Download ViP Tall Players Save Data (Profile.dat) for Dream League Soccer

Download ViP tall players save data (Profile.dat) for Dream League Soccer 2020, 2021 and 2019. Also known as High 204 CM tallest players or team, the file contains free 16,000,000 coins, 100% upgraded players, 90,000 stadium capacity, and official Barcelona team Kits.

In one of my previous posts, I wrote about how to get unlimited coins on Dream League Soccer for free and today, you will see how to get ViP Tallest players or how to make your team with towering tall ViP players.

If you have been searching for how to create Tall ViP players in Dream League Soccer, search no more. I have created a very perfect team consisting of tallest players. 204 CM tall ViP team in DLS is very strong and hard to beat because they can punish you with their height and huge body. You only learn how to play long balls and defend as well to use this team very well.


Another advantage of using ViP named players is that it makes your team different from others. You are seen as a “Pro” in Dream League Online matches because just very few people know about this trick.

Dls Vip tall players save data

You don’t need to hack DLS 19 or DLS 20 to get Tallest ViP players in your squad because I have already done that for you. All you need is to download the ViP Tall players save data also known as “profile.dat“, replace your existing Dream League Soccer save data with it and you are good to go.

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In this DLS save data for tall players (high players), the ViP tag appears after the name of each player in the squad, making your team unique and making you a guru and the Boss of the game.

From reviews so far, Dream League Soccer 2019 is better than the 2020 version especially among the Dream League Online community so this ViP team save data is better used in DLS 19 game.

With my ViP tallest team, you will hardly loose any match no matter the division or tier you find yourself in the game.

List of Players in DLS Tall ViP Players Save Data (Profile.dat)

Vip players profile.dat save dataBelow, you will find the names of players in this DLS ViP tall players team and their positions.

Main Squad

  • D. Van Lam ViP (GK)
  • D. Van Hau ViP (LB)
  • N. Hong Duy ViP (CB)
  • N. Thanh Chung ViP (CB)
  • Q. Ngoc Hai ViP (RB)
  • T. Minh Vuong ViP (CM)
  • P. Van Duc ViP (CM)
  • N. Van Dai ViP (CM)
  • N. Quang Hai ViP (WF)
  • N. Tien Linh ViP (CF)
  • N. Cong Phuong ViP (WF)


  • Van Toan ViP (WF)
  • Duc Chinh ViP (CF)
  • Huy Hung ViP (CM)
  • Trong Hoang ViP (AM)
  • Duc Huy ViP (DM)
  • Xuan Truong ViP (CM)
  • Hung Dung ViP (CM)
  • Duy Manh ViP (CB)
  • Tien Dung ViP (CB)
  • Tan Tai ViP (RB)
  • Tien Dung ViP (GK)
  • Tuan Manh ViP (GK)
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As you can see, these are unfamiliar stars but they are very tall and huge. Popular tall players like Lacina Traore, Zlatan Ibrahimovics, Peter Crouch, Nemanja Matic etc are not in this squad but you can sign them with the free coins in this save data file.

Dream League Online Form

  • Matches Played: 4
  • Wins: 4
  • Goals Scored: 10
  • Goals Conceded: 0
  • Form: wwww
  • Tier: 9

ViP Tall Players Team Profile.dat Details

  • Name: ViP Team by
  • File Size: 40mb
  • Team Kit: Barcelona Jersey
  • Team Logo: Custom
  • Number of Players: 23
  • Players Height: 204 CM
  • Number of Coins: 16,000,000
  • DLO Rating: 1,017
  • DLO Position: Tier 9
  • Career Mode Level: Elite Division

DLS Tall Players Team Cheats

  • HEIGHT: 204 CM
  • SPEED: 100
  • TACKLING: 100
  • PASSING: 100
  • STAMINA: 100
  • CROSSING: 100
  • CONTROL: 100
  • SHOOTING: 100
  • STRENGTH: 100
  • HEADING: 100

How to Download ViP Tall Players Team Save Data for Dream League Soccer (DLS)

I already created the tall high ViP players save data and have uploaded it for you to download for free. So follow these instructions to get it and use it without errors.

  1. First download either DLS 19 apk or DLS 20 apk if it’s not already installed in your phone. But we prefer DLS 19 for best results because it has profile.dat file unlike DLS 2020 that has no profile.dat file.
  2. Install and launch the game, then close the game.
  3. Now go to file manager > Android > data, locate a folder named “com.firsttouchgames.dls3
  4. Delete the folder or simply move it to the root folder of your phone or SD card.
  5. Now download ViP Tall players save data file in zip format.
  6. Unzip the file with ZArchiver app to reveal the contents of the folder.
  7. Now copy the folder named “com.firsttouchgames.dls3” and paste it under file manager > Android > Data…
  8. Finally, go to your phone app menu, locate dream league soccer game. Launch it and you will see the 204 CM tall ViP players in your team.
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Now you have the tallest players in dream league soccer. Use their height and physique to torment your opponents.

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