How to Install Android Games with OBB, Data, Apk Files 2024

In this post, I will show you how to install Android games with Obb, Data, and Apk files inside them. Are you finding it difficult to install APK games that come with OBB and Data files on your Android phone? The solution is here.

If you are someone who usually download games online, you will notice that most big games now come with OBB and data files which is different from APK file.

Before now, all you need is just the APK file to install the game and play but now you must know your way around installing the APK and the OBB in order to get the maximum features of the game.

Continue reading this tutorial to see how to install Android apps with APK + Obb + Data files. First of all, let’s know what the OBB file is all about.

install games with obb file

What is an OBB File

OBB simply means Opaque Binary Blob. It is a file used for storing additional contents to a mobile apps (apk). In most cases, the contents of an OBB file is encrypted so it’s difficult to know what is actually inside it by merely looking at it. The file itself doesn’t have an icon. The only way to identify an OBB file is by the extension name (.OBB).

However, the basic items inside the OBB file include graphics, texts, music, trailer/highlights, gameplay, anthems, and other media files.

This is why OBB files are usually large while APK files are smaller. They are usually compressed to reduce the download size. Therefore, the file needs to be decompressed before it can be used.

OBB Files can only be accessible by an app or game that is made for it. In other words, you can’t use a different OBB file with a different apk file.

For example, you can’t use PUBG Mobile apk with Garena Free Fire OBB file. It won’t work. In fact, OBB files are so sensitive that in some cases, an apk of the same app won’t recognize its OBB file if their versions vary.

OBB is the new trend in mobile app development and it helps developers comply with Google’s rule of serving smaller apk sizes on Play Store.

What Is an APK File

APK is the file format for apps created for Android devices. Most Android apps only have the apk file but the larger apps now include a separate file called OBB FILE.

Android apps with OBB files require a different way of installation for them to work perfectly.

So if you are looking for a simple way to install Android apps that comes with OBB file, this post is for you.

Rules for Installing Android Games that Contain Apk, OBB, Data Files

These rules are important if you want to correctly install the APK app having OBB file in it.


  • Both the apk and OBB must be of the same version
  • The downloaded APK file and the OBB file must be saved in the same location on your device
  • The correct path for saving the OBB file is in storage>Android>Obb
  • You must have stable internet while downloading the OBB file to avoid downloading a corrupted file.

Now that you have known what OBB files and APK files are, let’s proceed to how to install apps that contain OBB files in them.


  • Stable internet to download both the APK file and OBB file
  • Your Android phone
  • Zarchiver or ES File Explorer
  • Following the guidelines

How to Install Android Games with OBB + Data + Apk Files

  • Download any Android game that has an OBB data file (it will be in rar, zip, or 7z.Go file format)

download android apk game with obb file

  • Get the game apk file (but don’t open it yet)
  • Install Zarchiver or Es File Explorer (we will use Zarchiver for this tutorial)
  • Using the Zarchiver app, locate the game you downloaded and tap on it

zarchiver setup for installing apk with obb file

  • Then tap on “Extract Here

extracting obb file on zarchiver setup

  • The extracted file will come up inside a folder

game obb file on zarchiver

example OBB file

  • Now move the OBB file inside this path Storage>Emulated>0>Android>OBB as shown in the screenshots below

device memory path

zarchiver android folder

OBB folder to save obb files

  • Now the copy files here

copy the obb files here

  • Once it’s copied, launch the apk of the app to load the game and play.

VIDEO: How to Install Android Games with OBB File

Watch the below video to learn how to do it in under two minutes.


  • Download both the apk and the OBB inside a place where you can easily locate them
  • If there is no OBB folder inside the Android folder in your phone, create one as it’s compulsory
  • You shouldn’t run the apk if you haven’t extracted and moved the OBB file to the right folder (Storage>Emulated>0>Android>OBB)

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As you can see, installing apps or games that have separate OBB files is a few steps away if you know what you are doing.

In summary, all you need is to download the apk game of your choice. Downloads its matching OBB file. Use the Zarchiver app to extract the contents of the compressed OBB file, then move the extracted files to the Android OBB folder. Then open the apk file to load the game.

Remember to save the apk and OBB on the same path. If the apk is in the phone’s internal storage, also save the OBB inside the internal storage. If the apk is saved in the external memory, also save the OBB file in the external memory to avoid conflicts.

I’m pretty sure that with these instructions, you should be able to easily install any game that contains an OBB file on your Android phone.


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