9 Best PSP Emulators For Playing PSP Games on Android 2021

Know the best PSP emulators for playing PSP games on Android. There are tones of Emulators for android but I have listed the very best in order of relevance. Emulators are hardware or software that behaves like a device running a different OS; it makes it possible to run Android apps on windows PC and vice versa. That’s why Emulator is very popular among gamers because you can enjoy your PSP, Gameboy, PlayStation 2, and PC games on your Android by using one of these best 8 Emulators on Android devices.

PPSSPP is one of the best Emulator for Android devices to the extent, it overshadowed all other similar apps in the industry but we will still discuss other alternatives. Another good PSP emulator that competes with PPSSPP is “PSP Gold”. It is a free and open-source emulator that supports many PSP games.

Best PSP Emulators For Playing PSP Games on Android

Below is the list of best Emulator apps that allows you play beautiful games on your Android devices.

PPSSPP best PSP Emulator


PlayStation Portable Simulator Suitable for Playing Portably (PPSSPP) is undoubtedly the best Emulator for Android. It’s a free open source app that allows you play all PSP games on your Android smartphones. PPSSPP is free but to get the full package, you’ll have to pay a token of $4.49. You can download the app from the title above.

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2. PPSSPP Gold

PPSSPP Gold is a very powerful PSP emulator with useful features which includes the ability to save your game progress so as to resume from where you stopped next time. This feature is known as “save state”. It delivers the best audio experience by using ffmpeg software for audio decoding. It supports higher screen resolutions and rendering is simply amazing.

PPSSPP Gold emulator

PPSSPP Gold has made its way to the very top of best PSP emulators for android.

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3. ePSXe

ePSXe is basically for PlayStation games and it’s easy and awesome to use. It allows you play games like Crash Bandicoot, Crash Team Racing, Solid Metal Gear, Tekken 3 and other HD PlayStation games. The Emulator uses a very simple virtual keyboard and hardware support is amazing. It has the capacity for saving and loading the progress of your game. This entire package is sold for $3.75 one-time payment.

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ePSXe Emulator

4. ClassicBoy

Just like PPSSPP, ClassicBoy is an all-rounder in terms of games; it supports many console games like N64, PlayStation, Game Boy Classic, Game Boy Advanced and Color, and some others. The games works and plays well as you can equally save and load game progress. To enjoy all the features of this game, then you may need to upgrade to premium version.

Classicboy Emulator


5. Matsu PSX Emulator

Matsu PSX allows you enjoy games from PlayStation 1, NES, SNES, GBA, WSC, GBC, PCE, Game Gear, and Mega Drive on Android phones. You can also apply different customizations and cheats. It has external support control as well. Unfortunately, the app displays ads if you use the free version but the premium version which costs $9.99 doesn’t show ads.

Matsu PSX Emulator

6. DraStic DS Emulator

Just as the name implies, this Emulator focuses on Nintendo DS and it’s absolutely one of the best emulators for Nintendo DS. You can play games easily, save and load progress with incredible controls. It’s also very steady even though it is not free, the app costs $4.99.

Still on best Emulators for playing games on Android devices

7. FPse

One of the most downloaded play station Emulators on google play store. You can enhance the game graphics, make use of plugins and also change settings to personalize your customization. FPSe is very cheap although you need to pay a one-time fee of $3.63.

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8. RetroArch

RetroArch supports and imitates many consoles hence allowing you to play games with no extra cost. Although you may have to download the cores by yourself into the application, every game has its own core. It’s packed with many features and you can load and save your games progress. It’s free.

Mega N64 Emulator

9. MegaN64

MegaN64 is another free Emulator that is stable. It uses an open source code from Mupen64, the app is available on the Play Store but it has ads. You can download it from the title.

Thanks for reading my article today and that’s all about best Emulators for playing PSP Games on android. Which of the emulators is your best?

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