rated 100% in all attributes thereby making them unplayable no matter how you try using official version. Also opponents using the modded version can annoyingly quit a match you are winning and it will return as “annulled match”. But if you try to quit a match you are loosing using the official dream league soccer, you forfeit it and loss by 3:0.

As for me, I started enjoying this latest Dream League Soccer 2020 apk few weeks ago on my android phone. So before publishing this post, I have tested and confirmed that DLS 20 works on Samsung Galaxy phones, Nokia Android phones, Xiaomi redmi phones, Tecno, Infinix, iTel, Gionee, and Huawei phones without errors. It’s likely that it will also work on other smartphones running at least 1GB of RAM with at least 16GB inbuilt memory.

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Download Dream League Soccer cheat here to get unlimited coins and upgrade your team without paying real money.

Team management

Free Working Download Link For DLS 20 Mod

  • Download DLS 20 apk, obb and data files from this mediafire link.
  • Or download from here.

Descargar dream league soccer 2020 monedas infinitas

How To Install DLS 20 Mod Game for Android

1. First download DLS 20 zip from any of the links above and extract it using extracting app
2. Install the apk file but don’t open yet
3. Next move the existing folder in the obb folder to Intenal >> Android >> Obb.
4. Now transfer the existing folder in the data folder Internal >> Android >> data
5. Finally, locate the DLS apk app and tap on it to launch and play.

Dls 20 players

Note that Dream League Soccer 2020 is an association football video game developed and published by First Touch Games, a game developer from Oxford, England, for iOS and Android. Dream League Soccer is a multiplayer/single-player game for Android and iOS. This means you can enjoy multiplayer mode on DLS 20 and also get unlimited coins.

Team lineups

Clubs/Team Kits

  • Dream League Soccer 2020 FC Barcelona kits
  • Dream League Soccer 2020 Chelsea kits
  • Dream League Soccer 2020 Bayern Munich kits
  • Dream League Soccer 2020 Manchester United kits
  • Dream League Soccer 2020 Juventus kits
  • Dream League Soccer 2020 Real Madrid kits
  • Arsenal Kits Dream 2020 League Soccer
  • Dream League Soccer PSG kits
  • 2020 Dream League Soccer Liverpool kits and more.

Get all these DLS team kits now if you need original and official jerseys from your preferred team on dream league soccer 2020.

Featured Players

DLS20 features all the top super stars from different clubs and leagues in the world such as Mohammed Salah, Christiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Eden Hazard, Sanchez, Morata, Neymar, Harry Kane, Gabriel Jesus, Suarez, Gareth Bale, Lewandowski, Dybala, Icardi, Raheem Sterling, Kylian Mbappe, Vigil Van Dyjk, Ngolo Kante, and so on. These are among the top rated footballers in Dream League Soccer this year.

Featured Leagues And Clubs

Dream League Soccer 2020 evolution has many leagues including English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, French League 1, Italian Seria A, German Bundesliga, Chinese Super League and so on. Teams like Real Madrid, Barcelona, Chelsea, Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester City, Tottenham, Juventus, AC Milan, Inter Milan, PSG, Roma, Bayern Munich are all included in this version on DLS 19 Apk online.

Featured National Teams

If you qualify for International Cup Tournaments in Dream League Soccer, you will then play against national teams that includes Belgium, England, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Mexico, Portugal, France and some other top European teams. African teams such as cameroon, Tunisia, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, South Africa and Egypt are also available.

Players and referee

Features of DLS 20 Apk Data Mod (Dream League Soccer 2020)

  • UEFA Champions League Features,
  • UEFA Champions League All Team And Players,
  • Unlimited Coin
  • Full HD Graphics (1080p)
  • All player Unlocked
  • All Transfer unlocked
  • Unlimited Player Development (Not Working)
  • New UI Design
  • New Background & Splash Screen
  • New Control Button
  • New Song
  • New Player Card Background
  • New Adboard (Latest)
  • Christiano Ronaldo in Juventus.
  • Kylian Mbappe in PSG.
  • Exported
  • Shirt Number
  • Hud (New Controll button & radar)
  • The team have more than 7 cups in up to 6 divisions and the achievements and leadership are all available.
  • It comes with top players and exceptional skills
  • The game is more realistic while playing is on and the new cover stars are Andres Iniesta and Gareth Bale
  • There is an updating of the commentary and soundtracks
  • An inclusion of the 2019 UEFA Champions League is in this version.
  • You can also purchase new players and this is from the transfer market when the transfer window opens
  • You can develop players and team of your own
  • You can Construct or build your stadium
  • Available synchronisation
  • And Many More new features.
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Robert Lewandowski Scores

Important Information

  • Name: DLS 20
  • Game Size: about 350mb
  • Developer: First Touch Games (FTG)
  • Platform: Android 4.1 and above
  • Password: no password required
  • Times downloaded: over 306,000+
  • Latest update: December 20, 2019
  • Game version: 5.0
  • Rating: 4.5+
  • Interactive digital purchases may apply for premium players.

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Player transfers updates

How To Play Dream League Soccer 2020 Mod

You can play this game offline, online and via wifi with your friends on multiplayer connection or with a total stranger online when connected to the internet.

As a beginner, you will choose an amateur team and start from the lowest division and try to win matches and trophies in order to acquire enough coins to buy players, upgrade Stadium, buy team kits and so on.

Other benefits of winning enough trophies is that your Dream Team will become formidable and rated among the best in the world. I have won all the trophies available in DLS 20, just remaining the toughest cup which is Dream League Legendary All Stars which I have qualified to play just once. I believe in my next trial, I will win the trophy and beat my chest as the best.

As you can see from the screenshots here, I have climbed to the elite league division and have signed some amazing players to my team (Wizy FC) such as Eden Hazard, Robert Lewandowski, Ngolo Kante, Benteke, Subbotic, Mo Salah, Rakitic etc. This has enabled me to win a lot of matches, trophies and unlock many achievements.

See how to setup and gameplay video of dream league soccer 2020 below.

Dream League Soccer 2020 Tournaments and Difficulty Levels

  • Lowest Amateur division = 10%
  • Junior division = 20%
  • Junior elite division = 30%
  • Elite division = 50%
  • Elite cup = 50%
  • Global Challenge cup = 50%
  • Elite division all stars = 80%
  • International Cup = 80%
  • Dream All Time Legendary Stars = 100%
  • First touch games All Stars = 100%
  • Clone Club Challenge = 100%
  • Legendary division = 100%
  • Ultimate challenge Cup = 100+%

Customize team

What’s New in DLS 2020?

  • New manager mode
  • Agents and scouting
  • New player health management
  • Stadium facilities and hospitals
  • Millions Of Coins
  • Unlimited Players Development
  • All Players Unlocked
  • New Splash Screens
  • Online multiplayer mode
  • Player upgrade cheats
  • New UI design
  • New Team management Pitch
  • New Control Button
  • Legendary Team Kits And Logo
  • New Control Buttons
  • New Background
  • New DLO Rating
  • HD Clear View
  • New Music
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TIPS: If you need more official jerseys, boots etc, check DLS 20 kits to download the kits for your favorite club.

How To Install And Play Dream League Soccer 2020 If It’s Not Available In Your Country

For fans and players in Nigeria, South Africa and other countries where DLS 2020 is not yet available for, follow this guidelines to by bypass the limitation and install the game on your phone.
1.Download kiwi VPN
2. Connect to Singapore
3.Go on settings and clear Play Store data
4.Go to play store
5.Search DLS
6.Scroll down to developer games and you will find dls 20
7.Install the game
8.Enjoy and have fun😀😀😀

Man of the match


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I have successfully build a formidable dream team called Wizy FC where I have already signed Eden Hazard, Sterling, Ngolo Kante, Nainggolan, Rakitic, Salah, Diego Costa, Liwandoski, David Alaba, Cedric, Subotic, and Williams. Can you beat me? I doubt. Hahahahahaa…

Thanks for reading my post on Dream League Soccer 2020, DLS 20 apk. I hope you found what you were looking for. Please don’t go without hitting the SHARE buttons to let your friends on social media know about this amazing game as well.


  1. Hello Admin, does this game automatically save my game progress as last years version because i don’t want to lose all the coins I’ve earned and all achievements. That’s.

  2. Perfect game to kill the boredom. I’m already addicted to Dream League Soccer and I won’t stop until I reach the tier 1 in online game.


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