PES 2021 MOD APK 5.7.0 (efootball) OBB Data Download Android

Download PES 2021 MOD Apk (efootball 21) OBB Data for Android. It’s a modded Pro Evolution Soccer 2021 which is played offline and the file size is just 300MB.


This game can be installed on any phone running on Android 5.1 and above. The higher the RAM and processor, the faster the gameplay. So for better gameplay experience, use a phone with at least 3GB RAM.

This PES 21 Apk edition features all the latest player transfers, 2020/2021 official team kits, original club logo and improved stadium facilities.

The latest PES 2021 graphics is top notch, you can even notice players sweating and rumpled jerseys.


Konami has added more teams and players as it has gotten license for over 4000 football players playing in several leagues across Europe, Asia, America and Africa.

PES 21 MOD apk

From Europe, the Russian League is now added to PES, as well as leagues from Belgium, Scotland, Denmark, Sweden, Portugal and Turkey.

The new South American leagues have also been added to PES 2021 in addition to the Argentine and Chilean leagues.

PES 21 Japan League

Interestingly, the long-awaited J.LEAGUE from Japan was added to the Thai and Chinese leagues in Asia. Also, esports tournament is included in PES 2021. The game features many other licensed and unlicensed leagues across the world.

When playing PES 2021 Apk, the voices of Jim Beglin and Peter Drury can be heard mentioning the name of players and what they are doing with the ball.

Both Peter Drury and Jim Beglin are the commentators in recent series of PES including PES 21.


Champions league football is back and better. In this edition, the popular UEFA Champions League song can be heard before any champions league match starts. This brings the real football atmosphere.

PES 2021 also include retired legendary players like Beckham ‘s legendary exclusive, Zico, Romario, Cruyff, Nedved, Maldini, Ronaldo Delima, Oliver Khan, etc.


Also in this game, you will notice iconic goal celebrations of certain players like the C. Ronaldo’s siiiiiiii goal celebration, Aubameyang’s somersault goal celebration and others.

Requirements for Installing PES 2021

Below are the things needed to install efootball PES 2021 for Android.

  • Download PES 2021 Apk

Download Here

  • ZArchiver App

Download Here

Other requirements includes that your device must be running on at least Android 5.1 or above, at least 2GB RAM and a decent processor.

For Modded PES 2021, Download the MOD APK file HERE and the OBB File HERE

How to Install PES 21 On Android

Installation of the game is simple especially if you have been installing and playing previous editions of Pro Evolution Soccer games. Just follow these steps.

  • First, download PES 2021 Mod Apk from above link.
  • Using ZArchiver App, locate where it’s saved in your device memory.
  • Extract the game file by clicking on the arrow pointing down.
  • Now move the extracted “PES data” to this path: Android > Data.
  • Also move the extracted “PES OBB” file to this path: Android > OBB.
  • Now click on “PES 2021 Mod Apk” to install the game.
  • Launch and play the game.


If you are finding it difficult installing large Android games, you can read my article on how to install Android games that comes with OBB Data files. It will help you real good.


PES 2021 can be played offline by playing in exhibition match but tournaments and leagues are online.

How to Play PES

Launch the game, go to settings and select your preferred language (English), select your team, then select a team to play against.

You can edit your team formation and tactics, change Jerseys, set time, set ball types, select stadium, select weather and so on.

Once gameplay start, use your controller that appears on the screen to control, direct, pass, shoot, etc.

Use triangle button to play through pass or Goalkeeper charge.

Use the X button to play low pass or mount pressure on opponent.

Use the O button to play lofted pass, cross ball and slide tackle.

Use Block 🔳 button to shoot the ball.

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Football League 2023 is undoubtedly a game that will delight any football enthusiast. It brings the thrill of the pitch right to your android device, with the added bonuses of a Mod Apk for an enhanced experience. So, why wait? Download Football League 2023 Mod Apk today and start scoring some goals! Game on! 

7 Unmissable Features of the Game

Realistic Graphics

When it comes to graphics, Football League 2023 leaves no stone unturned in ensuring a visual treat for its players. The designers have put in an immense amount of effort to make the players, stadiums, and even the audience look incredibly lifelike. This attention to detail is not just superficial; it genuinely impacts your gaming experience. The way the players move, how they react, and the pitch’s look and feel all add to the game’s realism. The graphics don’t just look good – they feel good too, pulling you into a world where you are not just playing football, you are living it!

Dynamic Weather System

Imagine playing your game, and suddenly, rain starts pouring down, affecting the ball’s movement and the players’ grip. That’s exactly what you get with Football League 2023’s dynamic weather system. This feature introduces unexpected weather changes – from bright sunny days to cloudy afternoons, and from light drizzle to heavy rain. These fluctuations not only keep you on your toes but also add an extra layer of realism to your gaming experience. So, get ready to slide on wet grass or bask in the virtual sunlight!

Multiplayer Mode

Sure, playing against AI can be fun, but nothing beats the excitement of going up against real people, especially your friends! Football League 2023’s multiplayer mode lets you do just that. You can team up with your buddies and challenge others from around the world, bringing a competitive spirit and an added thrill to every match. Remember, the game isn’t just about who has the best skills, but also about who can work best as a team. So, call your friends and get ready for some exhilarating football action!

Player Customization

Have you ever wanted to play in a football match looking exactly the way you want? With Football League 2023’s player customization feature, you can. Choose your player’s hair, skin tone, height, build, and even the kit they wear on the pitch. You can even customize their celebration styles! This feature lets you express your uniqueness on the virtual pitch and adds a personal touch to your gaming experience. Remember, you’re not just a player; you’re a unique personality in the world of Football League 2023!


What’s a game without some friendly competition? With Football League 2023’s leaderboard feature, you can keep track of your progress and see how you stack up against players from across the globe. Every goal you score, every match you win takes you one step closer to the top of the board. It’s not just about showing off; it’s about pushing yourself to improve, match after match. So, lace up your boots, and get ready to climb the leaderboard!

Tactical Gameplay

Football is not just about physical skills; it’s also a game of minds. Football League 2023 rewards strategic thinking and clever gameplay. It’s not just about scoring goals; it’s about outsmarting your opponents. Plan your attacks, coordinate with your teammates, and use your strengths to exploit the other team’s weaknesses. The game is a chess match on a football pitch – and only the most cunning players come out on top!


And finally, what’s a football game without the passionate voice of a commentator adding life to every moment? The professional commentary in Football League 2023 keeps you on the edge of your seat. Every pass, every tackle, every goal is accompanied by a heart-pumping narrative that heightens the excitement of the game. It’s not just the players that bring the game to life – it’s the voices behind the microphone too!

Game Details

Attribute Detail
Name Pro Evolution Soccer 2021
Developer Konami
Version 5.7.0
APK Size 95MB
Total Size 1.76GB
Category Football Games
Downloads Over 50,000,000+
Date Updated December 30, 2022
First Released May 23, 2017
Supported Android Version 5.0 and higher
In-App products Yes
Rating 4.2/5

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Features of PES 2021

  • HD graphics
  • Latest Transfers
  • Improved stadium grass and facilities
  • Over 8000 licensed players
  • Can be played offline and online
  • English commentary
  • Coins and money
  • Game cheats
  • Radar on the screen
  • Score board
  • Real team kits
  • Players skills improvement
  • League mode
  • Tournament mode
  • Legendary players
  • Match stats
  • Replays
  • Save game data
  • UEFA champions league
  • Overall gameplay improved.

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Konami has officially released the game and you can download and play it for free.

Don’t forget that Efootball PES 23 Apk is now available, as well as Efootball PES 2024. Get it on your Android and enjoy the new gameplay.


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