DLS Hack: How to Get Unlimited Coins on DLS 24 (Dream League Soccer 2024)

DLS hack: Learn how to get unlimited coins on DLS (Dream League Soccer game). This cheat perfectly works for DLS 19 but you need a special app for it to work on DLS 20, DLS 21, DLS 22, DLS 23, and DLS 24

Already, I have uploaded a lot of DLS profile dat files of so many clubs and national teams on this blog. The profile.dat files also contain unlimited coins, money, or cash as you may call it. These can be used to unlock items and sign quality players.

How to get unlimited coins on dls

While Dream League Soccer is one of the best football games right now in the World, you need money to purchase superstar players, upgrade your stadium, heal your injured players, and even change your team DLS kits to any clubs official kit.

Therefore, if you don’t have real money to spend or you don’t have the patience to play and win as many matches as possible in order to gather enough coins to buy your favorite players, then you will need to see how to get unlimited coins for free from this article.

DLS Unlimited Coins

In this post, you will get unlimited coins without paying a dime or even playing so many games. There are over 1,000,000,000 coins that are infinite when used. It works like magic.

You don’t only get free coins but unlimited gems and diamonds as well.

When you hear DLS cheats or DLS hack, what it means is getting unlimited coins. This is because you can upgrade all your players to their highest possible potential thereby making them stronger and more difficult to defeat.

However, you need to also master how to play Dream League to use the players well.

DLS Unlimited coins mean unlimited gems, unlimited diamonds, unlimited stadium capacity, unlimited energy, and in fact, unlimited everything.

Things You Can Do With Unlimited Coins

A lot of things can be done when you have unlimited coins and diamonds. Here is a list of most of them.

  • Buy quality players
  • Upgrade all your players and Goalkeepers
  • Sign more than 26 players to your squad
  • Use custom kits, official kits
  • Boost stadium capacity
  • Heal injured players
  • Boost overall team health
  • Boost player’s in-game form
  • Get scouts
  • Enter any tournament or competition
  • Etc.

Requirements for Getting DLS Unlimited Coins

How to Get Unlimited Coins on DLS

There are basically two ways to get unlimited coins in Dream League Soccer game as stated below.

1. Using Profile.Dat file

This method is very easy and will guarantee you lots of coins that you won’t be able to exhaust no matter how you use it.

This method also supports some DLS game cheats like abruptly ending a game when you are losing to your opponent, killing your opponent’s network to make him lose, forfeiting a match, and so on.

To learn more about DLS profile dat, check this article.


From that article, you will see how to download and upload your preferred profile.dat file to enjoy unlimited coins in dream league soccer games.

DLS 19 is one of the best unlimited coins mobile games for Android. Once you master the tricks, it will be hard to get defeated by your opponents.

That’s the first method.

2. Using the Lucky Patcher App

Lucky Patcher is a good tool to hack some apps and games. With this app, you can modify the DLS game to be the way you want it.

Lucky Patcher is used to unlock unlimited coins on DLS so that you don’t have to pay any physical money or win games to get coins.

Follow these guides to use Lucky Patcher to get DLS unlimited coins.

  • Download lucky patcher app
  • Open the app and you will see all apps installed on your device including DLS.
  • Just open the Dream League Soccer game in your list of apps
  • While the DLS is opened, select the open menu for patches.
  • Select Create modified APK file.
  • When the pop-up appears, select APK Rebuilt for InApp and the LVL emulation.

Hack dream league soccer

  • The modified apk will start developing, just wait for two to five minutes for the process to complete.

Dls hack

  • Now tap “OK”
  • After that, uninstall the original Dream League Soccer in your device.
  • Go back to the Lucky Patcher app and look for rebuild & install somewhere at the bottom right of the page.
  • Just click on the Lucky Patcher >>Modified and look for Dream League Soccer APK.
  • Finally, install the APK.

Video of How to Ha,.ck Dream League Soccer

That’s all! You have now hacked DLS using the Lucky Patcher app. This now means that you have unlimited coins and other cheats unlocked for you to use.

Note that this cheat works best on DLS 19 version.

What else are you waiting for, let’s play!!!


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