Dream League Soccer 2020 Pictures & Video Reviews

If you want to see the original Dream League Soccer 2020 pictures and videos while you wait for the official release on Google Play Store, this post if for you.

Dream League Soccer 2020 is yet to be globally available for everyone but for now, it’s already available in Asia, Europe and America but yet to officially arrive in Africa.

Although, if you can’t wait for the release on play store, you can download DLS 20 Mod from this blog. The modded version has all the features you see in the original version and also have unlimited coins cheat. However, you will need to activate a VPN app and change your location to India or any other country where DLS 20 is available for you to play it smoothly. (note that this is if it’s not available in your country).

This latest 2020 edition of Dream League Soccer comes with new features that some of us like although the graphic is not really good as expected.

Dream league soccer 2020 cover

What’s New in DLS 20

  • Manager Mode
  • New league divisions
  • New Stadium facilities
  • Increased number of Online Tiers
  • Retouched graphics
  • New player moves and reactions
  • New coin types
  • Realistic player transfers with agents
  • New cover featuring Luis Suarez and Garrett Bale
  • Loose old DLS Data

These are some of the new additions to Dream League Soccer 2020 which makes it different from Dream League Soccer 2019.

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Features & Pictures Of DLS 20 (Official)

Checkout the real images, features and videos of this year’s dream league soccer game for Android below.

Manager Mode

There is a new mode in dream league soccer 2020 called “manager mode”. Here you will sign a manager with some coins, the more prominent the manager is, the more coins needed to sign him. For example, the coins needed to sign Pep Guardiola as your team manager is bigger than the coins needed to sign Frank Lampard as your team manager. Although the manager mode doesn’t offer any special difference except that the camera will be focusing on his reactions more frequently and also he will be shown alongside players in your team line up before matches.

Dls 20 manager mode

New Divisions

In DLS 20, some divisions are removed and some are added. Now, you have the academy and amateur divisions and other ones. You need to start from the least and move way up to the elite (professional) division.


New Stadium Facilities

There is a lot of improvements when it comes to Stadia and facilities in dream league soccer 2020. In this year edition, you can add some facilities such as parking space for cars and airplane, hospital, shops and so on. This wasn’t available in DLS 19.

Stadium facilities

Increased Online Tiers

If you have been playing dream league soccer online, you will notice that the highest number of tiers (difficulty levels or online division) is 10. But in DLS 20, it’s now 20 tiers. So you will start from tier 20 all the way to tier 1. Wink 😉.

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Retouched Graphic

Some fans are already complaining that DLS 20 graphics is wacky while few are saying it’s decent. What do you think? Download the game from here or play store and let us know.

Dls 2020 graphics

New Moves and Reactions

New moves, reactions and celebrations are added in this latest edition. Players can now execute more new skills like scoring with a flick and 1-2 snakebites. New reactions when injured as player can be seen stretching his legs. Even players who receives red cards can be seen sadly walking straight to the dressing room.

New Coins

New coins are now introduced in DLS20 and also there are other new ways of earning coins. For now, you can’t get unlimited coins in DLS 20 unless after it’s been hacked. These coins are very important as it’s used to upgrade your stadium to be able to progress to higher leagues and divisions, sign your favorite players, heal weak players and do more.

Introduction of Agents

In DLS 20, you now need the services of agents together with scouts to sign your star players because if you are in lower divisions, you won’t be able to see top players like Messi, Ronaldo, Newmar etc in the transfer market but with the help of scouts and agents, you will get your player. This makes the club management features more realistic than ever.

New Cover

The official cover of dream league soccer 2020 has Luis Suarez and Garrett Bale pictures. Recall, that in the 2019 edition, it was only Garrett Bale that featured in the cover.

Formation Lock

In DLS 20, only the 4-4-2 formation is unlocked. Others such as 4-3-3, 3-4-3, 4-5-1, etc are all locked and can only be unlocked when you play certain number of matches.

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Dream league soccer 2020 formation

Reduced File Size

The overall file size of dream league soccer 2020 version is reduced to below 300mb. This means you need not more than 290mb to download the apk and obb data files of dls 20.

Data Loss in Dream League Soccer 2020

This is annoying. Everyone will have to start afresh in dream league soccer 2020 because you won’t be able to move, sync or transfer your old data to the new one. Maybe, this is one of the ways First Touch Games (FTG), the developers of this game is trying to eliminate or reduce hacking of the game or those that use cheats.

As you can see, Dream league soccer 2020 comes with some spices and few drawbacks but all the same it’s a nice game.

Watch this video showing some new features of DLS 20.

NOTE: Download dream league soccer 2020 here.

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If you have any issues or commendation, kindly use the comments box to air your view. Happy gaming.


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