Best Apps to Download Free Games for Android, iOS & Windows

Have you got an Android Smartphone, an iPhone or a PC running on Windows OS and want to know the best reliable apps to download free games for your device? This post is for you. The apps listed in this post has a huge database of interesting free games you will surely like.

In addition to listing several applications, talking about them in detail, I will explain to you step by step how you can download games without spending money.

So get your favorite device, and follow my guidelines, have a look at the apps I’m going to recommend for downloading free games. Apart from this you will find Google Play Store for Android games, iOS App Store for iPhone games and Microsoft Windows Store for PC games.

There are other applications for downloading free games as you will notice when you read further. This apps can also be used to download both online games and offline games.

Best Apps to Download Free Games

Checkout the best applications to get your favorite free games.

1. Amazon Underground (Android)

amazon underground

Among the applications that allow you to download free games, Amazon Underground is actually less known, but it is certainly very legitimate. It is the Amazon Virtual Store which will allow you to download additional games and applications on your Android device for free.

The main feature, as well as the strength of the application, is the ability to download the full version, as well as some of the most popular paid games, completely free.

Since Amazon Underground is an external application, you must activate an entry in the settings of your Android device that allows you to install applications of different source from the Play Store.

To do this, just go to settings your Android device ( gear with icon ) and scroll until you find the section Security / Privacy  (symbol is a lock ), if you have Android version 4.0 or higher. Search and activate unknown source at this point .

Now, to download the Amazon Underground app, go to the official Amazon Underground website, directly from your mobile device.

Follow the on screen instructions that will allow you to download the application. Open the app and go to Download My Files on your device. (depending on the device).

Install the app and after installation, launch the app.

Have you started the Amazon Underground application to download free games? If the answer is yes, then I will explain how to find free games to download.

As you can see, the main screen of the application will already suggest you to download the game for free. Section applications and games will show you a short list of select free games.


The section more profitable. Instead, it will often show you the list of downloaded apps that have been very successful when inputting. Free Top Downloads will provide a list of the most downloaded free games within the Amazon Underground Virtual Store.

If you still haven’t found what you’re interested in, I suggest you take a look at the section Top Ranking; You will get the complete list of free games to download.

If you decide that one of these interests you and you want to download it, please login to your Amazon account; Just touch the button ,  log in , log in and then free download the game you choose.

At any time you can see the list of applications you have downloaded. Touch the button Menu  and go to the section to select the application you want to uninstall.

2. Google Play Store (Android)

play store

Do you have a device running on Android operating system? Then Google Play Store is the official app to use to install free game.

The application is already installed by default on all Android devices. It is found in the application menu on your device and has a small white envelope with icon as its logo.

Once you open the application, you will immediately be amazed by the huge list of applications and games to download based on categories. Touch the button located inside the small green box and you will see that the app will show you the selected list to download the free game. The section will show the new and updated games most recently, played and updated games; If you touch the button, the list expands to other.

On the screen recommended for you, you can find a list of free games to recommend Google Play Store based on your preferences.

Clearly, the more games you download, the more content the list will offer, the more accurate and more in line with your actual taste. If you slide the screen down or to the right, you’ll see that the list goes on: There are many video games in the Google Play Store.

There are many games to download for free, you can try them all without limitations (as long as you have storage space on your device, of course).

Have you downloaded many games and now you can’t find the list to uninstall them? Tap on Menu ≡>  My Applications and Games.

You will get a complete list of games and applications that you have downloaded and you can easily choose what to remove from your Android device memory. Clear the games you don’t like to free up your memory a bit. Smart phones and start downloading free games again.

3. Apptoide (Android)


Epotoide is an optional application for Android that allows you to download free games; You must try it.

In this case also, since it is an external application, you will need to make sure that you have activated installation from unknown sources in your Android settings.

I remind you to do that process when you have already deactivated the setting and want to reactivate it.

Now you have to download the Aptoide app on your Android device. Go to the official apotoid website directly from your mobile device and follow the on-screen instructions that will allow you to download the application.

Open the download apk file on your device and log in to my files (depending on the device). Tap the Aptoide app file ( Aptoide.apk ) and touch Install when necessary. In the application list, you will now find the Aptoide application.

Open it to explore the extensive list of free games to download, present in different sections of the application. The most interesting feature of aptoide is the presence of a special symbol of a green shield with a V verified to mark an app or game.

Applications and games that have this symbol are characterized by a certificate of reliability: Install Aptoide, an encrypted signature and antivirus via A, that guarantees the file is secure.

Aptoide also allows you to download previous versions of a certain application or game. Yellow shields with exclamation marks marked with applications may have been tampered with and are less reliable.

4. App Store (Apple)

app store

You have purchased an iPhone – the latest generation of iPad that you want to take advantage of thanks to applications that allow you to download free games.

Don’t waste any more time and go straight to the App Store (App Store): This is the official iOS application that acts as a virtual store for Apple devices.

The application I’m talking about is already installed by default on your iOS device, so check it out: it’s blue which is in the form of a logo, one is a style.

When you open it, you will get a complete list of popular apps and games. Some of these are paid, but since you are looking for applications that allow you to download free games including offline iPhone games, have a look at the section directly in the categories .

In this section of the App Store you will find a list of items: for example games, photo,  videoentertainment. They are the first three.

If you touch games, you will find yourself in a new section; You can choose to download the game based on your favorite genre.

Also in this case the list is very long; Find some time to download the game. I bet that after filling up your device’s memory you no longer know what to do to uninstall them.

It’s so simple: look at the icon of the game you’ve downloaded on your device’s screen. To see one, press the icon X which, when pressed, will allow you to delete the application.

5. Windows Stores ( Windows Phone)

If you do not have any special requirements and have purchased a Windows Phone smartphone, I still think you want some tips on apps to download free games.

The app already exists on your device, just check it out in the app list. Initiation with swiping to the right, locate the Windows Store app and open it to see its main features.

By default, the app will show you a list of free or paid games. Swipe right to reach the section Quick Connect. The boxes will direct you to particular sections of the store.

Touch the box where it says most games were downloaded for free. The list is huge, but if you are still not satisfied, swipe left or right to explore more sections.

Here we go again, have you downloaded tons of games and now your device memory is full? Don’t worry, I’m here to help you. At any time, pressing the store exit key Windows icon, swipe to the right start, to see a list of all your downloaded applications. If you place your finger on an application icon or simply click on it, you can remove it.

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