10 Best Offline Strategy Games for Android 2024 (No Wifi/Internet)

Are you searching for the best offline Strategy Games for Android? This post is for you. We have compiled a list of the top Strategy games you can play on your Android right now without WiFi or an internet data connection. Just keep reading as we explain in detail.

Part of the thrill of gaming is finding out what your favorite game genres are. Do you like platforming, where pixel-perfect timing counts for everything and exploration is rewarded with collectibles and other creative thrills? 

RPGs allow you to customize and manage the stats for a single character or an entire party, giving players a sense of accomplishment and control and allowing some really creative stories to be told. 

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First-person shooters, on the other hand, put you head-to-head in the action, battling baddies with big guns and making sure you win the day based on your unique actions.

Those types of games typically don’t allow such a flexible story to be told, instead, they keep it all on a roller coaster,

At their core, all of those types of games are very easy to dip into. Even the deepest genres, like RPGs, have basic adaptations like Pokemon or Paper Mario. They provide fun for anyone to try. 

However, there is no genre more difficult to delve into than strategy games. In general, strategy titles have a whole number of subgenres that offer a sense of accomplishment when your grand plan succeeds in bringing you victory. Real-time strategy (RTS) games require you to make hasty decisions without being able to think before an enemy attacks. 

You’ll need to balance controlling your unit, gathering and spending resources, and game plans as the world unfolds behind you.

Turn-based strategy games allow you to think ahead of action while the game is paused, and turn-based tactics games push you to smaller scales than the regions of the world that are often covered in RTS games. League of Legends and DotA 2 and even tower defense games like Plants vs. Zombies, Age of Frostfall Mod Apk, or Orcs Must Die!

If you are looking to get into strategy games, one of the easiest ways to do so is to dive into the world of mobile strategy games. 

Thanks to the touch interface and the ease of playing short games while on the go, strategy games have quickly become one of the most popular genres on mobile. 

Games like Clash of Clans or Clash Royale (both from Supercell) or Game of War They’ve attracted years of attention from Superbowl announcements and a lot of attention on the front pages of Google Play, but the real appeal of these games comes from the need for smart strategy in mobile titles. 

If you’re looking for something a little different from the standard free mobile content you’ll find at the top of the Google Play download list, we’ve got the list for you. These are our ten favorite strategy games on Android.

Best Strategy Games for Android

1. Fire Emblem Heroes

fire emblem heroes


We will recognize that Fire Emblem Heroes is not a game designed to be played offline, so if you are looking to travel to an area where you have to play everything in airplane mode, this might not be the game for you. 

But Heroes does it all so well and translates one of the best strategy games to mobile devices in such a way that leaving them out of a list of the best strategy games on Android would be a huge loss. 

Not only is Fire Emblem Heroes pretty fun, but it’s a surprisingly safe and faithful port of the series. Traditionally, Fire Emblem.

It is a tactical RPG, so you command an army of warriors and soldiers around a battlefield, fighting against enemies both by missions and by experience. To a large extent, the game works the same way as it does in the major Nintendo versions but has been simplified and adapted to fit on a mobile device. 

If you have played Fire Emblem games Before, do not be discouraged, this is not bad. In fact, it allows the game to be easily played with one hand, as you slide and slam your units through an 8×6 battlefield.

You do not combine units, as in traditional games, but you can use other characters to increase their defense. Similarly, there is no item or weapon selection, but some characters have multiple attacks that they must charge before they can be used against their enemies.

Here’s the basic idea of ​​how combat works: each of your characters has an attribute, such as swords, battle axes, or spears. Each of them is strong against one type but weak against another. It is like chess crossed with rock, paper, and scissors. 

A sword fighter, for example, will deal more damage to those who wield axes, but take extra damage from those with spears. 

Don’t worry if you have a hard time remembering these stats – a helpful diagram showing the battle triangle will always be in the bottom corner of your screen. 

There are a few other types of battle, such as bows or shuttlecocks, but largely, this is the key to winning battles. Build your teams and organize your fighters in a way that benefits you, fight your enemy, and overcome it.

Using orbs, the in-game currency of Heroes, you summon heroes using the game’s gacha system. If you summon multiple characters at the same time, you save on orbs per character (using three or four orbs to summon a new warrior instead of five), so it’s rewarding to save your orbs until you reach a certain amount to collect all at once. 

This may sound superficial, but in reality, the game doles out orbs for almost every action. Did you register today? Orb. Complete a mission? Orb.

Complete a side quest on how to defeat a certain amount of enemies. Here are a lot of orbs. You can make them up pretty quickly, and it’s easy to avoid spending money as long as you are patient.

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2. XCOM: Enemy Within

best offline strategy games for android

While it may not be the newest game in the long-running turn-based tactical series, XCOM: Enemy Within is a perfect example of how to port the main console and PC game to mobile platforms. The game is a new expansion to 2012 XCOM: Enemy Unknown, a reboot of the popular tactical series, and a great addition to your game library, especially on mobile.

XCOMhas a long-standing reputation for being a fantastic tactical strategy game, known for its difficulty curves and its use of the popular permadeath feature that causes your units to be permanently killed if you lose a mission. That said, the difficulty shouldn’t scare off newcomers to the genre; in fact, tanks to game design improvements and a fantastic tutorial tool, XCOM: Enemy Within could be one of the best ways to dive into the genre.

For those of you unfamiliar with the series, XCOM takes place in a world where aliens have invaded Earth, and as the commander of XCOM, or Extraterrestrial Combat Unit, you must start leading your organization against the global hostile invasion, despite being far worse in terms of technology and weaponry than your opponents. 

As you fight in each level, you will have to make dangerous calls to fight against enemies much more powerful than you. Between missions, you will have to spend your time investigating the development of new technologies based on the recovered extraterrestrial technology that you manage to find throughout the game.

In gameplay terms, XCOM is another take on the popular tactical genre, somewhat similar to games like Final Fantasy: The War of the Lions, but with a focus on team-based composition and using percentages to assume whether your soldiers will hit or miss. not a specific goal.

Because the game’s features are permanent, you’ll have to reload old save missions if you want to save specific individual heroes on your team without fail. The game also manages to run well on your phone, with a friendly touch interface that has your finger used as a mouse cursor on a PC.

Enemy Within, as the expansion to Enemy Unknown, takes the original base game and add all the new features, abilities, weapons, and more to create the ultimate XCOM experience on your mobile phone or tablet, considering you can take this PC and console game anywhere for as little as $ 10, It is a great addition to your collection.

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3. Game Dev Tycoon

game dev tycoon

Most of the games on this list count as hardcore strategy games, designed for people who already love strategy and tactical titles and are looking for deep gaming experiences while on the go. 

Game Dev Tycoon , on the other hand, combines a sense of fun and humor, a dose of meta-narrative, and great simulation strategy in a mobile game blast that finally hit mobile platforms in 2018.

Strategy though The game’s winner has been emulated and copied by dozens of mobile titles since Game Dev Tycoon came out in late 2012 for PC (including Video Game Tycoon , a clicker RPG, and a port of 1997’s Game Dev Story)., which greatly influenced Tycoon), Game Dev Tycoon is nevertheless, without a doubt, the must-have version of this genre, with fantastic graphics and considering that what worked in the version of Story was built on the top from the original platform.

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In Game Dev Tycoon , you start at the bottom of the scale in the 1980s, working throughout the years in the video game industry trying to develop the best-selling and critically acclaimed games, while balancing your budget to research new game genres and technologies and boost your overall business. 

Like any other sim-based game, this means that you will have to work hard to make sure that nothing on your to-do list is too scarce; In the same way, you’ll also have to practice making sure your employees get paid, your office is affordable but big enough for your staff, and so many additional features that the Game Dev Tycoon development team consider them a saboteur (we’re still in the early stages of the game, so we’re not sure what they are!). 

If you’re looking for a challenge, you can also turn on the hacking mode that Game Dev Tycoon invented to prevent people from hacking (and winning) the game.

Why recommend Game Dev Tycoon over any of the other simulation-based games on Android? While Game Dev Tycoon is a full port of the 2012 PC version, most other simulation titles on Android are adaptations of existing properties, such as SimCity BuildIt or The Sims FreePlay.

These games are free, but they often require an internet connection, and more importantly, they use shady business tactics to encourage you to spend money on store purchases.

Game Dev TycoonIt requires you to drop $ 4.99 upfront, but it’s 50 percent cheaper than the identical PC version and contains no ads or in-app purchases.

The first fans are satisfied with the port; At the time of writing it has an incredibly high rating of 5.0 out of a few thousand comments, and we assume that as it gains in popularity it will stay at 4.8 or higher. Game Dev Tycoon is a well-made mobile simulation, and we’re happy to finally see the title on Android.

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4. Battle of Polytopia

battle of polytopia

The Battle of Polytopia is an award-winning unique turn-based civilization strategy game about controlling the map, fighting enemy tribes, discovering new lands, and mastering new technologies.

You take on the role of the ruler of a tribe and attempt to build a civilization in a turn-based strategy of competition with the other tribes. It can be played offline line. Perfect for traveling.

With millions of players, this game has quickly become one of the most popular civilization-style strategy games for mobile and has been acclaimed for its sleek user interface and great depth in gameplay.

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5. World War 2

world war 11

In this game, you will play as an army commander. You will command your troops to the frontline and witness the most brutal and real face of the war.

WW II: Sandbox Strategy is a strategy war game that is set in World War II. The game simulates the real combat environment and brings back the most real warfare of this brutal war in human history.

There are hundreds of famous commanders featured in the game. You will rebuild the different well-known units of merit.

You can take advantage of the different traits of the commanders and units and utilize a variety of tactics and strategies to rewrite the ending of many famous historic campaigns.

You are to command in these classic campaigns, can you rewrite history? Join us and conquer the world in this strategy war game!

The war is coming. Show your unique art of war from the tip of your finger to bring out an impeccable world war. You can command any single army and match your own army groups at your will.

You can also lead your allies to join the beach of Normandy or command the Axis forces to defend Atlantic Wall. Pick the nation you desire to join the second world war and decide the fate of the campaign in this World War II strategy game.

More than 100 famous generals of world war 2 figures such as Guderian, Manstein, Rommel, Button, Zhukov, MacArthur, Montgomery, and Eisenhower, will be on the stage in turn. Take advantage of the generals, assess the risk, find out the enemy’s weaknesses, and defeat them to win the final victory of world war 2

Real simulation of World War 2, sandbox, strategy, tactics, and war games! Army games time!
Make your own history with your strategy and tactics in turn-based ww2 strategy games!

Experience real and rich terrain on the ww2 battlefield!
The right war strategy is the key to winning the ultimate victory! 3D terrain brings a richer strategy. Plan your army and conquer or destroy connecting bridges, bunkers, and roadblocks, to get yourself a tactics advantage! Every tactic you make will determine the outcome of the ww2.

Total World War 2! Real historical battles are waiting for you to reinterpret.
78+ historical ww2 campaigns (3 difficulty levels) and 270 military tasks. Experience these real historical battles from the Axis and Allies in this ww2 strategy sandbox game.
– Campaigns for Germany: battle of Dunkirk, Operation Barbarossa, Romel corps, the siege of Tobruk, the battle for Britain.
– Campaigns for the Allies: Battle of Britain, Invasion of Italy, Normandy Landings, D-Day, Battle for France.
You will accept different tactics missions: capture the target, rescue friendly forces, stand out from the siege, hold on to your position, annihilate the enemy, etc. Choose different sides and countries to gain different awards.

✪ Variety of ww2 units with special functions such as air defense, airborne, and building.
German Tiger tank, Soviet Katyusha rocket, Spitfire Fighter, aircraft carriers, Battleships, flamethrowers, submarines, command paratroopers, bomber squadrons, and other special operations forces!
More units! More strategy!

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6. Plague Inc

plague inc game

One of the best board games released in the 2000s was Pandemic, a game where you have to work together to cure a disease that causes problems around the world. 

Gambling is a great way to turn the normally competition-based style of board games into something that requires you to pool your resources to win the game, but if you are interested in the opposite style of play, Plague Inc … . provides that experience for each and every player. 

Instead of trying to cure a world-threatening disease, you control and empower that disease. Plague Inc. has been compared to the movie Contagionby the creators of the game, and even admit that the game was inspired by Pandemic 2, a Flash game released in 2008 not related to the board game.

When Plague Inc starts up., you will start the game by selecting a type of disease to infect people from all over the world. When you are starting out, you will have to start with a bacteria-based disease, the “most common” type of pest in the game. 

Eventually, as you progress through the stages of the game, you can unlock more types of pests, including fungi, which allow your disease to travel long distances without much effort on your part, parasites, which prevent DNA alterations during play, and even high-tech innovations like nano-viruses and bio-weapons that kill almost everything they touch. 

Once you are in the game, you will see your disease spread throughout the world, starting with patient zero and spreading throughout the world. You can select a country for your plague to start,

Once your pest has infected patient zero, you start accumulating DNA mutations to keep the pest growing inside humans. Orange bubbles will appear on the screen, allowing you to earn additional DNA points that you can use to evolve your disease when humans start trying to find a cure for your disease. 

The game gets more difficult over time, as more and more places begin to close their doors to strangers to try and stop the spread of a plague. 

In the meantime, you can use the skill tree system to level up your symptoms, abilities, and transmission modes to make killing humans around the world that much easier. The game is dark and twisted, but if that appeals to you, you’ll want to check it out. 

There is a ton of strategy put into the game, from choosing which skills to level up first to selecting the first country to infect early in the game. Once you’ve beaten the main campaign, you’ll be able to purchase some of the twisted DLC packs, like the Necroa virus and the Plague of Shadows, to further advance the game.

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7. Age of History

age of history game

Although games like XCOM put a lot of their budget into offering high-resolution graphics and trying to make their games look and feel like console-style games (and in XCOM’s case, porting the experience directly to mobile), there are plenty of options for strategy geeks looking for something that won’t drain their device’s battery in just a couple of hours. 

Age of Civilizations is a perfect title for anyone who loves the genre, and we think Risk players in particular will find a lot to love. Age of Civilizations, a hit game on Google Play. 

The game is designed to be a hyper-realistic version of the classic board game, and anyone looking for an ad-free single-player version of a Risky-style game will fall in love with the Age of Civilizations.

For those unfamiliar with what it means to be a Risk- like game, Age of Civilizations will ask you to take control of the entire world in a quest for domination between countries. Starting with a small group of countries, you take turns giving orders to move your military forces across the map, limited only by the movement points you have each turn. 

Movement orders are random, which means that countries have a good chance of beating you before your units manage to do something in the competition. 

With over 342 provinces to fight for on Earth (and a second map on planet Kepler-22b), no Age of Civilizations game will ever be the same.

There is a lot to handle in a war simulation game like this. The map is spread across the globe, with the ability to zoom in and out as needed to command your troops around the map. 

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Your capital city must be kept out of harm’s way for no more than three turns at a time, in order to protect your civilization. Your money is earned through, of all things, income tax, which may sound boring to those not yet at Risk – like those in the world, but which in fact makes the game’s cash system be really interesting and fun to drive. 

This is definitely not a game for everyone, and the lack of flashy graphics may turn off some people. 

But the Age of Civilization is something designed to be a slow burn, something that a few hours are poured into each day, and a full set can take up to a day to complete, with multiple results depending on the decisions made.

At just $2.20 (the game wasn’t originally developed in the United States, so the odd asking price), it’s a must for strategy buffs. There is also a lite version available for demonstration.

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That’s all on the best offline Strategy games for Android.

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Do you know of any other offline strategy game that should be included in this list? Use the comments box to let us know.


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